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  1. The GFS shows precip picking up substantially for the East Puget Sound Lowlands a bit later in the evening. Still some potential.
  2. We actually got more than him earlier in the week.
  3. One thing about this regime we are in is it presents a number of different scenarios capable of producing snow. Eventually everyone should get in on something good.
  4. We're actually getting decently dry flakes here, but it's frustratingly light so far.
  5. The big question on Sunday is how far north the moisture will go. The ECMWF has been sending it much further north than the GFS.
  6. There is so much cold air over southern BC right now. It was inevitable some places would do very well.
  7. We did pretty well on Wednesday. Nice to see pretty much everyone getting a shot.
  8. Looks like we might in luck. This cold air mass was pretty legit.
  9. That stands as the most elevation dependent winter I've ever seen. It was pretty frustrating for many.
  10. GFS is just nothing but cold for a long time.
  11. The 0z GFS is pretty wet and has lower 925mb temps than previous runs. Intriguing.
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