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  1. Would be much nicer with light snow instead of cold rain though.
  2. Looks like ESPN is trolling the greatest man ever to live as well today... just like I did. I thought their last 2 games were quite noteworthy.
  3. Maybe 3 times this week? Also posted a map earlier today to show it agreed with your love child the GFS in the long range.
  4. 10 years ago today... I think it was very cold and the little snow we had was crunchy hard and great for sledding. I can also tell the east wind had been blowing because there is no snow on the trees.
  5. With all the fir trees and green grass... Christmas is usually either white or green here.
  6. 42 with some blue sky and low clouds mixed here now. Tomorrow is going to be quite chilly with temps in the 30s in the afternoon even in Seattle with an east wind.
  7. I was actually in a meeting with someone from Fargo this morning and they were telling us about the record warmth there.
  8. I would say that pattern looks extreme and unlikely to verify but the 00Z EPS was not that different.
  9. Neither am I. But that was such a total punk move... lost respect for him.
  10. 12Z GFS and 12Z GEM show basically dry weather all of next week through next weekend.
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