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  1. Yeah, SLC doesn't get as many big storms in general. I think the topography of the Front Range and the upslope component allows for more dynamic potential here, along with higher unpredictability. I'd say about 60% of the snowstorms here fall within the forecasted amounts, and the rest fall short or exceed expectations.
  2. Over performer here this morning. Was forecast to get 1-3" and ended up with 8".
  3. The one I remember in Silverton was actually not in 1999-00 (I was living in Tacoma area by then), it was in February 1999. Very minor event, just a sloppy inch or two.
  4. That one was crazy cold across the entire western half of the country, and really for the nation overall. DEN's second coldest November on record, behind only 1985.
  5. Your country's model says snow flurries for the deep south in just over a week!
  6. Been a boring couple of weeks here, but looks like we could actually see some weather soon. Latest GFS is saying a couple inches of snow Tuesday morning, although temps will be marginal. Other models/runs have hinted at a potential storm in the region for Fri/Sat, but a lot still up in the air for that. But at least seasonably cool weather for most of the foreseeable future.
  7. Sounds like there's a good chance November ends near normal for the region. So you guys are both wrong.
  8. Big step in the right direction for Thanksgiving week by the Euro and CMC. GFS continues to be crap, though.
  9. Good luck, man. Any idea where you might end up next?
  10. Much more of a developing high latitude blocking signal at the end of the Euro. I like where it's going... But I'll leave the extrapolation to Dewey.
  11. Finally had the first cold day of the month yesterday. Picked up about an inch of snow in the afternoon/evening. Rest of the week should be seasonably cool but dry, and then unfortunately another warm period coming next week.
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