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  1. There are a wide variety of ways to go in Russia, but I think my "favorite" is falling from a hospital window https://www.euronews.com/2022/09/22/accidental-defenestration-and-murder-suicides-too-common-among-russian-oligarchs-and-putin
  2. Nasty stuff, I spent a fair amount of time on Long Boat Key as a kid. My godmother had a place on the water (ocean side), and some distant cousins still have a place in the same condo complex. Looks like they will for the most part be on the lee side of island for this storm. My god mother had some crazy evacuation stories. She had a fishing boat in Long Boat and a motor yacht and a couple of condos in West Palm Beach (yeah she was loaded). One time in the early 80's they had to evacuate in t he middle of the night from Long Boat and decided to go to West Palm. Half way to West Palm they got news the storm's track had shifted, so they had to turn around and try to get back to Long Boat. They got the fishing boat out of the water, but not the yacht. In the end, the storm fizzled as it came ashore, the yacht rode out the storm and it was a long sleepless night sitting in traffic. One of many reasons I could never live down there. Yeah I know we have a big 9.0 lurking for us, but its gonna happen, we pick up the pieces and move on. Living down in Florida you have to deal with this on a very regular basis. No thanks.
  3. I highly recommend Spain....anywhere really. I went to Madrid and down to Toledo, and my Mother in law went to Barcelona and absolutely loves it. A friend of mine is British, and they always head to the Spanish Mediterranean coasts for their vacations. Scotland is amazing too.
  4. Off topic, but certainly @Jginmartini and @TigerWoodsLibido would appreciate this....big update last week to MSFS2020 last week addressing winds and the flight model. I'm watching a real life A320 pilot flying around in Ian, left Fort Lauderdale, went to Havana, and is currently trying to land in Key West. The graphics with the clouds and bands of rain is incredible. The wind simulations is also pretty incredible. He had to abort on his first attempt with a 50+kt gust. He said the most he has landed in (in real life) is 45 kn, and the simulator was pretty much what he would expect to feel. If you have the time, V1-Simulations is the guy.
  5. Yeah, I am having to water certain sections, I reverted a strip of flower bed back to lawn and I am building up some low spots in my front yard, so I am having to water those daily. Most of my back yard stays pretty damp thanks to an underground spring that runs along the back of the property.
  6. Never ridden on the sit on top, but I did get to ride one of the standup models. My godmother had a 3-5 acre lake in her front yard (her property was about 30-40 acres), and her son brought his jet skis out one weekend when I was about 8 or 9. Fortunately (for me) it was his nephew and not me that figured out that when you cut power on those you lose steering. We were racing across the lake, and there was a dock in the middle. When he realized he was headed for it, he cut power and turned the handlebars. Plowed right into it. Filleted his leg open pretty good and destroyed the jet ski. That lesson came in very handy many years later when I worked Marine Patrol in Oregon running jet boats up and down the Willamette. On the weather side of things, got down to 51 last night, and lots of mid-level smoke in the air this morning.
  7. Looks like NOAA Gulfstream IV just finished a recon flight and is headed back to the barn. https://www.flightradar24.com/NOAA49/2d9dea7e
  8. Just stepped outside for lunch, and yeah its kinda yucky up here too. My wife and I are battling a cold that has turned into a nasty cough, and the smoke is definitely NOT helping.
  9. This is by far the most RIDICULOUS post you have made on here, and that's saying alot because you've already set the bar really friggin high.....There are DOZENS of countries that have universal healthcare...like.....Canada, pretty much every country in Europe...Japan....Australia, New Zealand. Are you drunk? Did you hit your head? And here I thought I had seen it all from you MAGA types
  10. We moved to Bellingham from the Willamette Valley July 2003, so that was our first Halloween up here, and yeah, my kids were pretty miserable. My wife and I were also pretty miserable trying to figure out how to fit coats and sweaters underneath Halloween costumes. Our kids were about 12, 6 and 3 at the time. That was our second big reminder that we were not living in the WV any more. The first reminder was (since we moved here July 1) how incredibly bright it still was at 9-10 PM at night. We would be driving around exploring, look at the time and see it was 8:30-9 and we still had to get home get the kids bathed and in bed!
  11. I drove down Barkley yesterday and things were looking pretty ugly. That is usually an incredible stretch of road.
  12. Other than attempt to block the peaceful transfer of power and undermine the election process? I guess that's it, I mean in other authoritarian countries you have: The leader rises to power through fear mongering and nationalist themes The leader breaks alliances with old allies and aligns with other authoritarian regimes. the leader places friends/allies/cronies in power regardless of their qualification for the position Ban/limit access of the media dismiss any criticism as fake or corrupt Manipulate the election process to benefit the authoritarian regime Manipulate the judicial process to removes the checks and balances that limit the authoritarian regime ........oh wait.....Trump did (or at least attempted to do) ALL if this. Seriously dude? Are you trolling me?
  13. They have sadly had many opportunities to shut Trump down and didn't. I really wish I understood the motivations and inner workings of the republican party. They fully recognize that he is a loose cannon, and talk about shutting him down, but when it comes time to act they show their true colors as the spineless self-serving bastards that they really are. I read something interesting yesterday, it is tied to a book coming out, so of course it has to be taken with a grain of salt, but I guess I wouldn't completely discount it. According to this account, there was chatter about the 25th amendment within the Trump administration even during the first year to year and a half of his presidency. I still cannot understand how the party of "America First" and "Christian values" is obsessed with a person who is the POLAR OPPOSITE of "Christian values" and is only "America First" of the topic aligns with his own self-serving interests.
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