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  1. https://www.reuters.com/business/environment/seeing-snow-first-time-62-brazilians-revel-icy-snap-2021-07-30/ Off topic, but southern Brazil is getting snow. It's not that uncommon in the highlands but this looks like an unusually severe event. Looking at models it looks like the 528 thickness line managed to just barely reach Brazil. Freeze warnings for agricultural regions there currently.
  2. In central OR the fire danger was extreme at the beginning of the month when I was there. From just after Santiam Pass the fire danger signs were pretty serious about no fireworks, no campfires, etc. Didn’t hear a single firework on the Fourth of July and left just before the Bootleg Fire exploded. There was convective activity on a lot of days down south towards Klamath Falls and CA (which started the Bootleg Fire) but only one day had it making it up to Sunriver, and it was a few thunderless showers by the time it got there.
  3. Medford has hit 98 or higher 14/26 days this month so far. Eugene is still trying to stretch for their first 98 of the month though, so not that hot regionwide. Fun fact: Average midsummer highs increase rapidly with decreasing latitude in the western PNW.
  4. GEM gives us a trough. It’s just a couple hundred miles too far to the west.
  5. I was going back home from a day trip to Corvallis a couple months ago and tried to go to the Keizer In-n-out just to see if it was worth the hype. Place was so packed the line of cars was spilling over onto the road. Got back on the highway and kept going. They are considering Beaverton for their next location...
  6. If the Puget Sound fog belt is not torching, nowhere in the PNW is.
  7. Phoenix was 83/73 yesterday with 0.80” rainfall. Nearly a third of their YTD precip in a single day.
  8. 80 is the high today for PDX and HIO so far. Gorgeous day for sure.
  9. Bootleg Fire has crossed over the Great Basin Divide and is burning in the Chewaucan Basin.
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