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  1. I love these large temperature spread days. One of the reasons why Summer is my favorite month.
  2. Good reminder for this upcoming warm season to add a few degrees to the highs when it's sunny outside. Always seems like a safe bet, not sure why they haven't fixed it by now.
  3. Looks like some ridging starts to develop over the West during the last week of March.
  4. Beautiful day! Haven't had a chance to look at any models since the snowstorm last month but the weather looks gorgeous through Saturday.
  5. Back to snow/sleet now, coming down hard. Had to put on my snow goggles. Here we go!!!
  6. I have 6" so far. Changed over primarily to sleet this afternoon and now it's just freezing rain. Very slippery outside just walking with ice coating the snow. Hoping to change back over to snow sometime overnight.
  7. I live up a hill and I've seen a few cars already spin out like that trying to get up it.
  8. IBM GRAF Rapid model through the next 12 hours shows the Westside doing better than parts of Central Metro. I think with the heavier moisture you folks there in Washington County will do better than parts of PDX Metro that traditionally get that warm tongue.
  9. I've had it before, very flavorful. I love the caramel flavoring.
  10. IBM GRAF Rapid model snowfall from 5pm tonight to 5am tomorrow morning. You can see the snow/ice line it depicts. I think even areas just South of the line will see snow mixed in with the heavier precipitation rates though. Going to be a fun night. I hope everybody gets pummeled, go out and enjoy the snow! ❄🌨
  11. Gonna be fun watch this all unfold on radar. All depends on the track of the low.
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