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  1. Another nice showery and cool day. Hopefully this keeps up til summer and we can have an old-school offseason.
  2. Beautiful day here. Would've been really fun 2 months ago.
  3. I suppose I should be booking a winter vacation in northern Minnesota or maybe Indy for the winter then.
  4. Checking in from college basketball land. Looks like it's 49F out there with the occasional light shower. Hope y'all are having a good day!! We scored another freeze last night. Incredible season.
  5. Down to 34F and a pleasant night. Might score a freeze. Was a solid season. I would equate it to a sweet 16 run in the NCAA tournament for this location. So very grateful to break a streak and enjoy this cool stretch. Hopefully it lasts and can mitigate fire concerns.
  6. Got down to 35F under a snow shower a bit ago. One of the later snows I can remember.
  7. 37F with some moderate rain. Nice night. Yesterday was nice with some off and on rain showers. We would occasionally get a bit of small hail too.
  8. 46F with some showers today so far. Glad we are getting some rain. Hope it keeps up thru the spring here.
  9. 35F with an occasional shower. Looks like pretty big raindrops.
  10. 65F out there. Filtered sunshine with some convection to the NW.
  11. Beautiful tonight. Kiddos safely back to their mom and hopefully can spend a little more time focused on here. Your place looks beautiful. Y’all are a wizard to do all the things you do.
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