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  1. The January 2022 eruption of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano reached the mesosphere.
  2. This is the interesting stuff I come here for! Thank you! Now if we could somehow convince people to stop posting those 10:1 ratio snow maps. I have no idea what purpose those serve....maybe I'm missing something?
  3. I. Am. So. F*cking. Confused. Zero clue what's going to happen this week. Yet, I am totally fine with it.
  4. Is that a -22 on Dec. 9th? There's another member around -14 around the same time and another around -10. Are we seeing hints of something epic about to start showing up?
  5. Considering the really obvious percentages, shouldn't a major pullback always be the expected outcome when cold/snow starts showing up in the models? Shouldn't the pullback be planned for every single time so when the 1 out of 50 actually hits it's a pleasant surprise? I know that when I start seeing the juicy post nowadays I only wonder one thing.....when will it pullback? It doesn't always bust of course and my 1 in 50 number is an exaggeration but models are almost always off and sometimes they are off by a lot when talking about anything beyond day three. I am starting to think that constant letdowns brought on by the near constant model pullbacks are somehow enjoyable for some. Is that the case? Is that what is happening? I am not talking specifically about the currently anticipated winter weather for next week but more in general as I see the exact same pattern of excitement/letdown, excitement/letdown year after year....it never changes. Maybe I am misreading this and everyone really does know that most every setup is going to pullback and they are actually fine with it. The thrill is in the chase type of thing maybe?
  6. There is a reason why soccer is ignored in this country. You can call it ignorant but that won't change anything.
  7. I worked with this Romanian dude and I would tell him that if the World Cup games were played in the backyard of my house I still wouldn't watch. Pissed him off good. 3.5 hours.....final score....1-0. That happens a lot. No thanks.
  8. Musk has inserted himself as the decider of the information you and everyone else gets to see on Twitter.....you're OK with that? If you are, are you OK with that simply because you share his world views? Everything is cool now because it is now censoring rightists running the show?
  9. Dude. More espresso, less depresso. Grab a coffee and chill. Your posts are always such a buzz kill. Maybe you can ease up on some of the doom and gloom? Just a little? I mean geesh.... we're drowning here and you're describing the water.
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