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  1. Overall, September continues to be the warm season month that remains most reliably seasonable and least likely to torch. At SEA for example, 4 of the past 5 Septembers have actually been wetter than normal.
  2. The conference formerly known as the Pac 12 might be the best it's ever been. In its final year.
  3. Some chilly September lows this morning. Shelton: 31 OLM: 35 Arlington: 36 As far as I can tell, Shelton has only been colder once before in September...1972.
  4. Historically, the Willamette Valley has seen 90s in early October and 80s into the second half of the month.
  5. Doesn't mean you can't be very scared or depressed by it, though!
  6. There was nothing cherry-picked. That's the most recent week, that's what has definitively ended the fire season.
  7. It's not how the month began, it's how it ended. Fire season is done.
  8. Appears SEA is about to notch their first below normal temp month since April.
  9. Tim breaking out the Euro cloud maps is a sure sign his SAD is kicking in.
  10. Looks like September will end around +2.5 or so for DEN. Warmest anomaly since October 2022. This would be nice.
  11. Yeah, regionally the only very dry and blowtorchy September the past 10 years was 2022. 2020 was very warm but ended up wetter than normal most places, and 2014 was also very warm but not that dry. Far different story than July/August, and to a lesser extent June.
  12. Mostly cooler than normal through July, last couple months have been warm. Very wet and stormy late spring/early summer. Indian summer in full swing now...hopefully a return to fall-like weather at some point in early October.
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