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  1. Tuesday looks a little more interesting... particularly around Portland with the east wind.
  2. Maybe so. But I am not saying you are wrong... the difference is just in perspective and emotion. I completely understand how you feel.
  3. Side note... I still respect you big time and think you are very intelligent. That is no joke.
  4. Good Lord. He will take on anyone who dares to express any negative feelings towards wet/chilly weather in the summer. Anyone.
  5. Andrew... should we meet half way in Kelso or Chehalis? I can get on Expedia now.
  6. Its your specialty though. Like saying "soul crushing marine layer days" today. That just says that people’s individual preferences really bother you.
  7. Seems like you are just lashing out on all fronts tonight.
  8. I was to going to check and see if the 18Z ECMWF agreed with the 18Z GFS on a snowier Sunday... but it only goes to Sunday morning. So we wait for the 00Z runs.
  9. Maybe so... but the natural environment looks spectacular. One of the most beautiful areas close to major city in the country. Hard to beat. And the Mountains To Sound Greenway Trust ensures it stays wild and natural.
  10. Really? You have been making the same argument about my feelings for years. I have no problem when you discuss your feelings. Just don't bring me into it to make some point. I get it... you can't enjoy summer now because of "all that you have lost". I truly get it. I am not going to tell you how to feel. But I don't think anyone living in the Snoqualmie Valley a hundred years ago would look around today and mourn all that has been lost. It looks so much more healthy than it did back then.
  11. Dude. Any other insults? I just responded to you. You misrepresented and over-simplified my thoughts. I can respond to that.
  12. Absolutely worth discussing from a scientific perspective. The problem is when we get into the endless preference battles because its so completely meaningless and just derails the entire discussion.
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