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  1. Could actually be a good sign as consumer demand is a basic tenant of inflation. Things aren’t pretty, but it could be a sign that the self-inflicted wounds of necessity may not have to be as protracted as first thought.
  2. It kinda died just off Grays Harbor.
  3. I just vaguely remember coming out of my sister’s piano recital and it was snowing. Then immediately I remembered that thicknesses were wayyy above 1290dm and thought “hey, wait a cotton pickin’ minute!”
  4. 42 years ago right now inflation was out of control and it was unusually cloudy in Eastern Washington.
  5. Yeah, what if MDW splits the difference? How do we determine preference superiority?
  6. John Madden says forecasting weather more than seven days out is hard. Even in Europe.
  7. D**n… $5.30’s is currently top shelf up here.
  8. Mountain got a lot bigger in the last year or so. Geology is amazing.
  9. I’m gonna start grading season like the SAT’s. Winter gets a 1030. This spring gets an 1599 so far. Two weeks to go!!!
  10. Just say “we’re fricked.” Like watching The Departed on basic cable.
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