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  1. Just returning tonight from two weeks in South America. Started out in Lima and then headed to Cusco and saw Machu Picchu. Then flew up to Ecuador and spent the last week in the Galapagos Islands, checking out the variety of protected national park landscapes and endemic plants and animals there. Had pretty nice weather for the most part. The cool late fall nights in the Peru interior got us down to freezing on a couple of mornings, and there was fairly regular mist and drizzle where I was staying in the central part of the islands. But sunny afternoons daily in the dry northern parts of the islands. The early sunsets were a bit of a shock to the system after such long days back home. Would love to spend a whole June-August down in Patagonia one of these years, and get a double dose of winter.
  2. Climbing St. Helens that day. Some morning stratus/drizzle on the way up that burns off in the early afternoon would be ideal.
  3. 66 at TTD, 64 at VUO, and 62 at HIO. PDX is a pretty terrible station.
  4. I'm in Ecuador right now and it's saying I must be at least 18 to view the Andrew pictures on my phone. Wasn't even working for me at all in Peru.
  5. 60 years of climate change will do that. Not sure anything approaching a 1964 result would be possible today. It's actually the coldest calendar year in PDX history, even colder than 1955 by about 0.4 degrees. 1964 was also at least moderately impacted by the Agung eruption, so it had a lot going for it.
  6. Yeah, I don't know that there's a statistically significant trend for warmer = wetter in our region at least. For example, the earliest annual hard data we have regarding precip in our region actually indicates that the 1870s-1880s was a much wetter (and colder obviously) period for us than the present. It's always been pretty cyclical but the trend line for the last century seems pretty flat overall with some seasonal shifts here and there.
  7. Misery loves company. Dude is mad envious of our averageish upcoming summer and the blossoming mega-Nina.
  8. Only 4 years away from the next 8-9 winter.
  9. Yeah, a lot of people don't know that 4/5/1972 was actually a mini-outbreak as well. There were two more F2s in the Columbia Basin and then another F3 that day near Creston, WA. The wind shear over the region was just off the charts that day, and there was sufficient enough surface heating/steep enough lapse rates for some pretty huge updrafts to form with the main squall line and take on supercell characteristics. That line also produced golf ball sized hail and 60-70mph straight line winds in places throughout the Portland metro, so even without the tornadoes it was a pretty historic event around here.
  10. The tornadoes that we get out here are overwhelmingly just lowish-topped, cold core landspouts that are very erratic and notoriously hard to predict. I wouldn't expect the SPC to be able to effectively nail those setups since we aren't exactly talking about perfectly curved hodographs with high STP values.
  11. Alaska has actually been one of the cooler places on the planet so far in 2024. Weird for a strong Nino, but probably related to the f'ed up North Central Pacific pattern with that atomic warm pool out there.
  12. Right. I'd imagine the number of liberal crazies wanting to see late term elective abortions is equal to or even less than the number of conservative crazies who believe all contraception= murder. Either way it's a tiny minority and framing a discussion around that piddly percentage like it's a serious talking point is basically nothing more than a lame straw man. The vast, vast majority of us can meet somewhere in between on that spectrum.
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