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  1. Iran has shut down the International Airport, I can't post the link since it's Arabic UPDATE: Just a military drill, like they always do!
  2. Until they do some REALLY stupid things that wipes them out, like embezzlement and tax evasion.
  3. Likely their last strongholds before they get exposed for promoting extremism.
  4. This is how the Democrats lost their grip on Education
  5. I am thinking a political monopoly because the Democrats will try to wipe out political competition by use of money and anything they can use to a massive advantage.
  6. What? Recent reductions in aerosol emissions have increased Earth’s energy imbalance | Communications Earth & Environment (nature.com)
  7. YW, I don't know how that even happened, maybe accidental double paste?
  8. Why do I feel like that this is going to become a political monopoly?
  9. 14K Laid off 99 Cents Only to close all 371 stores and lay off 14,000 staff after 'difficult decision' (msn.com)
  10. YW, we all make whoopsies on where to post things
  11. Israel admitted to the mistake, took responsibility, and launched the investigation into it But that didn't seem to satisfy the Democrats and left-wing media. They likely will not care if Israel gets wiped out of the map Opinion | Biden Exploits a Tragic Israeli Mistake (msn.com)
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