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  1. Looks like we missed out on the fun! We got on the freeway about 3:15-3:30. Definitely lots of interesting clouds/storms on our drive. We stopped in Three Forks to gas up and in that time, it went from "breezy" to high winds in a matter of minutes. It mellowed out over the pass, then got really bad between Anaconda and the big bend where the freeway turns "left" to start going east/west again between Deer Lodge and Drummond. Over dinner with the family at the ranch, they said this has been the windiest winter/spring that anyone can remember.
  2. The clock is ticking for us to get the U-Haul loaded, thunderstorms and hail expected mid-afternoon. Sky is starting to show its progress…
  3. Spectacular day in Bozeman, came out to the Bozemann Pass rock climbing area so my son could get one last climb in
  4. Very chilly VERY windy day in Bozeman, I didn't bring a coat to graduation and majorly regretted it. In fact I was walking to a reception after graduation and noticed some white sh*t on my shirt. I wiped it off, and more appeared.....wiped that off...more appeared....WTF?!?!?!?!?! I finally realized it was wet/chunky snow LOL! Checked in with my elderly neighbor back home, and she said it was windy and cold in Bellingham. 40/57 with 0.00" according to my weather station.
  5. Frozen car this morning in Bozeman. I’m guessing it got windy up in Whatcom county, seeing lots of posts on FB about flickering lights and power outages.
  6. oh wow I guess I haven’t really been paying attention to the temp, I guess it *is* pretty chilly…and it was so nice yesterday. We almost sat outside to eat dinner at Sidewall pizza. One station near me is reporting 32 and another is reporting 36.
  7. Rainy morning in Bozeman. We had good flights with nothing more than the usual turbulence near the mountains. Tiny bit of snow remained from the system that hit the other day, but I’m sure it is gone now. For my last 2 trips to Bozeman, my rental has been a Toyota Forerunner. I like my zippy little Jetta Wagon, but I have to admit the Toyota is starting to grow on me. I blame @Jginmartini and all his talk about his recently acquired rig. Also, my son is all kinds of excited about the picture released this morning of the black hole at the center of the galaxy. He found out Monday that research he did about a year ago on black holes is going to get published, the news today, and then graduating tomorrow, not too shabby a week for a astrophysics kid!
  8. You should be banned.....you have a lot of nerve coming on here and admitting you are wrong and correcting yourself. You are supposed to wait for your forum-mates to do that for you! Seriously thanks for all the info, I've only been able to skim it today, I look forward to sitting down tonight and fully read through all of the info/discussion.
  9. Awesome.....we roll in to town Wednesday afternoon, I think I looked at Dark Sky and it showed next weekend being nice, but chances of rain (or snow I guess) through Friday. My son is throwing a graduation/fairwell kegger Saturday at his house, so hopefully it is at least nice then.
  10. Yeah probably C-17s. There are a crapton of them down at Lewis McCord (or whatever the kids are calling the base in Tacoma these days. Yeah, my guess is they were doing a training exercise. There are some low level training routes in the north cascades, so maybe they were doing a run up those. The other alternative would be the C-5, but I think they are getting pretty rare. They are about 75 feet longer (247 ft long), and about a 50-55 foot larger wingspan (223 ft wingspan). I lived on the extended approach path for Dobbins in Atlanta, which also had a Lockheed facility there. We had lots of C-5s fly overhead, and with their size, they looked like they were moving too slow to stay in the air. It was weird.
  11. Yea but it seemed to really escalate the past 24 hours or so...LOL!
  12. Man its been a while since there has been one of these multipage preference wars/I'm right you are wrong wars. LOL!
  13. Granted its been a while....like more than 30 years, since I have indirectly been in need of their services, but I thought there focus WAS on prevention. Going back to the high school girlfriend I mentioned the other day, when we decided we were going to become "active" she went to planned parenthood. Even though we were in Atlanta, she still had to travel a good 45 minutes to the "nearest" location. She got a prescription for the pill at no charge.
  14. Oh the humanity.... We always talk about having a forum get together, I'm thinking it needs to happen at Stampede Pass while Phil is out here for one of his fishing trips.
  15. Man that's crazy, its like you are channeling John Madden from the other side
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