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  1. I'm going to enjoy the next 4-5 days, because the warm and sunny door slams shut next week. We'll probably have to wait until next April or May before we see 80 degrees again. We have less than 12 hours of daylight starting on September 25th. We'll have to wait until St Patrick's day next year before we see 12 hours of daylight again.
  2. Both of them had a -Qbo. They aren't bad matches. Neither of them were very exciting up here.
  3. I was thinking about that one and 2017-2018. 2011-2012 would be good times for you.
  4. My dad graduated from Renton high school. I still have family in the area. It seems like everything is packed in like sardines, and the traffic is ridiculous.
  5. Deep troughing often leads to ridging down the line. It's very possible.
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