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  1. It's definitely helped some. Though we're now past the point of building anything up there. Lots more spring precip on the way around here.
  2. Picked up 2.5" last night. Spring (3/1-now) total is up to 38.5", which is the second most I've seen, after the nearly 50" seen in spring 2013.
  3. Had a high of 44 with light showers all day. Down to 34 now with a little snow. If we get any kind of precip intensity, could wake up to a few inches tomorrow.
  4. SEA has measured .31" for May, below normal month to date. While the recent rains have helped a little, still running way below normal for the spring most places.
  5. Have you seen much May snow since you've lived there? Bozeman averages 4" for May, so definitely a regular occurrence.
  6. Apparently Jesse just reacted to 20 of my posts with puke emojis. That's a good night.
  7. Doubling down for Monday storm...spitting out 9" for Denver now.
  8. GFS almost certainly overdoing the cold. Euro about 5 degrees warmer.
  9. GFS says I get a few inches of snow Monday. Would be the 7th time in 9 years to get measurable snow in May, which is pretty nuts.
  10. Well, it's more that now about half of SEA's 30 years record (2005-2020) is affected by the land use changes and third runway. All of the stations are obviously at least somewhat affected by the change from 1981-2010 to 1991-2020.
  11. No. I've said OLM's anomalies are much more representative to their own history than SEA's. SEA is quite often the warm outlier for the Puget Sound region (OLM, Seattle WFO, SEA, BLI). Although, now that the period of comparison for anomalies is 1991-2020, SEA probably won't run quite as "warm" relatively speaking.
  12. We have been fortunate here. Been a wet spring and that looks to continue with plenty more precip possible in the next week or so.
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