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  1. My kid in Fort Collins misses the rain. She also complains about snow now, for which she has been written out of our will.
  2. I have a weather geek buddy who lived his entire life in western wa and Spokane until a couple years ago when he moved to San Luis Obispo to be closer to his kids. He was super excited the other day when they were supposed to get some rain. He also plays golf in the sun several times a week and I don’t think you could pry him away from there at this point.
  3. Central Oregon is probably the most likely destination for us if we do actually move. Have to think about tax impacts, access to medical care and other stuff that becomes more important as you get older. But in terms of climate and mix of urban and natural amenities, the Bend area is pretty appealing.
  4. I’ve lived here all my life and it doesn’t really bother me all that much. But I do like the sun and wouldn’t mind spending my retirement years in a place where the sun to gray ratio leans a little more toward sun than it does here.
  5. I can definitely see moving to somewhere sunnier when I retire. I get tired of the endless gray. Depends where my kids end up. Both are out of state at the moment, both want to eventually get back to the PNW. But, life can get in the way of those kinds of plans so we shall see.
  6. I think so. Luckily I brought in the deck furniture cushions earlier in the week. Had they been out and been blown around, it would have been difficult to go on.
  7. That was quite the squall line… Been meaning to have that tree taken down. Think I’ll take action on that…
  8. Barely a breath of wind here all morning. Inherited this old school barometer from my father in law. Based on readings from nearby nws sites, looks like it’s reading about .15 inches high.
  9. Looks like an ultrasound. Congrats! It’s a bomb cyclone!
  10. Been pretty much dry here but I’ve been watching the showers go by just to my west. Somehow the rain knows you’re in a tent…
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