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  1. The house is only 70 degrees right now. True bliss!
  2. SEA is at 66 after a brief spike to 67. It would be hard, but not impossible to hit 70 now. Ironically this would make anywhere near a record long streak of 70+ highs pretty much off the table this season.
  3. Ellensburg had a gust to 55 a little bit ago. That is some screaming onshore flow. Pacific High is flexing its muscles finally. It's possible the enhanced trade winds along the bottom of the surface high complex will finally kick the Nina into gear as well. I'm not holding my breath though.
  4. Is there any good news for Kamala or the Dems?
  5. Now wouldn't that be a hell of a note. Yikes!
  6. The last few months have certainly had Weekend At Bernie's overtones.
  7. I can't imagine what it would take to give you a sub 80 max these days.
  8. I knew the models were running way too warm on surface temps for the pattern change setting in.
  9. Good chance SEA doesn't hit 70 today. No easy trick this time of year even back in the day. From July 20 to August 10 sub 50 lows and sub 70 highs are quite difficult to achieve.
  10. It is weird how he has kind of disappeared.
  11. This convention was actually pretty highly viewed from what I've heard. Maybe because of the assassination attempt to some extent though.
  12. I just can't get over how stupid the temps are on the GFS meteograms. Troughy with well below normal 850s much of the run and yet almost every day is above normal for observed temps at SEA. The warm bias for the Central Puget Sound is absurd.
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