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  1. The "+" in the Multiquote. Not the keyboard icon, but the symbol just to the left of the just one quote.
  2. Gun safety in terms of properly storing it and/or locking it (Using a lock around the trigger) to where it can't fire when loaded. Or the most simple thing, just disarming it by unloading it.
  3. Well, what if that study was flawed because it does not factor in gun safety?
  4. Tennessee, my bad on remembering states!
  5. And apparently, Putin is Russia's H!tler as he is trying to exterminate Ukrainian Civilians. (I'm trying to avoid saying the German Leader of WW2.)
  6. The Tennessee Government is considering the Transgender Woman who shot up the Christian school a hate crime because it appears she targeted the school because they disagreed with her views as she's a former student there.
  7. And it was planned too, there was a manifesto and a general map of the school. EDIT: There is a huge plot twist! She is apparently Transgender. If she shot up the school simply because they disagree with her views, then she could have a hate crime tagged with the mass murder charge.
  8. They would be viewed as Insurrectionists
  9. No, I have severe separation anxiety since I have never experienced living without my grandmother or mother for months on end.
  10. Being a homeschooler myself, I loved it! Helped me with the years that I could not be at school, that was back in 2014-2017.
  11. Just saw a snowfall report of 20 inches near Appleton, WI!
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