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  1. No I think @MossMan meant he farted. He got so excited he forgot to type "breaking" It is getting breezy up here, up to .55" rain. Sitting at 60 degrees after being at 55-57 pretty much all day.
  2. Hopefully we can get a nice run of rainy weeks and sunny weekends, I wouldn't mind that at all!
  3. Nice, congrats on the job offer. My wife and and I have talked about it a few times, but at the end of the day its just a little too nucking futzs up there for us. It's a beautiful city, and if we ever decided to take the plunge and live in a big city that would probably be it. Have you figured out what part of the city yet?
  4. Leaving Bellingham? Where are you moving to? We've decided to stay, but I still think about moving every once in a while....like...every time I have to get on I-5 Ended up 45/74 in my neck of the woods, sitting at 54 now.
  5. LOL, 5 minutes after clicking submit on my other post, I started hearing raindrops on the awning over my grill. Now .48" for the day, 2.59" for the storm.
  6. I'm guessing we are done with the rain up here, we had a few spits and spruts of rain today to get us to .47" on the day and 2.58" for the event. Looks like we had some lightning strikes out over the sound and just across the border to the north, but for Bellingham/Whatcom County...nada. The only thunder at my house was from watching Blazing Saddles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ARXuhoPsTc
  7. The Comcast infrastructure took a pounding in this storm. I normally have extremely reliable service, but it was out for most of the day yesterday, and again for a bit last night. Picked up .38" since midnight, and 2.49" since this system began. I would love to get some thunder but I don't think its in the cards for my area. Currently 58 after a low of 52. It's exciting to see everyone getting in on rain, and the bigger storms/downpours that are happening to the south.
  8. Ended up with 2.08” so far out of this event, with .88” coming since midnight. We had a hellacious downpour at some point during the night, I think it was between 5-6 Also lost our Comcast service at some point during the night, which is quite rare for my area.
  9. 58 degrees, .90" of rain. A little breezy out but nothing like before. There were lots of branches down in the road when I went out driving earlier. Never lost power, but the lights flickered a lot. Decent start to this September/November storm.
  10. Had a crazy experience here with the arrival of round 2 of the rain. We had the steady roar of the wind through the treetops going for a good 2 hours, then it stopped very suddenly as if someone flipped a switch, or unplugged a fan. Its still breezy out, but the roaring winds have subsided. .36" rain so far but that will start increasing again with this next batch of rain.
  11. Good thing FEMA is already in the area for the other storm damage you posted pictures of earlier.
  12. That right there is "state of emergency" level stuff! Thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery.
  13. mk4...those were part of the "troubled years" for VW. Mk3 & mk4 had a lot of problems and I stayed away. After my wife's car got totaled about 6 years ago, we were looking for a replacement, and I came across a mk5 (2007) Jetta. Figured out they were much better than previous generations, picked it up, and it was an amazing car. After I finished my degree in 2019 I realized that the TDI JSW's (which is what I really wanted) were back out on the road, so I snagged one up. Much better suited for kayaking and whatever other adventures I decide to pursue. I can even sleep in the back relatively comfortably, and I am 6'3." Currently 52 degrees and .10" so far.
  14. I'm a VW guy. I have a 2013 VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI with a.... I love the look of Mazdas, and have almost pulled the trigger on one a couple of times, then inevitably I talk to someone who had an absolutely horrible experience with them and it scared me off. I know the same can happen to VW's (or about any car brand for that matter), but my first 3 cars were VW's, and I had a '69 bug there in the middle (I still mourn over my decision to sell that one).
  15. I'm with you. I noticed a faint water stain on my headliner a couple of weeks ago and don't know if it is recent, or from before the last time I cleaned/checked my drains. That was on the chore list for this week but I didn't get to it. I think I should be ok as long as I don't park on any steep inclines.
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