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  1. Getting into the Sea/Van to California and Mexico season.
  2. Does anyone know what happened to @MR.SNOWMIZER? I hope the year has gone better for him than the previous one. Haven't seen him post as much lately.
  3. Had about .15 this morning so slight over performance here. Overcast today. Our high way 81F yesterday but it felt much cooler than that due to the west and then east winds.
  4. It's really an admin issue. They had sellouts of a 72k stadium 15 years ago Anyway, today was just overcast with light sprinkles in the 60's.
  5. As a Cal fan, that game sucked! My son and I did a 4 mile hike on Moscow Mtn yesterday so we were all tired. Caught the first three quarters but went to bed before the 4th. Was hoping for a 2019 magical redux.
  6. Had .23 in the gauge after dumping out the .19 around 9:30pm last night. So pretty nice having just under half an inch in maybe 18 hours or so.
  7. The view looking west from the column parking lot. Had a collision there in April '22. Lots of good memories of a picnic or two on that hill.
  8. We need a maple leaf reaction. All other seasons (snow, rain, and sun) are represented.
  9. I checked about an hour ago and we are .19 on the day. Then had sun but clouding up again. For the first time this season, we've actually closed almost all of our windows due to cool weather.
  10. Thank you. Looking forward to it and hopefully the rain produces east of the Cascades.
  11. I hate that gradient. What percentage is the far Northern CA shade. It's hard to tell with it going from light to green to dark.
  12. Particularly for Southern Oregon and far northern CA which missed out on the rainy season that CA had last year.
  13. Yep otherwise it will just come back to those west siders if we get a good east wind.
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