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  1. Nice and overcast today. Not looking forward to another warm night.
  2. Window and we have to fix a few outlets before they can go in.
  3. Looks like we will have to put the ac back into every room. Darn things poured water all over the floors when I pulled them out at our other place. Also, once I get my new phone I will be asking for good spot to put up my weather station via pictures.
  4. Hey my degree was in history too. I actually found this site when trying to learn more about historic weather for the PNW.
  5. Have I missed much fighting? I've been busy moving into my new house in this 90° weather. Oh and my phone took a swim in the toilet.
  6. Everyone is always posting about the sun being out, so I figured I'd go the opposite.
  7. Just one more week till I'm in my house and I CAN PUT UP MY WEATHER STATION!!!!!!1
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