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  1. Somehow have 52 degree fog here this morning even with the bone dry soil and 87 degree day yesterday.
  2. Looked at the observed weather for the Portland area July-Sept of 1988 and 1942. Would give anything to have had that kind of climatologically normal pleasantness compared to the months of torrid hell we’ve just endured. 2022 is in its own league.
  3. Something tells me Jim is super stoked by how weird things look right now!!!!!
  4. The only thing anomalous about this spring is that we had to wait ten years for one like it
  5. Euro decides to mix things up a little and put us under a massive ridge toward day 10
  6. It may affect things but I feel like we don’t know enough at this stage to tease out what it could be affecting and what is just normal climate noise/AGW.
  7. I’m sure it will be a convenient scapegoat whatever happens
  8. Jim says it’s only +0.2 compared to a 2141-2170 baseline.
  9. Colors are great higher up but lower town in the woods most of the understory and vine maple were drying up and turning brown, sadly.
  10. Caught some beautiful fall colors in the Tatoosh Range south of Mt Rainier yesterday.
  11. A mild and wet November-March seems pretty likely.
  12. 12z GFS actually shows a pattern change moving into mid month. Probably best to throw it out.
  13. 06z breaks the ridgy pattern down after the 10th. 00z Euro/EPS were nowhere close though.
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