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  1. The Carson Valley is another beautiful place, lots of gorgeous ranch country there. Hopefully I can visit the area in the not-too-distant future.
  2. Welcome to the forums! Glad to have a member from SW Oregon now.
  3. GEFS mean now below -5! C'MON! Need to get a lot more members under that magic -8 ball.
  4. Why does the operational GFS keep inserting that little cutoff low into the AK ridge? Third run in a row.
  5. The Arctic air is trying to enter the PNW but the constant barrage of warm fronts isn't having it, literally shoving it all east of the Rockies. lol
  6. That wretched cutoff low within the block brings a quick end to any real cold. Need to bring the -NAO back for any sort of prolonged cold.
  7. Meh, the numbers on the Euro wind maps are usually like 20 mph too high.
  8. HIO just broke one. 3 consecutive years under 30” precip. Never seen before there
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