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  1. 62F with the occasional shower. 0.06" so far today and 4.14" on the month so far.
  2. This location has the capability of being legendary. Just usually a long waiting game but it will eventually happen again. We are by far the most due part of the region to have a sub-freezing high.
  3. I truly believe this winter 22-23 will blow our fuckkin minds.
  4. Exactly, even that has been lacking. Just very weird.
  5. For 1969 I think repeated low pressure systems moved up along an Arctic boundary, coming onshore around Gold Beach and tracking towards northern Klamath County at a very slow pace, with extensive deformation to the north. In Feb 2019 it was a weird anafrontal-type setup and a stalling low pressure system involved in there somewhere coming onshore south of Cape Blanco. Curry County landfall is generally the sweet spot for the south valley.
  6. Yup, snowiest 72-hour stretch since January wine dine 69. Over 20" in places around town. Snow hasn't been the issue at all. We've had quite a bit since the 2010s began, but the lack of Arctic cold is just weird. I feel like few people on here truly understand what it's like.
  7. The joys of being too far south for most of the notable events people talk about on here. Then only like 5 people can speak of memories from, say, 2/25/19. Plus the continued absurd current stretch without a sub-freezing high is just straight-up comical at this point. Anybody else on here gone since Jan 2017 without experiencing one?
  8. Gonna be getting the 90F+ pictures ready. Which #1 should I use? Active players only. We've got Kyler Murray, Jalen Hurts, Ja'Marr Chase, Tua Tagovailoa...hmm. Hopefully Mother Nature keeps us in the QB, punter, kicker and some receivers & one defensive player per team this year.
  9. 62F with some clouds. Was able to mow the lawn so that was nice.
  10. I hope it stays cool and wet for us. That would be nice.
  11. 53F with heavy rain. 0.36" in just the last couple hours. Almost 4" on the month! Keep the fires away!
  12. 52F with steady rain. Nice smoke on the porch with mother nature’s fire extinguisher at work.
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