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  1. The ensemble mean temp on the final day of the run went from 38F to 43F so a small step back.
  2. He's like Dickk Clark in the late 90s or Regis Philbin in the early 2000s. That mid to late 90s KATU group was a dream team, so to speak. Bosley, Rob Marciano (national guy now), Zaffino (now KGW chief met), and Rhonda (current co-chief met with Salesky now).
  3. Up to 50F and brilliant sunshine. Surprisingly nice day and should hopefully finish below avg.
  4. I do remember that Dec 1998 event pretty well. And that was when I remember getting down to 12F. Side of the river started to freeze. I had to help move a huge organ with 18F and a wind chill in the negatives...was beautiful.
  5. Absolutely. The 2010s were vastly better than the disaster that was 1996-much of the 2000s in terms of cold and snow. That late 90s into the 2000s stretch feels like it skews the records to me, but they're records nonetheless and hopefully was just an aberration. I'm sure there were other lengthy-ish time periods without a whole lot of action down this way in the past. Very quickly eyeballing it (having a crazy day), it appears the late 70s into the early 80s down here weren't fantastic either. My point is, nothing lasts forever and if you live up here long enough then one day you wi
  6. Just sad that I missed it and failed in my research. I want to be accurate and present things in a positive light too.
  7. Yes, I have a winter stat sheet for EUG since I've lived in western Oregon going back to 89-90.
  8. Still not an excuse to act like a prick on my part. I feel like owning it is better than just carrying on any stupid points for me. On another note, I've been having this sensation of my consciousness moving all around my body since I woke up and it's really messing things up for some reason. Taking me forever to type this out...oof.
  9. Yup indeed I'm an idiot and I'll try to shut up. I know I'm resented by many on here and I'm truly sorry.
  10. That last winter was shitt and we are one of the worst inland locations for winter events? That’s not a narrative, that’s a fact.
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