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  1. I get him being so excited about his snow, but it's kind of like somebody from Maine coming on here and posting about their snow all the time. I know I'm being an azz for saying this, but I'm frustrated. It's just the way it is with this climate. Except in rare cases it's about 30% of the members being the haves and the rest being the have nots. Obviously who the 30% is changes around with various events.
  2. The stupid clouds moved in here so I'm stuck at 38. Tomorrow night should be widespread cold though.
  3. I like how people handing out the weenie tags act like they wouldn't be pissy getting shafted for the last month.
  4. I'm just afraid if we go there we will be stuck in it for weeks.
  5. As frustrating as it is for me watching the same people getting snow nearly every day I would still choose the current pattern over going into warm rain.
  6. As weird as it sounds we have just been too far north to cash in on these last few troughs. 850s have gotten cold and all of that, but it just hasn't translated at the surface for cold max temps and snowfall.
  7. Pretty lame here today. It actually got up to 49, which is chilly, but not THAT chilly. Hopefully we can at least get some good mins up here.
  8. Those are some of the most amazing Aurora pics I've seen. The scattered clouds made it even better.
  9. I am seriously bummed we didn't get to see that amazing event here due to cloud cover.
  10. Speaking of the Northern Lights...this recent event had an even more rare aspect to it. STEVE was actually visible over WA for a time. Can't remember exactly what the acronym stands for, but it only happens with some Auroras.
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