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  1. Let’s see if Euro keeps crushing the dreams of getting a legitimate trough.
  2. It is a weather forum. Better than crickets.
  3. Ensemble differences. Just looking at pattern convection should be possible.
  4. Looks like leftover monsoon moisture. But doesn’t look like thunderstorms.
  5. Rain on GEM and GFS? Let’s see what euro says.
  6. Last nights Euro run on the second ridge is concerning.
  7. A very minor trough that undercuts the ridge. Does cool the west down a bit.
  8. A warm EPS run. Heat rebuilds at the end. Much more ridging than the GFS.
  9. Euro is looking toasty starting Tuesday. And at least mountain convection later on.
  10. Certainly surprised that no low clouds are expected over next the couple days that stay cool.
  11. Take this with a grain of salt. OPs have been going with a heatwave in the extended for a while now.
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