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  1. Is that late month cold snap going to mean another potential ice storm?
  2. Any snow fun is off the table for me where I am so I'm moving on to getting my mowers and yard tools dialed in for spring. I hope all you guys get the crazy/zany snow you want.....it's looking pretty good for a lot of you!!
  3. My freakin' head is spinning from scrolling through these last few pages of models. I need a nap.
  4. Don't worry fellas.....I got this. As long as I post this image every day until the event we will get our old-school arctic blast!! You can count on me.
  5. My best friends little sister died the same way at 22. She was in the living room playing with her husband and kids on a Saturday night and bam.....dropped dead. She was the sweetest, most loving person I have ever met. The memory of the funeral and sadness has stayed with me since. It didn't teach me to worry about the same happening to me, instead it taught me to cherish every moment. I wish it never happened but I am a better person today having experienced the horror of it all.
  6. I got my quick instead of slow rug pull thank God. I am really starting to look forward to ALL weather lately. Cold/snow is great but all other weather is feeling kind of great lately for some reason.
  7. The quick rug pull is better than the slow rug pull. Not that I want it to happen because I don't but if it's going to happen I hope it happens fast.....like tonight.
  8. This is my backyard.....more snow than we have had in years. I'll measure and post another pic.
  9. Same angle, more snow, and a son. Coming down good now!
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