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  1. When the Willamette, Umpqua, McKenzie, and Marys rivers freeze over this upcoming winter from repeated and significant Arctic blasts we'll do it.
  2. Corvallis got to 75 today. Absolutely gorgeous.
  3. High of 67 with dry weather forecast in Pasco on both Saturday and Sunday!
  4. I imagine up in Seattle this weekend we will see some rain but it will not be raining all the time so we will have plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy Seattle. We will have a great time regardless of the weather.
  5. Tim knows all the great vacation spots along and near the Yakima River, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he does.
  6. Highway 20 runs from Newport to Boston. It also runs through Corvallis so I think I have the longest road.
  7. Wonder how much less we’d have to pay in taxes if we terminated the goofus.
  8. So 1.8 miles… or just under 3000m… and you claim your wife can walk this distance in about 10-12 minutes. Women’s 3000m speedwalking world record is 11:48. Either Tim’s wife is an Olympic level athlete, or Tim is exaggerating. Hmm… gonna go with Occam’s Razor here.
  9. To be fair Tim’s ability to walk from his house to downtown Seattle in half an hour doesn’t have much to do with weather preferences.
  10. This is how I assume Tim descends Rattlesnake Ridge?
  11. Tim looking up past climate info on Nowdata like
  12. Did you know that downtown Bend is only a 10 minute walk from the top of Pilot Butte?
  13. It’s been wet in North Bend. It’s also been cloudy in North Bend. It’s been both wet and cloudy in North Bend. Just thought I should let you know.
  14. A high pressure setup and sunny day on the valley floor will usually be a sunny day in the foothills/upslope obviously. But the rainy days are of a very different nature. Compare my location to Andrew's. Not an uncommon occurrence in the spring that I might get something like 0.08" in Corvallis, while Andrew gets closer to half an inch. Both count as a precip day. But we would have very different weather experiences.
  15. I often observe this in the PDX metro area in NW flow patterns in spring. Oftentimes Gresham/Troutdale near the upslope are cloudy and Hillsboro/Beaverton on the leeward side of the coast range experience sunnier conditions. Troutdale isn't drastically rainier than west metro either AFAIK.
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