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  1. Oh, it’s still coming. It just may not get here before Santa.
  2. It’s amazing how deep the 2007-08 PTSD runs for us lowland losers. So many near-misses and pattern structures that could have just as easily tipped the other way. A repeat would tip the odds in our favor more than probably 80% of the winters this century. Pretty good odds in my book.
  3. Turns MUCH snowier just as sun angles start to climb!
  4. More like a cancellation prize. As in WINTER CANCELLATION!!!
  5. Eight years ago right now it was NOT snowing in Eugene.
  6. Your Debbie Downer attitude is really getting on our nerves. Please stop. Thanks in advance, -east coast weenies
  7. My call looks to be going up in flames, at least relatively speaking. Hopefully just a matter of delayed but not denied. At this point, a lot of the region is off to a pretty warm start and then upcoming progressive pattern is pretty good for keeping a cap on negative departure potential. Chances are this pattern is gonna be a tough egg to crack.
  8. Good chance this month comes in average or slightly above overall.
  9. One has nothing to do with the other. At face value that’s an evolving, progressive pattern with high latitude blocking about to pinch off into the Arctic. Not horrible on a relative scale, but certainly not Arctic by mid/late December standards. That said, any long range volatility to me is a good sign. For now the pattern is clearly very stable and set for longevity. And it’s certainly not favorable for anything more than some cool quick hitters and hopefully mountain snow. Remember, if you push too hard it might fly away.
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