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  1. This winter hasn't been typical though. In the end it might end up averaging out though on the gloom factor.
  2. At this point I'm in the running for a couple of trifectas this winter. 1. All 3 months averaging below 40 2. All three months having a low below 20. Maybe even all 3 having a low of 16 or lower.
  3. The CFS is nailing us on every run now with both the ensemble mean and the control model. Sometimes that model can perform well at this time range in extreme pattern situations.
  4. If that's correct it would be another big snow event for the Puget Sound region being on the edge of the cold like that. I hope for people in OR the cold penetrates further south this time.
  5. Already down to 39 here. This inversion looks like it will be colder than the last one alright.
  6. I saw that. Kind of a top tier day for sure. That day is burned into my mind. Interestingly Jan 31 is also, because of the incredibly cold maritime polar air we had that day and the anticipation of what was about to come.
  7. Hopefully of the snowy variety. We might see a much drier regime set in for the remainder of the winter. My bets are against it though.
  8. I'll be interested to see if you can manage to get a freeze out of this inversion. Might be tough with the fairly damp conditions. your chances are probably better than with the last inversion though.
  9. Finally managed to clear out here just in time for nightfall. Hopefully we can get this inversion off on a solid footing.
  10. Speaking of rain...the GFS and ECMWF are showing we are at the beginning of a 9 day "drought". Pretty noteworthy by recent winter standards.
  11. Interesting to see so much Jan 1957 in the analogs. That cold wave featured one of the all time great runs of single digit mins in much of Western WA.
  12. We're going to have a lot of freezing mins. That will hold me just fine for now. Also...you seriously want more rain? I am sick of it.
  13. The 850 mean bottoms out at -7.1 on the 18z GEFS. That is getting quite real for that far out.
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