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  1. I won't get excited about this "sea change" event advertised for mid-December but I sure do enjoy watching things unfold here in this forum. You guys make it all very interesting and I appreciate that.
  2. It's strange how I like the bleak model runs so much. Things change so fast. That means bad model runs can flip the script super fast just like great model runs can. When we are enjoying great model runs I am constantly nervous because a flip means we flip to bad. When model runs are bleak we have the potential to flip to great. Therefore, I'm just fine with bleak model runs because a fast flip brings the goods. I know bleak runs sometimes come to fruition but I still enjoy the constant state of a possible positive flip as opposed to the opposite. Weird stuff I know bu
  3. That's exactly how I feel. I doubt everything, good and bad, that shows up on models beyond 6.5 days.
  4. I am going to go ahead and say that absolutely nothing unusual has happened weather wise here today. Not very breezy at all. I would definitely not use the word windy to describe today. Maybe it's not over but so far it's a non event for us.
  5. This "made up" windstorm blew over the rake I had leaning against the railing and I don't know what I'm going to do now.
  6. I remember those days when I worked in machine and sheet metal shops.....no windows in those either but we did have big bay doors so that helped a bit. Torture!
  7. KPTV barely referring to tomorrow's wind event. Calling it just "breezy". Zero mention of wind at all in their text update on their weather page. They talk about the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday weather outlook but don't even say the word wind.
  8. Heavy rain here in McMinnville but that's about it. I woke to gusty winds during the night but nothing all that alarming. Haven't checked peak gusts or total rainfall from this system yet but it feels like a typical November event to me. Hopefully Tuesdays storm delivers something more interesting. At least I won't have any heavy storm damage to reckon with today. Onward!
  9. Considering my spot here in McMinnville I am thinking I will get an early look at this thing as it moves in. Nothing to report at the moment....just breezy.
  10. My take......if something is going to bust let it be a wind storm.
  11. Today in Banff. Some guy took the pic on his way home from work. He has a sweet commute! Grabbed from Reddit.... thought I would share.
  12. I know these extended models aren't worth a D**n....until they are.....but they do sometimes accurately show trends and we have one developing here.
  13. This article freaked me out. I don't know enough about this stuff to understand completely but it doesn't sound good at all. The possibility that we could have a colder winter is great but I don't know.....it's a real roller coaster of an article. https://www.severe-weather.eu/news/arctic-ocean-sea-ice-2020-jet-stream-effect-winter-fa/ Oh, and it's 29 here in McMinnville right now. Feels like the middle of winter!
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