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  1. You can be a positive force in this world or a negative one, Jesse. That is your choice between now and the date that you reach your mortality. We are all granted that same choice as free moral agents. I choose to be a positive force, because life is really short. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. I lost a family member to cancer not too long ago and another person I know committed suicide. It's called perspective, isn't it? I can't tolerate you on this forum, and I'm thankful I don't have to deal with you in person. You must be a real gem. You can mock and ridicule this post to your heart's content. I don't care, but you'll remember what it said. God exists, and we shall all give an account to Him. Every moment and every action matters.
  2. Most below average days involve precipitation of some type.
  3. The sun came out after some beneficial rain. You can't beat it.
  4. The rain hasn't been that bad this spring. The cloud cover has been off the charts. Last spring was scary. A dry spring going into a hot summer is never something that you want. At least precipitation is trending more towards normal this year.
  5. It definitely is. It is a humid continental climate with dry summers. Spokane Valley is the same or it can be classified as a Mediterranean climate with hot summers.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised by a 60s and drizzle 4th of July. We're due.
  7. I would love a Canadian high pressure. It would clear out the clouds for a day or two.
  8. Andrew and TacomaWaWx have been enjoying the spring this year. I don't have any problem with you or anybody else enjoying it, too.
  9. I expect 80s and sunshine this December. Am I asking too much?
  10. Spokane received 1.5 inches of precipitation in May. 1.55 inches is average. Spokane Valley received 3.35 inches of precipitation in May. 1.7 inches is average. It can really vary over short distances.
  11. True, Coeur d'Alene averages around 27 inches of precipitation annualy. Spokane, which is a little farther west, averages roughly 16 inches of precipitation annualy.
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