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  1. Been away for a few days. What happened to tacomawawx. He always seemed pretty chill.
  2. Partly cloudy and 63F here this morning. Didn’t even score any mist out of that decaying front last night.
  3. About normal here. But I’ve heard a lot of complaints about them from the mainland. https://beta.ctvnews.ca/local/british-columbia/2022/7/20/1_5996131.amp.html
  4. The 12z GEM is definitely less eager than the gfs to bring that ULL inland.
  5. I think there is a decent chance we see some thundery weather early next week.
  6. Nice. I just noticed that July will enter the record books as a wetter than normal month here IMBY
  7. Skies are finally starting to clear. Only 75F at 1pm. Heatwave has broken for now up this way.
  8. Looks like it might serve to keep that cutoff cutoff a little more afterward.
  9. That west coast ridge at the end of the gfs is ridiculous. 112F at PDX
  10. Euro shows 98/97 at PDX next weekend. Thoughts Phil?!
  11. Today started a little cooler than the past few mornings here. 91/100/91/91/96 so far this week. Pretty toasty.
  12. Gfs ends Portlands 90s streak on Wednesday with a high of 88. What’s the record for consecutive 90s
  13. Looks like there is some smoke drifting south into eastern Washington from a fire that started west of Penticton yesterday
  14. I drink vodka coke all the time. But Diet Coke is awful. Coke Zero is okay.
  15. Those thunderstorms started a lot of fires in southern BC. orange diamonds are new fire starts
  16. That little ULL becomes a permanent feature off our coast on the 0z GEM
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