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  1. A couple rain drops falling now. ensembles have definitely trended warmer for the first 5 days of August.
  2. Some thundershowers over the south coast of BC currently. Some how all those beautiful radar echoes over southern Vancouver island failed to produce a single raindrop here. cloudy and 72 after a “low” of 66F
  3. Tremont creek fire east of Ashcroft is roaring tonight
  4. Hit 95F here today. If not for that little June event this year, today would have been the hottest day here since at least 2014, possibly since the July 2009 heat wave.
  5. Not sure about other stations but we will end up around +4. up to 93F currently
  6. 1,165,000 acres burned in BC to date. The heavy smoke is actually smothering the fires to some degree. If it lifts and the fires are able to vent today or tomorrow they will see aggressive fire behaviour and growth. Rain is about the only way to slow these down at this point.
  7. Still shy of 90 here. Only 89 for a high so far. +4.1F for July with a couple days to go.
  8. Ouch. That’s a near miss for many of the biggest fires burning in BC
  9. That is more rain than we usually get in the entire month of august for southern Vancouver island
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