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  1. 50mph at rockaway. Just lost power and an umbrella from our patio table.
  2. At rockaway beach for the next week. It’s decently stormy tonight. Feels like winter.
  3. That’s a good start to the rainy season, and end to the wildfires in Oregon.
  4. It will probably be like normal rain with a little wind!
  5. That huge cell May have given the radar some trouble
  6. This rain is great, I just hope the cascades get some decent rain. Looks like most of the bands are missing the fires. S-N trajectory isn’t ideal for cascades though m.
  7. I almost went out at 3:30. A huge rumble woke me up.
  8. Looks like about half human caused. Who are you trying to defend ?
  9. ^ this. Covid I much more likely to spread at a gathering than a hospital in Oregon.
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