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  1. If they pull it off, tomorrow will be 100 straight days below 70 at PDX.
  2. Made it from central Manitoba to Ellensburg in two hours!
  3. Just imagine if this were shown at 240 hours instead of 24. Oh the possibilities…
  4. Looks like Loup Loup hit 51 today which is crazy warm.
  5. Very light drizzle starting here. It. Is. Happening.
  6. 2019-20 would definitely qualify for public assistance down here, although still not a completely flakeless waste. It snowed the night we got our Xmas tree AND in January. Tons of room for subjectivity!
  7. I was just there earlier this month. That town is depressing AF. Pe Ell level stuff.
  8. I don’t think a 1991-92/2002-03 and a winter during which PDX had a day with a 25 degree maxima can be considered to be on the same level.
  9. Wunder if anyone is gonna give the ol’ GFS a little credit on this one? I’d say it was pretty clear it was the most consistent over the last few days as all others slowly capitulated.
  10. Standards have changed as our climate has cooled. It’s been several years since we’ve seen an outright regional dud. Portions have dudded, but many have dodged the duddereenoness. When the next when peels off, it’s gonna BURN.
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