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  1. 52/30 at HIO today, so avg temp of 41. Coldest October 12 on record and earliest a daily average that low has been recorded at HIO.
  2. Currently back home in Tigard but will be heading back to Corvallis tomorrow. 3 pounds of beef went into the oven this time. Roommate and neighbors are gonna love this! Best batch yet!
  3. 98-99 had a legit high tier Arctic airmass, although I’m pretty sure it was a dry blast in most places (some places got a couple inches of powder). Obviously an epic mountain winter too. I definitely wouldn’t mind a repeat.
  4. Winds at Corvallis have shifted from NW to SE. I'm not entirely sure what's supposed to change except the RH went up a bit.
  5. https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?zoneid=ORZ011 Plenty of snow level drops to 4500' in the Northern Oregon Cascades forecast. Very good for early October.
  6. Lightly raining in Corvallis. Still T at CVO. Wonder how many feet of rain Mossman has gotten so far today.
  7. This would be an absolutely gorgeous pattern for the mountains in winter or early spring.
  8. Just overcast here in Corvallis. Screwed by latitude it looks like. Looks like most of western WA is getting rain.
  9. https://www.timberlinelodge.com/conditions Timberline Lodge has received 3" of snow in the last 24 hours. Enjoy these webcams
  10. Pretty much the same high temp everywhere on the westside between NW WA / SW BC and Mt Shasta area today. No gradient.
  11. 0.58" at CVO today. Only 0.38" in the middle of the Tualatin Desert though. Never change HIO, never change.
  12. Heavier rain coming into Corvallis now. Just keeps reforming. Now up to a half dollar.
  13. Here (data from OSU campus, yay) seems to average a bit more rain than the western Portland metro/Tualatin Valley. Probably does better in SW flow as the extra rain looks to be mainly in winter, but I’m definitely not 100% sure how things work here yet. However it does look like more systems here than there screw us simply because of latitude. Up to 0.32” now
  14. 0.22” in Corvallis, CA as well. Got some decent puddles going on here on campus though.
  15. The green blobs on radar in the south valley went right around Corvallis.
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