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  1. The rain and storms from 95L are not coming here, it's too far to the east and south.
  2. I have the 4th of July Fireworks and sparklers ready to go! I might videotape them. The storm chances this 4th of July weekend may be a goner because 95L had a Center Reformation closer to Houston!
  3. I also thought that the Heatwave in 1980 was also insane as well.
  4. I sadly reached 100°F twice a few days ago, now it's only 83°F! It fell to the mid-60s this morning
  5. It appears Biden is now trying to override the ruling with Congress, but that is going nowhere, and the liberals has already strongly condemned it. This is the hill they want to die on
  6. Yes, I couldn't come up with the word
  7. They always try to manipulate argument in their favor
  8. Speaking of politics, his disapproval rating is now at an all-time high at 56% mean national average
  9. I heard it's gotten crazy again in China, another massive lockdown.
  10. This, however, will show their true intentions. And will make them even more unpopular. They're facing a potentially disastrous 2022 midterm elections and this will only make it worse. They are digging their own Graves.
  11. That means it's now left to the states to decide on abortion. I do agree on that it should not be 100% outlawed, It is sometimes necessary to save a woman's life just in case something goes horribly wrong with the pregnancy. However, the Democrats are going to absolutely try to Weaponize it to claim women's rights have been killed by the Supreme Court. But in reality, overturning Roe v. Wade means that it did not destroy women's rights, it destroyed abortion clinics from being funded by the federal government.
  12. Organized crime? There is something suspicious going on right now.
  13. Sound like this one escaped from the stockyards in Oklahoma City
  14. Come on 12z GFS, you can do it for Texas! @Andie
  15. I'm having a cooldown early next week, highs in the 80s with RAIN!
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