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  1. My son has it! Covid, not monkey wrench…
  2. I agree 100% in a theoretical sense. But these incidents are both politicized automatically and strike at the heart of what makes us most vulnerable. Most people can’t relate to having a kid that is deeply entrenched in the gang world, but almost every parent can relate to dropping their kid off at elementary school. It’s gonna sting a lot more and, in turn, the politically self-righteous on both sides are gonna try to spin it in their favor. Sick.
  3. One is background noise and the other is not. We clamor for answers and go all out armchair detective when some screwball walks into a grocery store with delusions of genocidal grandeur. People are absolutely desperate to see if they can get some mileage from this shooters background. On the other hand, three or four teenagers get mowed down gangland style and absolutely no one gives two sh*ts outside the immediate circle. At the very least no professional sports teams issue condolences via social media.
  4. Americans love their guns. The illusion of safety is almost as comforting as safety itself.
  5. That was pretty much it. Lots of cold onshore flow.
  6. If you’ve never visited an NWS office for any length of time, I can tell you this is what those guys do all day long to each other.
  7. It was magical. We had probably a foot overall between three events and solid snow cover from 1/8 to 1/16.
  8. What’s everybody’s favorite food? Movie? Deep-seeded hatred over differences of opinion can go well beyond the atmospheric variety.
  9. I have to admit my wife is far more militant about it than I am. I was jaded by the fact that growing up with a lab who had the iron gut of iron guts. Best was the six foot (give or take) length of rope he managed to eat. That was a fun lesson about the canine gastrointestinal system. Dog died at 15.
  10. Yeah, I’d heard of it before but always thought it was a perfect storm kind of thing. My son had left a bag in the computer room and religiously closed the door because of my daughter’s cat. The cat HATED him for some reason and would go do his business in there when he could. The dog was a chow hound and only had access for maybe 10 minutes. That was a bad day…
  11. Potato chips killed one of our dogs. Well, the bag not the chips…
  12. Hott. https://apnews.com/article/health-world-organization-united-nations-animals-72a9efaaf5b55ace396398b839847505
  13. I wonder who on the forum has the longest road? Widest?
  14. Agreed. I know people who religiously consider a metric like that to be anything short of an hour. I’m more in the less than 15 minutes camp, particularly during a multi-year nina.
  15. Well I’m just glad she’s out there and active! Way to go wife of Tim!
  16. The average walking pace for an adult is between five and seven feet per second, depending on a number of variables. That would be about 22 to 31 minutes.
  17. Hmmm… I’ll walk up there and check.
  18. We really managed to make something out of nothing with that. The air mass itself was fairly borderline and then transitioned to a perfectly-capped inversion, but allowed for weak surface gradients. End result was the coldest run for a lot of metro spots since December 1998.
  19. You knew it was gonna be good almost immediately, but I never thought it would get THIS good! Meanwhile, Tim’s wife’s calves! Omg!
  20. I don’t think the surface gradients helped or hindered in your case, just a matter of being in the fairly narrow corridor where lift was crazy strong, deep and persistent as the low level cold advected from the NE.
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