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  1. 48 today high was at 3am most of today has been mid 40s with scattered showers currently 42.
  2. Portland area had a white Christmas in 2017 too we had a few inches Christmas Eve
  3. Sunny and 46 this morning ended up with 47/43 yesterday low clouds and drizzle most of the day at least we made it into the next cold airmass without touching 50
  4. Euro shows snow for east Portland metro Thursday not sure I can picture that
  5. 12z ensembles look good 850s below average the whole run great mountain snow pattern for whole west coast and needed rain in CA.
  6. Still not much of a north/south temperature gradient through first week of December.
  7. Drizzle with a low of 43 here ended up with 46/37 yesterday and over 3/4” rain
  8. Raw cold day nice and wintery 43 after a low of 37 and over 1/2” of rain.
  9. 12z GFS and Euro both further east for the trough next week better pattern for us good to see Lots of snow for Cascades and Sierra and colder
  10. 12z GFS is a lot closer with the trough this weekend than the 00z run less of a cut off
  11. 37 with rain this morning mountains and Gorge are getting snow
  12. 45/30 day here morning freeze afternoon partly sunny coldest day of the season so far
  13. 30 this morning hard freeze ended up with 49/36 yesterday most the day was drizzly gloom then cleared out fast overnight Sunny and 36 now
  14. Redmond is often well mixed during daylight hours but decouples well at night. All day inversions rare there unless it’s deep cold. So they respond well to much warmer than normal winter airmasses.
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