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  1. I'm thinking (and hoping) it will quite possibly be all remote, I think its actually pretty common to do that now. A HR manager friend of mine said she has taken people all the way through the hiring process and onboarding without them ever setting foot in the office. I'm hoping that will be the case, I really don't have time to be flying back and forth if I can help it. (unless they don't need me for 6-8 weeks).
  2. Well drat! They had something come up on their end and had to postpone until Monday. It will give me a chance to wrap my head around the timing and hopefully better answer the question of how soon I can get out there. If this can happen fast enough, my wife found her dream job, so maybe we can both land there with jobs.
  3. Here we go....first interview for a position back east this morning. It's in Portsmouth NH which is on the Maine/NH border. It's in a completely different field (construction Project Management/Project Controller) from what I was doing (aerospace) but a good buddy of mine gave my resume to his management and said they really liked it. They called 3 days later to set up an interview (he thought it would be a few weeks before I heard). Looking around my house that I am haven't even started packing yet wondering how TF I am going to get this all packed up within a couple of weeks...
  4. Sorry to hear that, sending positive thoughts your mom's way for a speedy recovery.
  5. I know how to refill the blinker fluid, replace muffler bearings and the piston return springs. I know mechanics need to have their own tools, so I am happy to tell you I have both right handed and left handed wrenches. When do you want me to start? Seriously, I turn my own wrenches on my car, so I do have a fair amount of knowledge, but can't imagine doing it for a living. My hands are too big to fit into the tiny spaces of modern engines.
  6. 34 up here, looks like there is a little something to the north on radar moving south. It's pretty faint so not sure if anything will come of it.
  7. Bone dry up here today, we've seen the occasional wave of dark clouds but nothing to write home about. Currently 40. Looks like things are exciting down in the Seattle area!
  8. Been watching the video of the scene, so far I don't see any pissed off women carrying a golf club, so there's that. On a serious note they pointed out that he just bad back surgery again, so....this wreck can't be good for that, and....I wonder if he was whacked out on pain meds. I have a couple of family members who have had multiple back surgeries and the pain from that is no joke...
  9. I don't see that happening in Washington state. Washington state, where dams are bad, coal/natural gas plants are bad, but hey, lets go all electric. SMDH.....
  10. Currently there would be no new construction by 2030, and everything retrofitted by 2050. Bellingham has been pushing for the same thing, and I saw that Seattle has already done it. https://www.opb.org/article/2021/01/26/goodbye-gas-heat-proposals-in-washington-state-seek-to-phase-out-fossil-fuel-heating-in-buildings/
  11. Yeah my biggest concern for my house is the fact we don't have a back up heat source. Luckily power outages are few and far between here and relatively short lived. I talked to a contractor buddy and he said it would be quite easy to wire in a separate connection & switch so that we could at least run our gas furnace off of a small gas generator. Fat lot of good it will do if the state legislature has its way and bans natural gas. As far as having a Texas situation happen here, outside of the big 9.0 hitting, I would say its a "black swan" scenario for here. If our in state
  12. Feels weird to have gusty winds out of the south, seems like its been forever. Currently 45
  13. It is an amazing group and is a family in every sense of the word (we fight/bicker, name call, but are quick to support one another when one of us struggle), and if I do move back east I will definitely still be lurking. As it is, the Atlantic thread should pretty much just be called the @Phill thread as he seems to be the only one who posts to it. I just noticed 2020 had 9 pages..9 pages for the whole f**king year...that's a morning with this group when snow is imminent!!!
  14. I didn't cry, but my living room got really dusty all of the sudden....damndest thing, I guess I need to bust out the feather duster and do some cleaning!
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