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  1. Already down to 53 here. This is the kind of cool weather I like this time of year.
  2. Pretty unsummer like day. A high of 66 and now clear with temps well below 60 already.
  3. Noice! I thought this seemed like an exceptional plunge.
  4. Wow! That is fascinating. I had no idea they had been struggling like that there.
  5. The May PDO was -2.30. Collectively the last 6+ months have had the lowest PDO since the 1950s.
  6. Not really. We had an east wind early in the event which really dried the air out. If the east wind had been a day later it would have gotten much hotter here.
  7. Interesting to note the Nino SST anoms have been peaking in the summer in recent years and we are still negative in Nino 3.4. Nino 1+2 is running sustained around -2. Nearly zero chance of warm ENSO for the coming winter.
  8. It means very strong trade winds, which means this Nina isn't going anywhere soon. Hovmoller is the type of map.
  9. A really nice range of temps this month. I had a couple of lows of 44 here, which is pretty solid for June. Above all I'm just glad it has dried out. Might be some 40s showing up tonight if there's as much clearing as the ECMWF promises.
  10. The highest it got here was 90. The other two warm days were upper 80s.
  11. Yeah....the ECMWF has overdone precip quite often this season.
  12. One of the bigger crashes I've ever seen. Yesterday it 59 at the same time it was 90 the day before. Today it is stuck at 61 here.
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