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  1. That team was hilarious to watch but the QB situation is at least better than...Dan McGwire, Kelly Stouffer and Stan Gelbaugh.
  2. Another system coming in later tonight. Hopefully another decent little bit out of it.
  3. Good season for the Oregon teams so far. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Civil War decides the north division.
  4. Fun day of ballgames, got up to 84F beautiful, warm fall day. The plants are very happy
  5. Been meh-epic-dud-dud here since our last sub-freezing high. We are a weird location. Would not recommend moving here. High up enough that we’re basically almost coastal feeling when it’s southerly winds but too low in elevation for much of anything interesting.
  6. But in the winter we're usually warmer when it matters most. Awful location.
  7. Only made it to 85F here. How the hell were we cooler being further south? Never makes sense to me.
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