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  1. I didn't have all the filters on. I do really like this website for work, it pops up the lighting when it happens.
  2. I slept all day, but my husband and kids were busy in the garden today. I'm loving all the thunderheads.
  3. I love nights, I've only ever worked night shift.
  4. 48 here in Troutdale, not as cold as I expected.
  5. On the drive to work, my car became the end of the rainbow.
  6. It was a really great day, the sun came out in the evening. The little rain we got was nice too. Perfect day to do the first BBQ of the season.
  7. It's 59 at 12:30am. Does summer finally show up?
  8. I thought was just the fevers making me feel hot.
  9. It was 37 in Troutdale this morning. It felt amazing since I feel like I've come down with something and was running fevers all night.
  10. I love Powell Butte. We use to live right down the street from it so we would go all the time. Sometimes there is a piano to play and in late spring you can pick berries along the trails.
  11. Finally started to rain for real on our walk to school. Might be a whet day.
  12. Some good wind behind the front. All the buildings have wind warnings on the west side of PDX.
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