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  1. Decided to come home for the weekend. Anyone know what this water falling from the sky is?
  2. 2004-05 seems like a decently likely scenario with wet weather continuing in CA. Skiers and snowboarders may want to book a TAHOE or MAMMOTH trip for this upcoming winter. Wouldn’t mind a December 1972 repeat.
  3. Looks like this morning's marine layer knocked grass pollen all the way down to 309. Blessings from the Lord above!
  4. Not sneezing and sniffling nearly as much today. Looks like grass pollen is only 759 now.
  5. Good opportunity for the Pasco tourism board to make their fireworks show extra special this year.
  6. Imagine if after all this warmth and dryness we have a washout Fourth. Would actually be pretty f*cking hilarious
  7. Water temp at Lake Sandwich still at only 70F. Gonna have to wait a little longer for Cancun / Dominican Republic conditions it seemz.
  8. Doesn’t help that our window for it is kind of closing over the next couple weeks.
  9. We’re not just breaking warm and dry records, we’re breaking pollen records too!!!
  10. Wonder how many of our tax dollars go towards running the goofus.
  11. 15% RH in Corvallis, 33% in Medford. Don’t see that every day.
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