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  1. I am sure its at different levels. I have seen it in the winter when the moisture shield from an incoming system overrides a c-zone from a departing system. But usually the higher level moisture is just virga. I think the activity around Olympia is actually producing rain at both levels today.
  2. Still raining lightly here... up to .60 now.
  3. Check out the radar loop around Olympia... legitimately have cells moving in the completely opposite direction. One layer moving to the SE and one layer moving to the NW. Very strange and interesting. https://atmos.uw.edu/current-weather/northwest-radar/
  4. Mine says the same thing. It's not even raining now.
  5. Big trough over the middle of the country by Thursday on the 12Z ECMWF and yet they still have highs around 90 in places like Iowa and Missouri and Kansas. And look at Texas with temps way into the triple digits without a ridge overhead.
  6. Rain has stopped here now... looks like just under .50 at both the stations near me.
  7. Sky is looks normal again in NYC... they got off easy with only a couple bad days.
  8. On the UW radar loop you can see the next round getting organized in northern ID moving into NE WA... that will eventually move into western WA and SW BC late today and overnight. Per the ECMWF the next round will be focused from Everett northward.
  9. Its been raining quite hard for the last hour... up to .40 now. So nice to have everything get a good soaking. We can take a few days off from watering now.
  10. Opposite for me... I hear the audio when playing back on here on my phone but not on my computer.
  11. But the GEFS and EPS almost always go towards climo after about day 7, And the flip side is that the GFS also looks unreasonably cold at times. It goes both ways with the extremes.
  12. Up to .25 on the day now which is nice but not nearly enough. The Snoqualmie Falls site in the valley averages 2.86 inches in June so there are normally at least several rain events in my area. There is not much on the horizon after today. But who knows... I didn't think this system would deliver rain here just a couple days ago.
  13. When I play that video back on here on my phone there is sound... but when I play it on my computer there is no sound. Strange.
  14. Play with sound up... the beautiful sound of summer rain. 20230609_065728.mp4
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