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  1. 1. Pretty likely that doesn't happen. 2. Why worry so much about analogs if you're seeing something virtually unprecedented?
  2. Looks like Tampa may avoid a direct hit from Ian. Every Ian I've known has been an a*sshole, though, so maybe not.
  3. In real terms (accounting for inflation), the S&P is now down close to 30% YTD, and the NASDAQ over 35%.
  4. That was it. It's a simple point.
  5. So are rape/incest as reasons for abortions, but that doesn't stop many people from using them as a primary point of argument.
  6. Regionally, I don't think there's a July - September period on record that's been drier. 1967 and 2012 were probably closest, but 2012 had decent July rain in more places and 1967 eventually had widespread rains in September.
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