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  1. The nice thing about the upcoming water falling from the sky is that once it’s done we’ll be due for another 30 dry days. Can’t wait!
  2. I’ve skied in it before. It’s pretty fun. If the snow is very dry/powdery then strong winds (Wyoming) can easily cause the snow to blow off the ground and limit visibility. Doesn’t even have to be snowing to have blowing snow. Sometimes on the Plains you just get really strong wind with powder already on the ground and can still get very low visibility.
  3. A lot of trees have exploded over the last week but some species are still just budding. Probably because of lack of rain. I imagine when we start getting rain again in a few days those trees will leaf out really fast as well.
  4. For sure, I treated the flowers with respect the whole way. I’ve seen how tourists have destroyed wildflower blooms in other areas. Besides, sitting down in the grass in that part of Oregon is a pretty good way to get a tick bite. I have a friend who got chronic Lyme disease from a tick bite in central OR. I don’t want any part of that.
  5. Yesterday I was in the eastern Gorge in the Memaloose Hills between Hood River and The Dalles. I have some good pics still on my DSLR which I need to process but I took this video from the top of Chatfield Hill: 0E8B4B0B-56AB-47F4-B545-D3F71811005C.MOV
  6. 888 mb according to ATCF. Holy shitt storm for sure. First sub-900 storm on record in the Northern Hemisphere before May 1.
  7. 41 degree diurnal! 79/38 You'd think those OLM diurnals are coming from an eastside plateau climate like Burns or Alturas, not a westside sea level location...
  8. Really hoping we can squeeze as much rain out of the jet extension as possible. Parts of northern CA are experiencing record dry soil and vegetation for this time of year and a continued dry situation wouldn’t be good for OR fire situation either.
  9. 75/36 today at HIO. Kinda lame we couldn't push to 76 and have a 40 degree diurnal but it's all right. Good chance we manage it in the next couple days.
  10. Leafout is getting very, very quick here. High of 71 after a low of 36
  11. My lips feel kind of dry today. Then again, I haven't drank as much water as I normally do or should have today.
  12. Just checked, it rained 0.28" here from April 15 to 30, 1999
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