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  1. Basketball is heating up and it's taking a lot of my time these days. That said, once April comes around I'm usually here more often.
  2. A beautiful 55/37 today. Should get some much-needed rain this weekend.
  3. What are your top 5 most beautiful places in the state of Washington?
  4. Beautiful stars tonight. The winter/spring ones always seem more vibrant to me since IIRC many of them are closer to us than the summer ones on average.
  5. Just a gorgeous day today. Up to 61F and enjoyed the jets flying by overhead while tracking them on the flightradar24 app before basketball.
  6. My last day with WB is tomorrow until Nov 3. May as well enjoy all the eye candy while it's there.
  7. Should at least be some very respectable foothill snow if the GFS is to be believed.
  8. I could host it. We would be packed like sardines in my tiny flat tho.
  9. I promise there are tears of joy under these glasses. @MR.SNOWMIZERis arguably the most gracious person on this board. I cannot thank you enough for this. Following the weather provides a type of peace that helps my brain calm down. When @SilverFallsAndrewhas time, he is going to help set this up so it’s calibrated properly as It’s not safe for me to get up on the ladder anymore . To all of you on this board, thank you for keeping my spirits up. I hope we are all able to make one another’s days better with our shared love of atmospheric science.
  10. You should hear my sports rants IRL, I get even more enjoyment complaining about stupid shitt like in MLB the runner on 2nd to start every extra inning. But yes, I like to provoke local thought about our roads and hope for improvement.
  11. I was fortunate enough to go on a week-long wildfire team helping with a mobile printing service for GIS folks near Glide about 11 years ago. Indeed very beautiful and has more of a grassland feel with more shadowing and fewer fir trees. I also ride down that way whenever we visit m'lady's family in Grants Pass on the Rogue and we will typically stop to take a whiz somewhere before or after Roseburg as the road infrastructure in the busiest part of Douglas County needs work.
  12. Should be here Tuesday hopefully. Gonna have Andrew help me set it up so as to get an accurate reading.
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