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  1. Already achieved. 61F with a chilly marine push tonight.
  2. Just noticed how mild the low was here this morning. 64F. That’s like death ridge type numbers for here.
  3. I would assume June 2021 was more extreme in its intensity but it was short lived. The stuff on the plains in the 30s was longer duration
  4. Yeah it wasn’t even really that hot here compared to what you endure for 4 months every year. Not sure why people make such a big deal about it.
  5. The 121F at Lytton BC was pretty obscene. Broke the National all time record for Canada by 8F.
  6. My drivers license says 201cm. 6’7”. No idea why I’m being mentioned in the political thread. I own little if any flannel.
  7. My gut feeling on July and August has been trending warmer recently. Probably both warmer than average would be my bet.
  8. I seem to remember a major drop in North Pacific temps during the fall that year.
  9. I actually don’t do much to my own lawn as I’m too busy looking after everyone else’s. I personally don’t see much harm in using fertilizers as there are lots of environmentally friendly options. But you can get equally good results top dressing with a good organic mix at least once a year.
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