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  1. GFS going for a high of 51 on Wednesday. I would have to see that to believe it!
  2. Zilch here. The models have gone toward a more NW to SE progression of rainfall vs the earlier thought of W to E.
  3. SEA was a full 20 degrees lower for their high. It seems like you almost live in a different climate sometimes.
  4. The fact is there are other states that are also likely to be below normal with a Nina. I just though it was interesting they have WA as the most likely to be below normal. Often times it can be the Northern Plains too. Just trying to post some positive stuff.
  5. Looks like we have a good shot at 850s dropping below 1C in a couple of days. That is solidly chilly for late September.
  6. And 73 is no big deal for PDX this time of year. That must be at least a -25 departure for Phoenix.
  7. This is a crazy tight gradient on the rainfall. So far only a trace here.
  8. That certainly doesn't automatically make WA the most likely state to have below temps in a La Nina winter. They do use other things to make their predictions I would think.
  9. Rather impressively the CPC winter outlook has WA with the highest chance of below normal temps of any state.
  10. I like where things are going. We continue to see signs of late fall / early winter being pretty impressive.
  11. I have gone up to the Needle during a couple of windstorms. Now that's fun! I had been up there a couple of other times also.
  12. The 18z GFS gets pretty real. Sub 540 thicknesses late in the run with 850s dropping below zero.
  13. Looks like things are rapidly drying from the NW. Maybe in time to give us a shot at a chilly night in some places. By the looks of the models I'll be very surprised if my area makes it two more weeks without dropping into the 30s for the first time.
  14. Really cold looking 18z GFS run. A number of troughs that bring well below normal 850s.
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