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  1. So glad to see you back, man! Missed you! Thanks for being such a class act and one of the most gracious people I've ever known! If I could work for you, I would be so happy doing repetitive stuff! All the best, looking forward to the regular season! Hope you get buried with feet of snow.
  2. Oregon takes care of business in Palo Alto and whips Stanford 42-6. Bye week next week before the big Cascade Clash showdown in Seattle in 2 weeks. Next season that game will move to the end of the season.
  3. One day we will finally have a White Christmas here again. The George HW Bush administration was the last one. We were really close in 2021 with the Boxing Day event. Last year it got to 65F here on Christmas Day which was so weird.
  4. If we have a significant weather event on the horizon during the regular season then we should have an open zoom call so we can banter on it. Next best thing to a meetup, esp if snow is involved.
  5. 59F and cloudy & dry in town. Surprised it hasn’t rained as much.
  6. Hopefully @MR.SNOWMIZER shows up soon. That guy is an absolute class act. One of the kindest people I've ever known. Along with @SilverFallsAndrew & @Meatyorologist Thank y'all for believing in me and keeping me positive. Looking forward to the winter, even if it's Denver Broncos-status.
  7. Gives you an idea of how insane the Columbus Day storm was here as a system like this one is quite windy up there but is relatively calm here comparatively.
  8. Hopefully Jim and @MR.SNOWMIZER show up soon. Worried about those guys.
  9. 0.35" today and that brings the monthly total up to 0.91" Should hopefully break the 1" threshold soon.
  10. 2007 was fun outside at the frat when we got down to 17F and had a bit of snow going into that (now rare) January blast. 4 straight sub-freezing highs. I still can hardly believe we've only had 1 since Jan 2017. That feels rather anomalous.
  11. 57F and dry for now. Will hopefully see some more rain.
  12. 0.42" here today. Pretty nice all things considered.
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