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  1. Up to 87F so we will probly be a little short of a 90F burger. Portland gonna slam dunk one tho.
  2. Regular season here runs from Oct-March. Outside of that it's pretty calm and pleasant with less activity on the forum for the most part.
  3. Up to 81F. Let's see if we can make a run at our 2nd 90F burger of the offseason.
  4. Only team y'all will have to worry about is the Astros. The Rangers finally got off the schneid and won it all last season and now have had their season destroyed by injuries and bad pitching.
  5. 72F and beautiful sunshine. June looks like it'll be above normal again so that will tie the record of 15 consecutive months above normal for EUG.
  6. Damn 7 runs in the top of the 9th for the Dodgers. Clutch stuff.
  7. The White Sox managed to finally get their 20th win today.
  8. 66/43 split for the day. Impressively cool and cloudy all day. Really would be nice if we could have a lot of that this summer. Looks like we won't need to count up the NFL players too much for now.
  9. Almost totally dark here. Even just a bit of latitude makes such a difference.
  10. 74/44 spread today. Just wonderful. Let's hope most of the summer can be like this. Feels like when I was a kid.
  11. It's time for a Nov 1985, Dec 2008 (about 200 miles south), Jan 1950 & 1969 combo, Feb 2019 on steroids. I'm not quite all-in yet but I do think some goodies are possible and hopefully not the utterly destructive ice storm like last year (though that low-level Arctic airmass was impressive).
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