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  1. Yeah, Rapid City is definitely in a more scenic area but quite a bit smaller.
  2. Is "Brandon" the name they finally gave that storm last weekend?
  3. Lol I don't think most of the ones that leave do because they're fed up with the climate. Actually, considering how mobile people are these days, I think it's kind of remarkable how many long term PNW residents there are here.
  4. Wow, big change. I didn't realize Sioux Falls was as large at it is (over 175,000 people). Guess it wouldn't be as hard to find a decent job there as some places in the "flyover" states.
  5. Hopefully many more blocks like this to come this winter.
  6. Much like this year, the defense was only "historically bad" for a few games early on. They finished middle of the pack with the #15 ranked scoring defense. For this season, they are currently the #14 ranked scoring defense.
  7. Agreed. Given the talent he has, Rodgers has underachieved to this point in this career. What is he, 1-4 in NFC championship games?
  8. That was the Seahawks team that earned national respect and fans around the world. I don't care if they were cocky, it was fun and people all over appreciated it. Of course there will always be haters.
  9. Should almost be as good as watching the Huskies disembowel the Ducks in a couple weeks.
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