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  1. Those guys posing for your picture suck at posing for pictures.
  2. This thread will die in a couple of days because bust: PDX: Sun - 88 Mon - 91 Tue - 92 Wed - 90 Thu - 89 Fri - 89
  3. Does the upcoming pattern change move the 4CH west? If that is happening does that mean we could be looking at monsoonal flow possibly reaching the PNW and therefore set up some thunderstorm chances?
  4. What are the odds of the Fourth of July getting rained out this year?
  5. I feel like even if the rain stopped completely and temps climbed above average and it stayed that way until the start of meteorological fall on Sept. 1st we are going to feel robbed of a spring/summer season this year. Already feels too late. It will be nice to have warm, sunny weather this year but man, when it finally starts it's going to be over fast. That's too bad. I'm not the biggest warm weather fan but I want the summer lovers to have their fun.
  6. Is this year going to be remembered as the year without a Spring? I don't know what the criteria is. Is there an official criteria for such a thing?
  7. Days start getting shorter in 33 days. Bye!
  8. I don't care what anyone says, I think that huge Tonga eruption in January jacked our weather.
  9. People around me are starting to get bent out of shape because other parts of the country are well into summer weather and here we are with lingering winterish weather. I couldn't be happier but I never say that to them. I just nod my head and tell them it will turn around soon enough while I secretly hope for a green tomato summer.
  10. The new color scheme goes real nice with my profile graphics! Thanks guys!
  11. I am so incredibly sick of that dude that I am taking a year off from the NFL. Only college football and hockey for me next fall/winter. My boycott will last until he retires for real.
  12. Same exact thing happened here in McMinnville, OR about 1.5 hours ago. We could clearly see the rotation from indoors. I didn't go outside but I went around to the front of our house and it passed without any real damage. Weird.
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