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  1. Still very windy here. The kids enjoyed it on our run to school, but I think we will stay in till it gets calmer.
  2. Uneventful night, but it seems the wind is picking up here again. The only exciting thing is watching the big project work has had going fail again.
  3. I dont have any weather subscriptions. I pull pallets all night.
  4. Nothing to do at work so I guess I'll just be on here all night
  5. I'm excited for this storm, but I'm nervous about the giant trees we have.
  6. 67 here, work was reporting 40mph winds around 11 this morning.
  7. If I'd known it was going to be dry all night and today I would have put the stump killer on the stumps.
  8. Been nice to get updates on the wind gusts outside from the truck yard. The latest has been 30.4 mph. Sorry if it's blurry
  9. I saw that when I was driving into work today. Looked impressive from here
  10. Its flashing the rain,, think we're going to get a lot ago?
  11. I found one I like but $1,800 might be a bit much. I'll look into those instead.
  12. I've convinced the husband to let me spend some money on a better weather station. I like the one I have, but I want to save the data since my schedule is all over the place. I'm just lost as to what is a great one and what are duds.
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