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  1. Hey. I'm fine...just been busy and not paying much attention to weather outside my area lately. What have I missed??
  2. Where does this winter rank now for your area, in terms of snow/cold?
  3. With DEN running -3.8 for March and well below normal temps for most of the week ahead, this will make 5 straight months of below normal temps.
  4. They are stuck between a big rock and a very hard place. Inflation is far from tamed yet, and so they believe they have to raise rates until it is, even if leads to a more significant financial/credit crisis than we've already seen (it will).
  5. Some dog keeps photobombing your sweet sky shots.
  6. https://www.weather.gov/media/bou/March03Snowstorm.pdf
  7. The lesson I hope we learn this time (probably not) is that the Federal Reserve needs to stop over-manipulating markets. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/documentary/age-of-easy-money/
  8. 70ish today. High in the 30s tomorrow with an inch or two of snow likely. Spring in the Rockies!
  9. I think that's a factor that can't be overlooked as well - inflation. When that's accounted for, last year saw basically a 30% drop in stock market value, in real terms. But overall I agree...given the bubblicious run up the previous few years, it's more of a correction than a crash to this point. Though crypto, meme stocks, and many tech stocks have seen a legit crash without a doubt. That being said, the worst could easily be ahead. Historically, equity/housing markets don't bottom out until we're well into a recession. And almost every indicator out there says a recession is right around the corner.
  10. Define crash. The market saw its worst year since the Great Recession in 2022, losing nearly 20% in value. If it drops another 20% this year, would that qualify? No one knows what the future holds, of course, but I don't necessarily think looking back at the past 30 years is the best guide going forward. And then you have the real estate market, which is the main way that average Joes build wealth historically. Every indicator I looked at a year ago said we were in a bubble, and it was rapidly heading for a significant correction. The evidence says that's happening.
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