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  1. After the warmest December in 41 years (third warmest on record), January is running near average. Still only 8.5" of snow on the season, though. Might get lucky and score something measurable tomorrow.
  2. Models continue to be disappointing. No realistic signal for western cold emerging, yet.
  3. Not tomorrow, but things could get a little dicey on Friday. Looks like a few inches for the mountains early Friday AM until the afternoon.
  4. The 18z depicts a storm from day 3 to day 5 that drops a bunch of snow from the Dakotas all the way down into the deep south (parts of Arkansas and Tennessee see over a foot), then moves up the Appalachians dumping a bunch more snow in the NE, but screwing Phil.
  5. I heard several people in radio and TV interviews here state that the tragic fires late last month that burned 1000+ homes were a direct result of climate change. It's lazy and shows no critical thought. But climate change is now the default "reason" for pretty much any major weather event/disaster.
  6. Been a nice cold stretch for western 2/3 of northern tier. Definitely standard Nina.
  7. Agreed, I really enjoyed that one! And being a Husky had nothing to do with it. The author actually talks about the weather the team encountered quite a bit as well.
  8. I'm taking another throat swab test tonight, I'll let you know.
  9. I think it really depends on different factors. Your personal immune system, vaccination, prior infection, age, what strain you caught. Personally, I came down with symptoms last Monday night, was really under the weather for about 3 days and am feeling about 90% normal now.
  10. December 1996 was definitely the closest, if it had just happened a bit further south. For northern WA and southern BC, it was a historically great snow event.
  11. Yikes, sounds like it's getting ugly in a lot of places around western WA. And this after what northern WA experienced in November...
  12. Looks like a decent signal for lots of CONUS cold second half of January.
  13. Gotta be Government Camp, if that's actually considered a town.
  14. Picked up 3" overnight. Up to 11" on the season...which is still pathetic for here, but a lot better than a week ago!
  15. Got up to almost 40 earlier, now down to 15 with blowing snow.
  16. Should get another 2-4" tonight. Still have about 2-3" on the ground from NYE storm.
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