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  1. Pretty chilly temps for NM and north/west TX for early November. Blocking is definitely there.
  2. Looks like GFS wants to put Thursday's AR into the south Sound and Lewis County while the Euro positions it in the north Sound and gives the Willamette Valley close to 70 degree temps before going crazy with blocking and shutting off the jet. Looks like I'll be too far south to get anything from it but the Portland metro might get clipped if the south solution verifies.
  3. Lol that thing was predicted to be a Columbus Day tier storm. Still gusted to 50ish at PDX so it wasn’t a total bust, but definitely overhyped
  4. Beautiful fall colors on the south fork Santiam Canyon right now!
  5. Heading to the upper McKenzie River with the adventure club at OSU. Here’s a nice little south valley scene.
  6. Some warmish readings from the coast. 70 at Tillamook, 68 Newport, 69 Florence, 74 Roseburg, 73 at North Bend Still 61 here in Corvallis
  7. 51 at CVO. 49 back home at HIO. HIO apparently reporting clear conditions. Interesting.
  8. The rainforests of Reno and Carson City getting typical October weather
  9. Greatly preferable to endless 53/41 SW flow crap and 5000'+ snow levels, which is much more common nowadays. Of course I ski a lot in the winter so I welcome cold NW flow as much as I can get it, even though not everyone here does the same and feels the same way. Although it would be very nice if we could go back to when a sub-40 high used to actually be somewhat easy to achieve in the Willamette Valley.
  10. Imagine this with January/February mean 850s. We'd be looking at feet of high ratio powder at ski resort elevation.
  11. Even an average January would be a major win at this point.
  12. 52/30 at HIO today, so avg temp of 41. Coldest October 12 on record and earliest a daily average that low has been recorded at HIO.
  13. Currently back home in Tigard but will be heading back to Corvallis tomorrow. 3 pounds of beef went into the oven this time. Roommate and neighbors are gonna love this! Best batch yet!
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