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  1. That’s a pretty poor comparison. It’s been over eight years since Ferguson.
  2. Not when those issues have real consequences. Do you apply the same logic to grasping to baseless claims of widespread election fraud, or does only one “side” get their feet held to the fire? In 2014, the rallying cry was “HANDS UP DON’T SHOOT” which after about two minutes of Internet research can be determined to be an entirely false narrative based on the Ferguson chain of events. Nevertheless, the left ran with it and squeezed a statistically-insignificant turnip dry. Ultimately, it was one of the big reasons Trump snuck in the backdoor in 2016. The same would have occurred in 2020 if Trump hadn’t been dead set on repeatedly tripping on his own d*ck. Ultimately yes, both sides will attempt to pivot and spin when it comes to their failures in the partisan/pandering sandbox, but that shouldn’t be the standard for either.
  3. Maybe because we’re still dealing with the fallout from such a surreal period of serious cognitive dissonance? Really, it stems back to summer of 2014 and Ferguson, but that was a much more rational evolution of events. Obviously the lockdowns were a vital precursor in 2020.
  4. Refinery issues according to the FAKE NEWS.
  5. I personally do NOT think you’re an idiot, Jim but I most certainly DO think you lose grip on reality on occasion. It’s one of your most endearing qualities! Reality bites!
  6. Did a little deeper dive with regard to surrounding stations and I’m starting to wonder if the recent numbers at Newport might be a little suspect. Thoughts?
  7. This thread has once again gone full sh*t show! Great sign for winter!
  8. 54 degree drop in 3 hours 40 minutes at Newport. That’d be impressive even at Phil’s chalet.
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