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  1. Looks like I might make it through the end of January without seeing a flake. That is of course completely unprecedented for a La Nina winter here.
  2. With an early February warmup looking likely, probably about time to officially take this winter out to pasture.
  3. Yeah, the big take away is that regardless of storm track there just isn't any cold air to work with here. It'd be one thing if we had a consolidated jet with some real frontal lifting and heavy precip rates (like on 12/21), but with clippers and cutoff lows it's no bueno.
  4. Yeah, I could definitely see that turning into a Fraser River event with some northern bleed-in. Think we might see it emerge on some future runs as it plays around with the block.
  5. Phil did mention an arctic blast at the end of January, likely focused on the West. Right now that doesn't appear likely, even for the Midwest.
  6. 84 hour NAM = The old 384 hour GFS (after a few satellites and weather balloons had gone down)
  7. Eh... I'm frankly very worried that a sloppy saggy inch this week could ruin that though!
  8. Maybe it will be like the end of Edward Scissorhands when it snows more in the future.
  9. Central Valley of CA doesn't get much summertime convection. That's future us!!!!
  10. I'd probably go May 1993 for maximum convective goodness. Severe squall line on the 19th! September 2013 was gorgeous.
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