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  1. Yup! That’s the exact one I was thinking of. Amazing how the models collapsed for this week. Especially the Euro.
  2. Wish I had taken a screenshot of Mark’s 7-day from last Thursday or so. It showed most of this week with partly sunny or sunny skies and high temps in the upper 50s to low 60s. My how things changed.
  3. Chilly raw and wet day here. Light to moderate rain at times and gusty east winds early. 49/37 spread with over a quarter inch of rainfall. We are now over 4.5” for the month. So nice to see a wet March. The low was actually set at midnight since the morning low was just 44. Great to see the beat roll on with sub-40 lows.
  4. Thanks brother. Really this whole work week was forecast to be a lot more mild than it’s going to end up. The ULL trending farther north was a game changer, and now it looks like there won’t be as much of a break between that and the next COLD system moving in Thursday/Friday. I’ll take it.
  5. Rainy morning here with a rainy day on tap. 46 degrees after a low of 44. I remember points last week when today was forecast to be mild and sunny.
  6. 54/32 day here. Clear and frosty early then increasing clouds and gusty east winds at times. Still breezy this evening with rain moving up from the south, temp is down to 49. Looking like a fairly cool and rainy day tomorrow.
  7. That was their latest freeze since 1982. Little known tidbit. They they went on to have their longest stretch of 70+ weather in history for April.
  8. Wettest March in six years here. Although that really isn’t saying much since there have been nothing but fairly dry to really dry Marches in that stretch.
  9. Frosty low of 32 this morning with lots of low clouds and fog around. I’d have to go back and tally all the freezes we’ve seen since early November but it’s been a lot.
  10. 49/37 day here. Lots of sunbreaks early then a line of heavy showers in the afternoon. Lots of hail at times. Clearing and down to 38 now. Could score a midnight low and maybe even a freeze
  11. Really hoping we can score one down here tonight. Seems like as good a chance as any.
  12. I appreciate you as a member here. You have genuine enthusiasm and interest in the weather and stay away from all the preferences wars, complaining about current or past conditions, and personal stuff between members. Everyone could take a page from your book, myself included.
  13. Looks like a healthy band of showers forming NW of the metro now. Maybe it will break through the DOME that’s been over us the last few days.
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