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  1. 18z GFS is even crazier! I get down to Below Zero before Christmas!
  2. The models went insane for my area, the GFS dumps me with snow, even @Andie gets some in DFW on the week before Christmas.
  3. When the race was called, Warnock was ahead by 1% Guess I did not update the percentage after that.
  4. And the NAO refusing to become more positive than expected.
  5. The race was tighter than expected, there was polls that showed that Warnock was going win by 3-5% Warnock only won by less than 1%. There was a red tide for the House, maybe the red wave is delayed until 2024.
  6. Runoff counting has begun, Warnock is ahead as usual right now, but Walker has already won most of Southern Georgia, he must win some city counties for him to have a chance to win the Georgia senate. The current vote is 52-48 and getting tighter.
  7. And the Oklahoma standard for voter rules! As a precaution against voter fraud. I could not vote because my State ID is missing.
  8. Me and @Andie are currently expecting severe storms Next Monday, December 12th.
  9. I was afraid that the Hashtag would age poorly, it could do it again!
  10. Are Y'all ready for this? No #DeathRidgeDecember !
  11. This may become mostly forgotten by the time 2024 comes here, unless the media does the "beating the dead horse" again.
  12. It appears that the bulk of the snow will be for most of Nebraska, then along and North of I-80 from Ohama, NE to Pennsylvania!
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