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  1. Thank you for this. Unfortunately, I'm not sure she is at the level where she would meet the criteria at this time. She could live on her own (preferably somewhat close by so we could help her if she needed it) if rent wasn't so bloody expensive. If we lived on a bus route, it would be much easier for her to work. As long as she didn't working at a butcher's shop, sharpening knives or handling a chain saw, most places could make reasonable accommodations and allow her to work. All that said, we will definitely look into it, and at least understand the rules/requirements for that classification, because you never know, and this is her status *now.* As TWL can attest, you never know what tomorrow will bring with epilepsy.
  2. it's a bit whet here today. Up to .39" and my yard is starting to have issues with standing water. Up to 1.26" for the week, 2.39" for the month. not a ton of rain but not too shabby either. Wind is also starting to pick up a bit.
  3. I will definitely mull that over. Biggest challenge is with her not driving, she is reliant on us for transportation. I get frustrated at times with her decision, but then again, if she builds a life around having a car and then started having breakthrough seizures, she is kinda screwed. Her epilepsy has also kind of stunted her socially, so she doesn't have a lot of friends (which makes moving out with a group of friends tough). I worked at a facility that had manufacturing, and she was able to get a job there and we would ride in together. They were really good about finding her jobs that did not involve power tools and sharp objects and she loved it. Before Covid, she was settling in, doing an awesome job and making friends (even had a boyfriend). Covid screwed that up, but hopefully with my job situation settling down, and my wife about to figure out her work situation, we will be able to get her back working.
  4. I'm sorry to hear about that man, that really sucks. It is certainly a reminder for me and my family to count our blessings with my daughter... as of now (knock on wood), her seizures are controlled with medication. We know that at any point, that could change. While she will have the occasional twitch that will send a utensil flying across the kitchen, and she most likely won't be able to have kids, at least the medications are working for now. Honestly the scariest part for us right now is that her medications cost $2,000/month without insurance. She turns 26 next year, which of course means she will fall off our insurance. Can they do anything with your implant to reign things in? Is the implant still functioning properly? When my wife worked in Cardiology, every once in a very great while they would have a pacemaker sh*t the bed prematurely and they would have to go in and do an early replacement. You are very definitely in my family's thoughts. Please take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. Sleep (or lack thereof) is the number one trigger for my daughter's seizures.
  5. You gotta remember, its all relative...."the winter that we all have been waiting a long time for" he will require a Cat D6 Dozer to clear his driveway....we're not talking piddly little John Deere lawn tractor with a blade attachment stuff here....
  6. I can't quite tell the weight of the clouds here, but there does seem to be a lot of them!
  7. I find it rather significant, and for the record, its really not a bad place to live as long as you have a good set of earplugs. Also, you call it a "shack," I like to think of it as the "Palace on the Plateau"
  8. LOL my son had some very choice words for this storm when we talked this past Sunday. The first couple of years he lived/worked on campus, or very close to campus so the snow was not as big of a deal. Last year he barely went out because of Covid (like most everyone else). Now he lives a mile or so east of the hospital and works at a restaurant downtown, so he is having to be out and about a lot more.
  9. Unfortunately I was sawing logs by 11 (or at least headed that way). In all reality, I have too many lights to my immediate north to have any hope of seeing them unless its a major once in a lifetime event. I need to scout out a dark area that is close by.
  10. Just saw this picture on FB, full credit to Randy Small, Whatcom County Weather FB page: And sunrises usually aren't too impressive with Squalicum Mountain to my immediate east, but this one was pretty amazing. Quality is not the best as it is taken through my "office" window, but the colors were amazing.
  11. The lowest we have gotten so far is 35, I didn't have to deal with any frost on my commute to work (from downstairs to my office upstairs) but looks like there is a little frost on the roof of my neighbor's house. I tried letting the puppy out to run off some energy before I started working and she was having none of that. She went charging out the door, got to the bottom of the steps, and decided she wasn't so interested in playing outside after all LOL!
  12. 56/42 for the temps, currently 44. Kinda crazy to come on here tonight and see all the rain down south today. Brilliant sunny day for most of the day up here, perfect weather for a soccer game and to play outside with this little fluffball that joined our family this weekend. She is quite adventurous, and absolutely loves to be outside. She spent a good chunk of her time outside attacking leaves then carrying them around like trophies. I can't wait to get her out in the snow.
  13. Watching the Bobcat game (they are actually showing it!) and it looks like its a beautiful day there today.
  14. 38 here and that will probably also be the low given that sunrise is going to in about a minute (and looks like she's gonna be a beaut!)
  15. Looks like someone dropped a nuke on the Acme/Wickersham area....
  16. Yeah, definitely getting some sun. Its currently filtered through a layer of thin high clouds. That's a new camera shot, I like it. I wonder what building it is on....I think it is too far north to be on the Herald building. Dropped to 43 overnight, currently 44, and we got some drizzle or light rain overnight totaling up to .03"
  17. Here is one of our furballs enjoying the sun. We got this guy and his sister for my kids, but now that my son is off to college, he has pretty much adopted me... We ended up with a 61/48 for the day, this was one of the few sunny periods of the day and he took full advantage of it.
  18. Yeah they have been doing good. Unfortunately, they very rarely get broadcast here so we don't get to watch them much. I had hoped to make a couple of trips out this fall, but not a lot of vacation time with the new job, plus we lost our free "crashpad" east of Missoula. The house we stayed at got sold to my wife's uncle and they are moving into it so that his son (the next generation to run the ranch) can move into the main homestead. It really sucks because I actually enjoy that drive. If it does snow/get cold, it will just be part of the experience, just like doing cattle drives in single digit temps with below zero wind chills. I just hope my flights can get in/out without issue.
  19. LOL, I guess I should have specified, he is in the drumline. He is about 6' to 6'1" or so and about 130# soaking wet, he would get crushed if he tried to play football. That said, lugging tenor drums and cymbals around for 4 years will have covered $8,000 of his college expenses, so can't knock that.
  20. I may be heading out there in about 3 weeks, I'll be anxiously watching the weather there as it gets closer. I would love to see some cold/snow, but I'm coming out to watch my son, and I've heard Bobcat stadium can get pretty brutal as it gets into late October into November, so maybe it holds off until after the game
  21. Sun is peaking under the clouds as we approach sunset. Looks like we are probably done with the rain for tonight, ended up with .82"
  22. Back edge of the rain has moved through Bellingham, .80" since midnight, wind is picking up again (nowhere near last night) and currently 53 after being at 63 at some point overnight.
  23. Well our wind finally decided to show up, holy hell! I can't remember the last time we had this many power issues. I know we had at least 2 full on outages, and a ton of brownouts that were severe enough to trigger my UPS to kick on.
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