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  1. I think the game has passed Pete by. His in-game adjustments have been bad for awhile, Norton is pretty much just his lackey and is probably only still around because of Pete, and now the offensive playcalling under Waldron so far this year just feels like a bad continuation of the Schottenheimer era. Pete is the common thread in a lot of the present mediocrity.
  2. Worst team of the Wilson era and probably the worst of the Pete Carroll era. May very well be the final year for both here.
  3. Adams is just plain bad in coverage. That trade is looking worse and worse and now we're stuck with his contract.
  4. Has Metcalf gotten a target since that first drive?
  5. It sucked seeing you guys miss out on the rain last weekend down there while the PNW scored
  6. This year was the highest summer sea ice since 2014. Nice to see it rebound a bit to pre-Super Nino levels.
  7. Where are you headed? I'll be in New England for roughly two weeks in October and close out in GA/SC for a few days.
  8. 80s make a long awaited return today. Looks like maybe some 90s for Eugene on Friday. Summer.
  9. PDX has already locked up a wetter than average September for the 6th time in the last 9 years. A stretch that includes two of the wettest on record in 2013 and 2019. Been a productive month for us recently, and it looks like we'll add to that a bit more this year with more rain coming next week.
  10. Even if they had made that PAT they would have coughed up the 2 point conversion there at the end of the 4th with the way the defense was playing.
  11. First loss in a home opener since 2008. The score in that game? 30-33 in OT.
  12. Some would be happy to hear that September 1996 is maybe the best comparison here locally. We had a big overnight rain event drop about 2.5" on the 14th-15th and some showers the next day, but outside of that trough the month was essentially dry.
  13. Yeah, it really trained over north Portland and Clark County last night. VUO had 0.69" in an hour which is pretty high end for stratiform precip in these parts. My event total has reached 3.05". Pretty dramatic considering there isn't going to be any other rain this month outside of that.
  14. Rain bands just training over Clark County now. Up over a half inch already since midnight. Wonderful night.
  15. PDX has already easily beaten its rainfall record for the day. Up to 1.08" as of 8:53am and the old record was 0.97" back in 2010.
  16. Means they have already beat some of the lower range model totals for Washington County for this event.
  17. Mother Nature making up for lost time with the main band performing slightly above expectations so far. Storm total up to 1.25" here, all since 11pm.
  18. Almost a convective element with the main frontal line as it approaches from the W-NW. But a pretty strong orographic signature on all the models and the hi-res models all develop the band more as it moves across the metro area and begins to interact with the Cascades. Then the usual shadowing with the westerly flow present this weekend.
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