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  1. Having grown up in the south, and living in the middle of the Willamette valley near Albany with no trees around and no A/C, I've definitely lived in my fair share of houses that were hot and miserable in the evening. Up here is not nearly as bad, and we do plan to open windows as much as possible. The extended periods of smoke we've had in recent years make it tough for me and my allergies and my wife and her asthma, so it will be nice to keep the windows closed and still have a cool house. I think I will definitely appreciate the heat having a cool house to come home to. That was def
  2. I will be game after June 16th, which is when I am getting A/C installed in my house, until then, I would prefer the cold air! I think I will be able to enjoy the warm or even hot weather more knowing I have the option to come home to a cool house. Now all I can think about is how hot and unbearable my house will get.* *The preferences expressed above are strictly my own and not intended to impose, influence or force said preferences on any other forum member or their friends, families, pets or the flora and fauna located at their domicile.
  3. Its a thing you put money in when you park downtown for most major cities.
  4. 57 and its been cloudy all day, nothing in the rain bucket. Happy Mother's day to any moms on here, and to the poor moms married to this crazy collection of weather geeks. My wife gave birth to 3 kids, but I think she sometimes feels like she has 4 kids!
  5. Here are a couple of pictures of the rainbow last night, credit to Randy Small photography/Whatcom County Weather FB page I am bummed I missed out on it and the sunset, got the second round of the Covid vaccine Wednesday and felt like hell yesterday.
  6. That is amazing! Friend of mine lives in the Birchwood neighborhood and posted a picture on FB of a very spectacular double rainbow this afternoon. My wife works in the Happy Valley neighborhood and said they had some crazy wind and rain today. Up at my house off Britton, it was breezy and we've only seen .15" of rain today. It did get really dark at one point, but we didn't get anything from it.
  7. It has definitely been dry up here compared to points further south. Things are still green for the most part, but if this trend continues, this summer is gonna suck. I am glad we are getting A/C installed so we won't have to suck bunch of smoke into the house as we try to cool things off at night.
  8. Down to 45 so far tonight, fell asleep last night with the windows and sliding glass door open and the house was 55 this morning (the low outside last night was 40). If looks could kill, I would be dead after the look my daughter gave me this morning when she came down for breakfast (she HATES the cold).
  9. Huh....I'm the exact opposite, pretty much if it doesn't sh** in a field first I won't eat it. The only veggies I will eat are corn or potatoes. My mom could occasionally get a few green beans in me as a kid but only after they'd been cooked for hours in fatback. My wife was so grossed out when my mom made them on one of our trips back to Georgia. The only way I'll do fruit is in a smoothie. I don't do seafood either. It's a texture thing for me as well.
  10. Ahhh man sorry to hear that, usually weddings go off with a hitch(ing). Thank you everybody, I'll be here all week, try the veal! Seriously though, congrats and glad the weather cooperated!!
  11. I've been using the paid version of weathermodels.com, but haven't been too excited about it....plus I've been reading from multiple people that the guy who developed/owns the site is a real DB, so I doubt I will be renewing. So, I will be in the same boat as you...trying to find a new source for models.
  12. All this talk about droughts, I heard about this...not in our part of the world, but certainly impacts us all. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-03-24/taiwan-raises-red-alert-over-water-cuts-supply-for-chipmakers I can't find a new video card for my PC to save my life, and I just got an e-mail that HAM radio prices are going up due to chip shortages....crappy timing, I just got my license a couple of months ago and was planning to start putting together my radio shack. Also, my "move to Maine" plans are officially dead. I talked to the head recruiter t
  13. Got down to 40 this morning, left the windows open last night so the inside of the house is rather "brisk" at 58 degrees.
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