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  1. Victoria Gonzalez and Esquimalt have both managed to avoid anything at all below freezing thus far this fall/winter. Impressive!
  2. 900, 1400, 2200ft. They have very precise snow level forecasts for 5 days away.
  3. Is the 4 letter word “snow”. And are there any good looking snow maps. Just curious before I click on the video.
  4. That sounds useful. I’ve never seen one that forecasts locally any better than what I know from following the weather.
  5. We had a heavy thump of snow on this night last year. 15” fell that night with about 12” falling in ~4.5hrs
  6. Was actually pretty frosty this morning, even at 35F. Wind must have died off temporarily overnight. Still pretty gusty at times now.
  7. The pressures being forecast in SE BC, north of Spokane, were very anomalous. 1 in 10 year event. Makes sense Spokane would get nailed.
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