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  1. Meanwhile... down in CA where mid-April is usually the start of the reliably dry season people are wondering why its still winter. Reservoirs are full and its dumping rain... all despite global warming.
  2. Seems like only one person here has not accepted that the climate is warming. Constantly expressing shock and awe over temperatures at an airport in Portland like every day is a brand new revelation that the climate is warming.
  3. Good point... this April is definitely a little different than recent years which have often been wet.
  4. 12Z ECMWF is more ridgy next week than the GFS. Also shows every day through next weekend being mostly sunny for the Seattle area except for Monday. Then brings a trough inland by 10 day with rain one week from Tuesday.
  5. 12Z GFS is definitely more troughy next week... trend towards ridging appears to be reversing again.
  6. Might be a resolution issue on those maps. But I do think frost is definitely possible on Wednesday morning. Here was the 10-day snow total per the 00Z ECMWF.
  7. SSTA map shows the disappearance of the warmest anomaly zone over the Nino regions and that soon might be one of the only areas with cooler than normal anomalies.
  8. Maybe warmer here than most of Texas by late next week?
  9. GFS and GEM look quite similar for next week.
  10. Stop what? I will always respond to passive-aggressive back-handed BS. Sorry man.
  11. I will 100% play ball with the person who dishes out non-stop on here and has for years. Nothing hypocritical about that. I am literally stating what I am doing.
  12. Yeah... like that PDX comment above. Just out of control. Save yourself the effort.
  13. Ohh... did you miss all the back-handed comments for which I am returning the favor? I will 100% participate... given its the person who dishes it out like no other.
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