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  1. Or because that is the bane of their existence? (Unless they are moderates and don't want to lose the Capitalism)
  2. TL:DR They want to wipe out Capitalism in the name of equity.
  3. (Aware of the self-reply) I was intending for the fact that this could signal a Christmas Cold Blast, I have seen that signal before
  4. Realized the mistake after that happened, but what are you supposed to do in the heat of the moment? An Israeli raced to confront Palestinian attackers. He was then killed by an Israeli soldier | KFOR.com Oklahoma City
  5. Well, it can be safely said that the Coronavirus is the world's first Trillion Dollar Disaster... The COVID-19 Pandemic and the $16 Trillion Virus - PMC (nih.gov)
  6. @Anti Marine LayerNot facepalming at you, but at her
  7. I doubt it if he's against the Russian invasion like me
  8. Okay, that is a bit extreme James Carville attacks Speaker Mike Johnson, says he's a 'bigger threat' to US than 'al-Qaeda' (msn.com)
  9. Did you forget that little kids don't understand certain things like adults do?
  10. Also factor the absolute entitlement too, when the kids were never told "No" when they were younger
  11. Well... If North Korea attacks us, then this is how World War 3 starts North Korea says interference in satellite operations would be considered declaration of war -KCNA (msn.com)
  12. There was one before the OSU/TU game in front of the OSU Fraternity
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