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  1. Nice…. Family bbq on Saturday. Looks like an indoor event.
  2. You are living my dream. Still a few years to retirement but then…. Are you 100% camping or mixing in some hotel nights?
  3. We are out on the deck and one of one wives polled does not like the wind. Too cold.
  4. Nice! We used to float the Yakima back in the day. We’d put in at a boat launch on the road between Cle Elum and US 97, and take out at a railroad bridge a few miles downstream. Total distance was about ten beers IIRC.
  5. Not sure if we’ve had any plants join the preference wars, but our hellebore has weighed in in favor of the cool wet spring. This is by far the best it’s looked in the six or seven years it’s lived in that pot.
  6. Were you listening to the Dude’s story!?!???
  7. Fog made it here but has burned off. Nice day.
  8. Clouds to the west but all sun here. Pretty breezy.
  9. Pretty evening. 59 here. Looking forward to some warmer weather upcoming.
  10. Reading through the Denver/Boulder afd, sounds like it’s gonna happen.
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