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  1. Radar suggests we might actually get a little rain here. Not sure I remember how to act when it rains.
  2. I lived in Maple Valley for 11 years. During marginal events we might get some flakes in the air or a small accumulation of wet snow where lower elevations got rain. But it was one or two days out of 365 each year. It was fun when it happened but it wasn’t that big of a difference.
  3. Gig Harbor is nice. I was trying to convince my wife during our trip to Bend that we should retire there, but it would be hard to leave the Puget Sound. Time will tell.
  4. Yeah, that sucks. Mostly just making the point that there’s more to consider than an extra inch or two of sloppy snow every year.
  5. I lived in Maple Valley (the King County version of Bonney Lake) for 11 years and I would choose the North End of Tacoma in a heartbeat.
  6. I guess my phone is monitoring the GFS because it took away the rain for tomorrow.
  7. Very nice. Your photo looks like a department of tourism ad for Montana. Beautiful.
  8. For the Mariners, let’s get the playoff monkey off our backs. Anything beyond that is gravy. They are building a good team that should be competitive for a while. For the Seahawks, this year is a throwaway. Need to hit the QB lottery in the 2023 draft.
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