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  1. I need to bring the lemon in or to the west side of the house and string lights and frost cloth around it. I do have some cacti to bring in
  2. It will be. It was nice to have the windows open while we burned all the dust out of the cadets.
  3. I noticed yesterday that Wundergeound kept flip flopping on how cold it will be at PDX. Just saw they are going for upper 20s again.
  4. Didn't it snow in eastern parts of the country for Halloween last year?
  5. If this happens or not I still need to bring in the lemon tree. Or find a smuge pot.
  6. Got a good shot of Mt. Hood on the way to work yesterday, didn't have the same luck for Helen's though.
  7. It was nice to see the car say 42 in Troutdale. Perfect after work weather.
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