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  1. Going to end up as one of the weaker years in recent memory for nationwide tornadic activity.
  2. Finally a fall-like day. Topped out at 68, should hit a low near 40 tonight.
  3. Looks like some places on the north coast over an inch already.
  4. Similar for sure. Although it seems like 2007-08 was a bit snowier for many locations in the foothills and eastside.
  5. The summer dryness is clearly not going to extend anywhere near that far. Those calls are gonna bust. The arrival of fall rains looks right on time this year, and in fact may be more bountiful than usual for September. There are almost always warm, sunny days in early fall.
  6. Anyone following Inspiration4? Today's launch day!
  7. Really looking forward to the first blast of fall-like weather here. Looks like it may come next week.
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