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  1. Records are in the mid 70s there now. Such a different climate than most the PNW.
  2. I don't remember if it was the 20th or a bit earlier in the month, but the higher hills of Tacoma had several inches one day that month.
  3. February ended up over 7 degrees below normal at DEN. Coldest February since 1989, and third coldest on record.
  4. Could be the biggest storm of the season so far tonight. Expecting 6-9". So far 2" in about an hour and a half.
  5. Last summer avoided torching for western WA at least.
  6. Andrew might finally be able to pad his snowfall stats a bit.
  7. Sure. But ENSO is easily the greatest driver of fluctuations in global temps. And there's usually around a 4-6 month lag.
  8. Just picked up 2.5" of heavy, wet snow in less than an hour. Hardest I've seen it snow in quite awhile.
  9. I just ordered everyone 30" of snow next December. Enjoy!
  10. Should see temps drop further in coming months as we see the full effects of the Nina.
  11. Takes a helluva pattern to pull off widespread lowland snow past 2/20. The Euro looks about as solidly chilly as could be reasonably hoped for.
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