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  1. I threw up the microchip from the vaccine, and now I feel fine.
  2. Record high at SEA today. Would need 82 and 81 the next two days for records.
  3. It's not the snow that's unusual. It's the extended period of below to well below normal weather.
  4. 3-6" expected tonight. In the midst of quite the cool stretch going on here and much of the central US.
  5. Most of the days since 3/1 have hit freezing at OLM, 25 in total. Pretty impressive.
  6. Snowiest March since 2003 for DEN, with 26.5". Fifth snowiest overall. EDIT: That's for the old Stapleton recording station, which has the bulk of long term records. For the new airport site, which has been around since 1996, it snowed 34", which fell just short of the record of 35.2" (2003) there.
  7. Thanks. Hit pretty close to home, given that I used to work right down the street and visited that grocery store many times.
  8. Yeah, it just means a distinctly dry summer season and generally wet, mild winters. Obviously the east side of the PNW is not always so mild. But same goes for higher terrain in the Mediterranean region.
  9. Cheyenne, WY officially recorded 30.8" of snow from this storm, their largest 2 day total on record. Parts of the city apparently received close to 40". Here's a pic from driving around a bit last night, and a couple from the rental property this morning (about a mile from my house).
  10. Fourth biggest snowstorm on record, and has a shot at being the greatest one day snowfall on record. Also unusual, in that DEN almost always sees less accumulation than most the metro area, but this time was about on par with normally snowier locations further west. Impossible to say how much I've gotten here, but definitely at least 2'. Drifts up to 4' or so in spots. I'll take some more pics tomorrow in the daylight.
  11. This storm started slow, but turned into a beast today. Only had about 3-4" when I went to bed last night. Woke up to over a foot, and it's only intensified as the day has gone on. Winds really started picking up around 11 and blizzard warning was posted around noon. I was driving around the neighborhood just as it started getting bad. This was two hours ago...now there's anywhere from 2-3' on the side roads and tons of people stuck. I briefly got stuck a block from my house trying to dig someone out. VID_20210314_120301927.mp4
  12. Another low in the mid 20s at OLM this morning. Nice stretch of cold lows there, on track for a solidly chilly March.
  13. Ha, yeah last September was extreme even for here.
  14. Yeah, on that map. That 17" is near Fort Collins.
  15. I'll take 21". Although man, this stuff is gonna be heavy...won't be fun to shovel, and no quick warmup to help either.
  16. Could be tough. Sounds like Fort Collins area could be one of the hardest hit, although their slightly lower elevation may limit totals a bit right in town. The fact that she's leaving Monday morning may help, but if things go as forecast, I'm sure there will be plenty of delays at the airport.
  17. Consensus forecast is now 1-2' for Denver metro. So probably not a historic storm, unless main forcing and cyclogenesis ends up a little further south than currently forecast. Thunder snow tomorrow night does appear to be a distinct possibility - will be ready to take video/pics for sure.
  18. A lot of places in central US had a top 3 cold February.
  19. Do you mean 1954? Although 1964 was pretty chilly, too.
  20. Of course. I have no idea if the construction you described will have any effect on that.
  21. Yes and no. You have to remember that anomalies are based on the long term climate tendencies of any given location. It's mostly not natural that OLM over the last 15+ years has run easily cooler anomalies than SEA.
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