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  1. Well this house was nice while it lasted. Gonna be real interesting to see all the big cats roaming through town as Jasper and Pisgah have ignition and make their way into the city.
  2. Up to 80F and not a cloud in the sky. Now like 15" below normal for the water year on top of -17" last water year and getting worse every day. Ground is cracked and even the weeds are having trouble growing. Grass turning brown...this is very bad.
  3. The Seahawks should be wrapping up their regular season choke-job around that time.
  4. He also happens to loathe fire weather. Which you can come and enjoy down here immediately.
  5. Set a consistent unit price. For me I use 1% of my bankroll on each unit. Each pick for the day should be based on that number, sometimes it's worth it to go 1.5 units and sometimes only 0.5 units. Unit placement is one of the most important things but also quite difficult to do well. Single games only. NBA player props, NFL player props. Follow good cappers on twitter (there are several that hit at a 60% clip). With the props, one has to be ready to get the line very quickly or it will move higher and the player will have more trouble reaching that figure. Bet on the opponent to cov
  6. WeatherBell is where I view them but as said, it's like $25-$30 a month. I use sports betting winnings to pay for my subscription but only from Nov-Feb. Since I've purchased it, we have proceeded to have a grand total of zero inches of snow and we're still in the midst of like 1500+ days since our last sub-freezing high.
  7. This seems to be a rather long time for this part of the region to go without an arctic airmass impacting us. Going at least 5 years without one has never happened on record until now according to ACIS.
  8. Can't mother nature do this to us well enough in Dec-Jan so we can get an Arctic event down this way? It's been since like Jan 2017 (2-25-19 was not of an Arctic nature and was a large anafrontal setup).
  9. Looks like we made it down to 35F. Beautiful morning and almost no clouds. 0.62" of rain on the month so far. Just a bit above avg to this point but will be falling below soon. Temp also running +1.9F for May so far.
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