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  1. Way too much bickering and complaining. Oh, wait, you're talking about technology.....no, everything is fine.
  2. My overnight low was 51° last night here in McMinnville.
  3. Does anyone know approx. dates of our typical first termination dust sightings here in the PNW? I am guessing this is not tracked but maybe some of you have an idea of a date range?
  4. Looking very normal in the coming days.....I appreciate normal a lot more after that horrific heat wave we just came out of.
  5. Cooling on it's way but it's slow. Wind shift hasn't even started for Newberg yet. Here in McMinnville we are 91° at just about 6:30pm. Hang in there!
  6. "can't speak for anyone getting defensive"......proceeds to defend. Some of you guys crack me up!
  7. Here in McMinnville the cooling has reached my west facing back deck. Down to 104° from a peak of 112° just a few minutes ago. I am on the SW side of town. It's here! I hope.
  8. I feel just fine. Our all-time record high was 110° that was reached several times in history. We are at 113° right now. That's three degrees higher. The hype machine was touting records to be beat by 10-12 degrees. Three degrees is a whole lot different than 10-12 degrees when it comes to records and that was the point I was making. Not sure why everyone is so defensive about me not believing the hype. It's pretty weird.
  9. Odd and frankly a little creepy flex dude but if it makes you feel better about yourself I'll allow it. Let's just call it the heat shall we. Try to cool down and get some rest. This will be over soon.
  10. That is quite a leap you took there bud. Stay in your lane....looks like you're shaky outside of it.
  11. Won't be crying uncle regardless of what happens. Models oversold this too. I saw plenty of runs that spit out temps that never materialized. I'm impressed by the event but it's not what I expected....not nearly as impressed as I thought I was going to be.
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