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  1. Kind of an interesting stat from my back yard. So far this spring I’ve recorded 1 day in the 60s and 3 days in the 70s. We came very close to skipping right past 60 degree temps after having not recorded a high in the 60s since early November.
  2. I’m not an uncle to anyone. But weather101, Vancity, stuffradio, Abby_wx, etc are all my brothers. I’m the last regular poster from north of the border I think.
  3. We always seem to do better with snowfall when the Fraser outflow gets cutoff from Puget Sound, unfortunately. I remember driving to work one morning in moderate snow and temps in the mid 20s
  4. Mid March was a very solid event here in 2002. 16” of snow spread out over about 5 days. With a sub freezing high on the 20th.
  5. Out of curiosity. What are your averages like this time of year?
  6. 32 here as well. had a high of 48F today with lots of sunshine. ‘Twas a nice day.
  7. You could live above 1500ft in greater Vancouver but you’d have to move to
  8. 27F this morning. Evidence of a very light flurry overnight frozen on my truck this morning
  9. A touch cooler here today. A high of 46F after yesterday’s 51F.
  10. Pretty impressive cold front crossing Vancouver island. Too bad the trough and energy is kind of splitting now. 32F with snow in Campbell River and 46F not too far away in Comox
  11. Northern Vancouver island is getting hammered with snow this morning
  12. It’s snowing heavily down to sea level up on the Haida Gwaii tonight. Which is actually not that common for how far north it is. Average snowfall up there is similar to Victoria.
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