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  1. 68-69 was an all time great west of the cascades. Pretty safe to toss it out.
  2. It’s okay that people have different analogs than yours. What are your bullet proof nailed down winter analogs?
  3. What a beautiful day. Legit feels hot in the sun.
  4. Temperature doesn’t tell the whole story for agriculture. You should calculate the growing degree days for those years and get back to us.
  5. I’ll bet once the ridge gives way in the second week of October we see things turn super wet for a time. WSW fire hose.
  6. Speaking of a long growing season. One of my customers had a second crop off of their fig tree this year. In 20 years I have never seen that happen. And asking around it is the first time anyone has heard of a second crop of figs in this area.
  7. Yea. The majority of plants will not suffer tissue damage with temps in the mid to upper 30s even if there is a light frost. I picked all my warm season veggies last week before the rains came. The constant dampness is much more damaging for tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers etc than sunny weather with cool nights.
  8. Blessings have been sparse up north. September will be drier than normal here.
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