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  1. Broncos gave up more points today than they have scored all season through 3 games.
  2. The East gets stratiform rain a lot more often than the PNW from mid June to mid September.
  3. Think of how cold the highs at SEA would be....
  4. Yep, and 73 in Penticton, BC which tied the Canadian monthly record. Of course they would have a high of 2 later that month, so a 71 degree spread between their highest and lowest max.
  5. Some other big Nino years there! Also makes you realize that we're likely living on borrowed time when it comes to some of our winter warm extremes and finally blowing past all of the benchmarks of 100 years ago, as other regions have done recently. And as other seasons have done here. It's only a matter of time before we see some historically unprecedented stuff in DJF.
  6. December was pretty epic, at least. Insane flooding and insane cold just to the north.
  7. The old station in downtown Port Angeles had a few close calls but never anything official. 30 in 2002-03 and 30 in 1999-00 was it. Downtown Portland only bottomed out at 33 in the 1933-34 season, making it one of the only other examples that I can think of in the region.
  8. I hope it stays cloudy for a few solid weeks, TBH.
  9. Silver Star sunset yesterday evening. Definite hints of fall color starting to emerge above 3000'.
  10. Feels like they just opened an umbrella inside while walking under a ladder to chase after a black cat who had just spilled salt everywhere.
  11. Progressive wave train like the GFS is showing is probably not the way to go, given recent history and the ongoing pattern blahness.
  12. They were playing like the '98 Yankees in August. Completely unsustainable and way above their heads when they have been a fairly average team for the better part of the season.
  13. This post was downvoted while it was still in the womb.
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