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  1. It would be surprising to see the July 5 rule hold true this year. Obviously it's anything but business as usual. It would be fun to see when the last stretch of clear days this long happened in April...if ever. An obvious guess would be 1951 and I do have detailed records (including cloud cover) for SEA). I'll have to check.
  2. Really nice 12z GFS. Lots of chilly troughing and then a GOA block forming at the end. The 850mb ensemble graph is getting really chilly looking now! Looks like a decent shot of rain also.
  3. This weekend looks really interesting. A really cold looking 500mb pattern and some rain.
  4. Yeah....another Canadian clipper. As much as you may think it's not so, this is old school stuff.
  5. Looks like temps are running 6 to 8 lower than the last few days. Nice drop.
  6. The GFS is finally trending cooler with the back door thing later in the week. The 0z dropped 850s to about 6 and this run takes them down below 2.
  7. OLM managed a low of 34 last night. They are on a crazy roll for low temps. As of yesterday they had an insane 32 degree spread between average high and average low this month. Those are Nevada type numbers.
  8. My son FINALLY got to go to school today. First time in over a year!
  9. That's a big if. A lot of blockiness still showing up, and being more emphasized for the 5 to 10 day period albeit in a cooler position for us.
  10. So far the "warmest" min here this month has been 42. It dropped to 41 here this morning. Tonight might be cooler with continued clear skies and coming off a cooler max today. This weekend is looking potentially quite cool with the GFS and ECMWF both going for possible sub 50 highs on Saturday. Cold looking setup at the 500mb level. Some locations still have a really good shot at a below normal monthly average. The average IMBY through yesterday was a cool 47.9
  11. What is with the ECMWF being too low on max temps and the GFS being too high on mins? Looking at McChord the 6z GFS was 6 degrees too high on their min for this morning while the ECMWF was dead on. An interesting side note is the ECMWF numbers for McChord end up being almost prophetic for MBY on clear nights unless there is an east wind here.
  12. That PV keeps getting closer on every run. We actually get brushed by a lobe of it about a week out on the 6z GFS.
  13. It's kind of interesting how the trough coming off the Pacific has trended toward merging with that crazy (for this time of year) PV.
  14. So far on my research for Aprils with the greatest range between average high and average low the top three I've found for Landsburg are: 1951 - 33 degrees 1956 - 28 1931 - 27 A monthly difference of 33 degrees between average high and average low in this region is seemingly impossible, but it happened. So far the range for this month IMBY is 26 degrees.
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