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  1. Right, in no way shape or form looking like a meaningful pattern change. Maybe a welcome distraction for a few days at best.
  2. Wednesday into Thursday is looking like our best window for some widespread convection west of the mountains. Nice positive tilt trough in the sweet spot off the OR coast undercutting a very warm airmass.
  3. 86/64 at PDX now, they were 93/59 an hour ago. A moist east wind kicked up. The little monsoonal push in the mid-levels almost acting like a surface front.
  4. Decades from now when our grandchildren are reviewing it, the record may not reflect it... but make no mistake. Today was a stunning victory for the good guys.
  5. Yeah, I think it was Jesse who mentioned the similar setup at this point in 2018 on the models. That was forecast for days to be a big pattern shaker but the low just cut-off more and more and pumped up another prolonged heat event, before it kind of fizzled out entirely and eventually passed through harmlessly as little more than a 500mb impulse with some spotty drizzle. Climo sucks, especially now.
  6. Flatiron's 1 yard line dancing over some light rain will no doubt screw us.
  7. Been a very hot and dry month regionally. It happens (a lot).
  8. Wouldn't that mean a westerly wind burst and ENSO warming then?
  9. For Fill. Cold and excessively pleasant D.C. summer leading into a frigid I-95 winter.
  10. The lack of rainfall has been pretty incredible so far near the border in Whatcom County. Clearbrook has records back to 1903, and they average 14.52" from March 1 to July 31. Prior to this year their driest March-July period was 1924 with 7.34" of rain. Their 2nd driest was 1965 with 8.23" of rain. This year since March 1 they have seen a total of 3.00" of rain. Have to think that's something on the order of a 1-1000 year type of result....
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