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  1. You’re not normally this bullish that far out! Intriguing!!! #decemebertoremember2021
  2. That’s like declaring a snowstorm after there’s 14 inches on the ground. Speaking of, I for one would enjoy some snowstorm!
  3. A colder pattern during the second half of the month? I believe so.
  4. Yeah there’s no indication of an AL pattern returning any time soon, and nina climo suggests it’s very unlikely all the way until ULL season starts in a couple months.
  5. For the “local” folks, it’s pretty incredible how snow starved Silver Star is on January 20th, 51 days into winter. Chances are it will have more snow atop it in May.
  6. One thing seems clear at this point as the dust settles from last week, looks like a meaningful and fairly persistent pattern change with any AL influence entirely removed from the picture.
  7. Yeah it’s hard to imagine not getting above 40 on Sunday and then having enough dynamic cooling. 2003 had a lot of help with the quick inversion which kept temps that day right around freezing for highs.
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