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  1. Yeah normally the N/S gradient is at its strongest this time of year. Late September is still full blown summer in most of CA.
  2. Multiple days in the high 80s for the Willamette Valley in early October. Looks East Bay-like.
  3. The 93 degree rain I saw in late July was sure a nice little throwback to winter! Hilo and Windward Hawaii have 12 months of winter!
  4. Winter began in October last year? Must have missed it. Mt Bachelor was barren until almost mid-December and I remember using my car's AC in late November one day.
  5. So if current forecasts and models are correct, PDX may finish off September with zero sub-70 highs. This would be the first time on record. 1974 currently holds the record with one sub-70 high.
  6. That’s a lot of rain in the eastern foothills of the coast ranges in Tehama/Glenn/Colusa counties. That area is normally heavily rainshadowed.
  7. 7.5 earthquake just occurred on the west coast of Mexico. Mexico also had a big earthquake on 9/19/85. Analog?
  8. October 1949 and October 2019 were both very cold / blocky Octobers West-wide. One led to one of the greatest DJFs ever recorded, the other led to a steaming pile of shitt
  9. Not really surprised given how crazy late the leafout was this year. Was in Sisters and Bend in late May and quite a few trees were still completely bare. Took until mid-June for some trees in Corvallis to finish up IIRC.
  10. Yeah pretty much ends fire season in the Bay Area. Or at least staves it off for some time. Decent chance Redding might pull off a sub-70 high on Sunday as well. Early for there.
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