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  1. 78 in North Bend... looks like a little more sun is filtering in out there.
  2. Much better in Butte... some haze but not bad. And a little cooler.
  3. In Missoula now... car thermometer says 91 and its smoky and brown.
  4. The long range is never "etched in stone" when it shows warm. But when it shows cold... we talk about it like it's already happening. It's all but guaranteed to happen.
  5. In Spokane right now and it's horrible here. So glad we have escaped this so far at home.
  6. We will be going through Bozeman this afternoon heading east.
  7. 1-2 inches of rain here on Friday and Saturday per the 00Z GFS... let the fall green up begin!
  8. Its not an official term... its just something we made up on here.
  9. Noooooo! The 12Z EPS says we take a little dip into the 70s for a few days with some showers and then summer comes back. And there are still some warm days before the cool period as well.
  10. And then it turns hot again. But might be a chance for a couple people to tout a very cold August... just as we wrap up our very 1954-like July.
  11. 90 at SEA on the hour... 93 in North Bend and here as well.
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