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  1. 57/47 here today. It was mostly dry though. Just 0.01” of rain with some light drizzle this afternoon.
  2. Pretty much a lock here. Still skating through the season without a 70 degree day here. Next Tuesday could be a close call but that’s a ways off.
  3. The extreme and persistent heat east of the mountains in BC and Washington likely helped keep things in check for the west side. Just a daily trickle of onshore flow as the interior baked.
  4. That one was a no show up here. Todays storm was much more intense.
  5. 121k customers lost power in BC today. Truly a winter like wind storm. Probably the most severe “warm season” wind storm I’ve ever seen
  6. Despite the wind, this is probably one of the nicest days this spring here so far. Rain stopped late this morning and the sun has been out in full force for several hours in a row.
  7. Wow. Windy AF out there. Maples and cottonwoods shedding lots of branches now that they have mostly leafed out. 70k without power in bc now.
  8. Most of the streets look like this here. Power lines underneath tall overhanging firs
  9. That will never happen here. Trees fall down when it’s windy. And most of this area is on bedrock, and underground utilities are kind of a challenge sometimes. I wouldn’t hold my breath for underground power anytime soon.
  10. Power is out here. Had to pick up the kids from daycare. Apparently they have to be home when there is no electricity. Safer that way. 🫤
  11. On the way to dropping the kids off this morning my 5 year old asked “when is the hot summer weather coming?” And then proceeded to list all the things she wanted to do when summer arrives. 0.54” of rain this morning and the rain is currently pounding sideways into the front windows.
  12. We had 63” between December and the first week of January
  13. Another wind warning up for tomorrow here. Expecting gusts to 55mph.
  14. My mom went up to our cabin at Watch lake BC yesterday. Texted me this morning to say it was snowing
  15. We just had a decent gully washer here. Starting to break up now. There’s still hope for this afternoon
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