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  1. Yikes. The pain is real now for those who lived in fantasyland the past 18+ months: https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/
  2. What have we done with innocence? It disappeared with time, it never made much sense
  3. Dude...pointing out that only a school shooting is actually a "school shooting" is not playing grammar nazi.
  4. You specifically said school shootings, that's why I asked. I get why you'd group what happened in Buffalo with this story, but that wasn't a school shooting and pretty clearly had a much different context.
  5. Exactly. The reactions to these unfortunate frontground events are centered on emotion. Understandably, especially when kids are involved. But from a purely logical perspective, if the tragedy is loss of innocent human life, and our main aim as a society should be to prevent that - where do these high media profile massacres (with very small number of human lives lost compared to other things) fall in the grand scheme of things?
  6. Right...you said "another" in reference to this one. When was the last one?
  7. Point was you were making a big deal of "a place near the Arctic circle lol" basically experiencing normal weather.
  8. From many preventable causes. Is it the guns that make it worse, or the number of lives lost? I use preventable in the sense of deaths that could have been avoided in one way or another.
  9. So, this may sound callous. But if you weigh the number of lives lost to random mass shootings (schools, grocery stores, theaters, etc) compared to 1) gang violence deaths or 2) deaths from MANY other preventable causes, it's literally a drop in the bucket. Does that make it any less tragic? Of course not. But on a societal scale, if our aim is confronting the greatest threats, there is no quantifiable way to place these sort of mass shooting in that category. I get it...these were innocent kids gunned down (most mass shootings involve primarily adult victims). But does that make their lives more valuable than other preventable causes of death?
  10. Has there been another one recently?
  11. Fairbanks averages highs near 65 this time of year.
  12. The conversation is really all over the place today!
  13. Yeah, it could be 10x as deadly as covid (and I guess some strains of monkeypox are) and would still kill WAY less people. That being said, it's pretty odd that there appears to be community outbreaks in a bunch of different locations outside of Africa, which has never really happened simultaneously before.
  14. The high of 41 yesterday at DEN was the second coldest high this late in the season, bested only by the 40 on 5/23/95.
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