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  1. 62/47 day here. Morning rain and breezy, then lots of afternoon clearing and continued breezy conditions. Picked up about .15” precip. All in all a warmer and drier day than forecast.
  2. 66/45 spread today. Mostly sunny skies with scattered cumulus early then higher clouds moving in late in the afternoon. Another really nice day.
  3. 12z EPS looking pretty decent. Glad that the end of the run is looking like an outlier.
  4. Up to 59 here with some puffy clouds around. Nice day!
  5. At least the ensembles look good compared to the operational
  6. Euro definitely looking better than the GFS so far for next weekend.
  7. I think it qualified as a weak La Niña. And yeah it was definitely a drought buster for CA thanks largely to the very suppressed polar jet (the same tendency that gave us such a consistently chilly winter up here).
  8. 00z EPS. Looks like there is a decent signal developing for our next rainy period (after tomorrow) being around the last week of the month.
  9. Very sunny and pretty morning here. Up to 50 currently after a low of 45.
  10. The La Niña helped with the drought here, though. It seems like both ENSO states are good for some parts of the country and bad for others in terms of drought. And there is even lots of variability between individual events. California had one of its worst drought years on record with the super Niño in 2015-16.
  11. Creeks still going strong too. This is usually pretty dry country at this point in the spring, in the scablands between Catherine Creek and Coyote Wall.
  12. We were out in the Eastern Gorge again this weekend and it’s amazing how green things still are out there.
  13. Yeah lows have been mild the last few mornings. Yesterday’s 57 was close to a record MAX/MIN at PDX, record was 58 from 2014. This morning’s record was 61 from 2006 (decent mid-month heatwave that year) but they won’t be anywhere close anyway since they are already down to their morning low of 57.
  14. 64/55 day here. Mild and cloudy start with breezy NW winds later on, clouds breaking up and DPs dropping. A really nice day overall. 55 is also the current temp, so should be heading for a midnight low
  15. I wanted to say I have really enjoyed your posts the last few days. You are a welcome addition to the forum.
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