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  1. This warm spell has been wonderful to completely undo our late start on the vegetation... we are actually ahead of years like 2013, 2014, 2017, and 2018 now based on my old pics.
  2. Also... the 12Z ECMWF shows a couple pretty nice days on Tuesday and Wednesday but then lots more rain on Thursday and that is the 29th so still in time to get closer to normal for April.
  3. 12Z ECMWF spreads the wealth much better than the 12Z run yesterday. 12Z run yesterday on top and new 12Z run on the bottom... through Tuesday morning. The bottom map is much better.
  4. 12Z ECMWF shows rain down to southern California by Monday morning. Nice improvement compared to the last couple runs.
  5. 12Z ECMWF shows a rainy Saturday... but there might be some decent weather on Sunday up here with the focus of the rain down south where its really needed.
  6. Sure... its been quite nice as Jim has pointed out many times. Back to normal now. Lots of rain and a shocking lack of frosty nights!
  7. Going to make a good run at normal. It won't be even close to a record dry month based on what is coming over the next 10 days.
  8. Sure hope so... its really nice when we get lots of rain in relatively short periods and then have nice stretches of dry weather.
  9. Hope you are right about the next 60 days! I am not even sure that April 2021 will go down in the books as a dry month for western WA. Its going to make a good run at normal.
  10. Dry period. Soon to be followed by a wet period. Our usual SW flow rain is about to return.
  11. So it has to be super-wet all the time? We have dry periods. This month might not even end up drier than normal for the Seattle area.
  12. Yeah... there are dry periods here. And soil moisture won't be an issue for western WA by next week. Ebb and flow. It was wet... it dried out... and its about to turn wet again.
  13. It looks like a pretty typical spring wet pattern ahead.
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