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  1. Bozeman average temp this month is still warmer than Fairbanks average temp this month... regardless of normal. And a sun angle 20 degrees higher. It is pretty interesting. I am guessing it comes down to the trees adapting to flip the switch very fast to get enough photosynthesis during the short summer to survive.
  2. Oregon Cascades in the bullseye on Saturday and Sunday...
  3. The point was that a place near the arctic circle has fully leafed out trees now while a place like Bozeman with warmer weather and far from the arctic circle does not. Regardless of normal... its fascinating how quickly it can happen up in Fairbanks.
  4. Picked up about .15 here with the light rain this evening... ending a 4 day streak.
  5. Yes... Bozeman average is at 68 now.
  6. Yeah... must be elevation. Fairbanks is at 446 feet and Bozeman is almost 5,000 feet. But even at that elevation Bozeman has been warmer than Fairbanks this month.
  7. Makes sense. It would be really strange to fly from Fairbanks to Bozeman or Bend right now and go 2,500 miles to the south and go from fully leafed trees back to bare trees.
  8. I added details about the sun angle... just crazy their trees can do that with a 46-degree sun angle after being frozen solid in frigid temps for 7 months. There has been frost on most nights this month in Fairbanks and they did not get above 57 degrees until a few days ago. And yet... in one week they have full leaf out.
  9. Not sure... Bozeman has 15.25 hours of daylight now. Sun angle is higher down here too. Bozeman is rocking a 65-degree sun angle with bare trees... Fairbanks has a 46-degree sun angle with fully leafed out trees.
  10. Too cold. I am not sure if I have ever set foot in Pasco.
  11. Found cam in Fairbanks that lets you scroll back 30 days... it was dumping snow with bare trees just 2 weeks ago and now it looks like summer. @Kayla what is up with Bozeman?
  12. Didn't even think of it until now... but wow that sounds nice! And it looks like the trees are all leafed out near the arctic circle as well... apparently WAY ahead of Bozeman MT and Bend OR.
  13. And gets even warmer if you go almost to the arctic circle...
  14. Anchorage is the place to be this weekend... need to go 2,000 miles north.
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