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  1. Not a lot of whitecaps on the Narrows at the moment despite the gusty north winds. Kind of surprising. Looks like maybe the tide is coming in and water is flowing north to south so maybe that’s why.
  2. The north wind is blowing the pillows off the deck furniture. How much more must I endure?
  3. A few sprinkles here and 49. Could be setting up for a pretty nice sunset.
  4. Sweet. Always wanted to get down to Big Sur for the scenery and because I’m a big Kerouac fan. Although he didn’t particularly enjoy his time there. At any rate, definitely on my to do list.
  5. Nice. We did a day trip from San Francisco one time, down highway 1 to Carmel. Lunch on the boardwalk in Santa Cruz, did the drive through Pebble beach and Pacific Grove. Really enjoyed it.
  6. My daughter threw up in our tent at Honeyman State Park. Root cause was determined to be too much junk food. Whose fault it was for letting her eat so much D**n junk food was never fully resolved.
  7. Nice. We are big fans of Matchless out of Tumwater.
  8. Still plenty warm for hazy IPA happy hour on the deck so no complaints!
  9. Up to 62 here but can confirm a bite to the breeze.
  10. 60 here. Got a pano shot of the snow capped Olympics on my daily trek around the neighborhood. There’s an eagle flying toward the middle of the pic but you gotta zoom in to make it out. Edit. This time with the right photo.
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