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  1. Fire danger during downslope events into October is relatively minimal as RH recoveries are now pretty massive. Plus the events starting about now have a considerable cooling component.
  2. Warmest October day in 34 years and a day at PDX.
  3. With wavelengths rapidly increasing it’s more likely to encounter strong baroclinic setups as we get further into October. That coupled with potential typhoon remnants makes it a good breeding ground.
  4. Someone needs to tell the Lions’ ball throwing guy not to throw to that guy.
  5. Today’s stratus definitely has a cold season look to it from an inversion standpoint. Things are CHANGING!
  6. The vaccines were certainly not what they were hoped to be as the virus had other plans. And the fact that people are so dug in on either side of the debate makes it impossible to have a reasonable conversation about their true efficacy or the real risk an otherwise healthy individual faced by not getting it. All in all, there were/are clear benefits to getting the shot with minimal downside. That said, the risk to the public from someone who is unvaxxed was even more minimal or even practically non-existent. The mandates at this point have been proven entirely to be complete embarrassment that won’t get better with time.
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