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  1. What a great looking run right. I’d love to see things play out that way, but it’s hard to imagine us getting off that easy.
  2. Some refreshing light rain and drizzle out there this morning. Current temp is 50 which is the low for the day so far. Have picked up .07” on the day so far.
  3. Ended up with a fairly cool day here. 59/51 spread. Light rain and drizzle started in the morning hours and continued though the early afternoon. Mostly cloudy early with some sunbreaks late, as well as some scattered heavy showers. .12” on the day. Currently partly to mostly cloudy with a temp of 53. Still just a little bit of ambient light visible in the sky.
  4. Garry oak and Oregon white oak are the same species. There are lots of Garry oak stands on the SE part of Vancouver Island, as well as shadowed parts of the San Juans. I’m guessing they don’t extend too far past about a Nanaimo to Vancouver BC line, moving northward.
  5. I haven’t heard anything about the South American cold wave
  6. The longer we put off the nasty red the better. We all know it’s an inevitability at some point.
  7. Phil doesn’t have the best track record of predicting PNW troughing between mid June and early September or so, for whatever reason. In fact it’s usually the KOD for us.
  8. Nice morning here. Mostly cloudy with a current temp of 56 after a low of 51. Had some light rain and drizzle at times earlier. Looks like more light rain may be moving in soon.
  9. Now Matt’s going to try to use what I just said to him as proof to the contrary #we’reallkindaboring
  10. Just a beautiful evening out there. 66 degrees with a cool breeze and some high clouds moving in.
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