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  1. Looks like parts of eastern OR could get a desperately needed soaking by later next week.
  2. If I had a million dollars for every time this has been uttered since global warming. I'd be Bezos.
  3. I believe she also starred in that movie about the Salem witch trials.
  4. Southern BC has actually been notably warmer than Bellingham area this summer. Especially this month. Weird year?
  5. You know it's been a dry month when Randy is barely on the board.
  6. That's quite a bit more of a cool spell than the EPS was showing 6+ days out from the last cool spell. Could easily end up chillier than that.
  7. Despite Tigerwood's parade of football numbers, I think much of southern BC may actually be experiencing the hottest summer relative to average west of the mountains.
  8. Just weenies being weenies. Sure...it's the driest time of year, and in recent years it has often been exceptionally dry. But even a normal August is not usually completely dry for the first 3 weeks.
  9. Too soon to say. I just think it's funny how certain members of this forum make these pronouncements about the weather a month down the road, when there is simply no way to know how things may change between now and then. The only rationale usually given is "persistence" - which works until it doesn't. Phil does not fall into this category, as even though he is often wrong, at least there is real science behind his predictions and not just prisoner-of-the-moment emotions.
  10. Too soon to say for sure, but it's looking like a lot of weenie posts from earlier this week talking about how it would likely take until late August for the PNW to see any rain (if we're LUCKY) are going to look pretty silly.
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