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  1. It will be hard to kiss goodbye the unbroken months of PNW troughing since August.
  2. Meh. September-November were pretty average here this year. If that’s the best we can do anymore with a tanked PDO that’s kinda sad. There are many other factors, obviously.
  3. I’ve found this so bizarre in recent years. The PDO seems pretty decoupled from our observed weather compared to past cold phases.
  4. I don’t know what this means. But I’ve always been pretty happy with our version of four seasons most years. Of course we’re not the Midwest, but people from there have plenty of boring, reductionist idioms to describe their climate too (we have just two seasons, winter and roadwork, hardy har harrrr!!)
  5. Chilly out today with the first sub-60 high since Sunday. 56/47 spread so far with the 47 the current temp. Very heavy rain in the overnight and morning hours here, then lighter rain and cooler temps the remainder of the day. Picked up around 1 and 3/4” today, just around 6” for the month to date now. Had an incredibly balmy but similarly wet 64/56 spread yesterday.
  6. I am very partial to Incesticide for favorite Nirvana album.
  7. I love frogs but I figure being woken up early probably isn’t the best for them. Native plants and animals around here do better with solid period of dormancy, it’s what they evolved with.
  8. Ended up hitting 64 around midnight last night here, which messed up both todays and yesterdays highs. Bizarre stuff for December. Wouldn’t be surprised to see some confused plants coming to life soon with no freezes on the horizon. At least it finally got wet around here after almost two days of warm and cloudy purgatory. Close to an inch of rain for the day so far. Over 3.5” month to date now, should close in on 4” soon.
  9. You need to stop doing this to yourself every single year.
  10. Early in the month, but warmest December on record is definitely within the realm of possibility down here. We’re going to have a very solid head start through about mid month. Given the massive warming of our year-round climate in recent decades, we’re actually pretty due to see a core winter month dethroned. A lot of the record warm ones at PDX are still from back in the much colder mid-20th century. December 1950 and January 1953.
  11. Thank you for showing everyone the proper and inherently superior way to experience this.
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