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  1. Crazy how Long the cold and snow have held on here. Just 39 degrees at this hour
  2. My wife is getting to the same point. Really likes teaching but the politics, and closed mindedness of it all is becoming an Unnecessary stress.
  3. Andrew, your white privilege is showing and I like it!
  4. My snow is getting a second wind. Black ice everywhere this morning.
  5. Still only 36 here, a good part of the town is out of power. Side roads are a complete mess, although the snow plows finally decided to show up and do something.
  6. It’s pretty amazing how quickly I get tired of the snow when it starts melting and there is no prospect of cold or snow in the near future.
  7. You know, wet roads, -56.4 is pretty common! Those feb sun angles can do wonders
  8. Curious where the warm layer is on this down here. Zr right now 29f at the surface both 850 and 925 are below freezing
  9. After all this event, we are still due down here as this was a PS centered event. Just getting that out there. Y’all enjoy. zr here
  10. Decent shower coming through looks like we have finallY made the switch to a sleet/zr mix. That’s probably it for snow, hopefully we can avoid damaging ice. 27f
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