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  1. Maybe it could be... but that one frame looks better than it does if you run the loop or look at 850mb temps.
  2. Not really the issue... its a progressive patten either way.
  3. 12z ECMWF looks decent at the end... but there is not much cold air to work with at that time and its a progressive pattern.
  4. Here is Bellingham looking south towards your area.
  5. Dry air is moving in... Bellingham is finally clearing out now.
  6. Your area might do better than mine depending on how the upcoming pattern shakes out. Seeing signs of troughs going through CA which is definitely better for your area.
  7. 12Z ECMWF is less favorable for the northern areas with the mid-week system.
  8. I am not feeling it for my area yet... but your area being farther south and at a higher elevation is likely to do better.
  9. Lots can change. But a colder than normal February can still be completely forgettable considering the average high in the 50s.
  10. Are we jinxing February before it even starts?
  11. Even as the cold air is arriving now... the GFS and ECMWF and still not in agreement. The ECMWF shows the 850mb temp over SEA bottoming out at -10C tomorrow morning while the new 12ZGFS shows about -6C.
  12. They have these cool new things called web cams that allow you to see what is happening in a place. Go to Google and type "Spokane traffic cams". Takes about as much time as it does to type your post asking if it's snowing. I joke. But it does appear to be snowing there.
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