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  1. B+ here if I'm grading conservatively. I am liking the cool spring in my location as well.
  2. Thank you. We are a bit disappointed that it's quieted down quite a bit. Glad for our cars but were hoping for a show too since the ground is too wet for fires when we have had t-storms in Summer. Property wise I'm thankful but weather wise we are sad it might be over.
  3. Had a massive burst of rain for about 2-3 mins. It was amazing to watch. Lightning about 2 miles away (per my spouse's count) but nothing insanely close. Convection seems to decrease per NWS Spokane. No hail so far.
  4. We wanted to protect our windows and lights from possibly large hail. Don't care about dents.
  5. The three of us did some storm prep this morning. Certainly a balmy day here with a breeze from the SE before we get a shift to the SW later with the convective cells
  6. Closest parking garage has to be at least an hour or two away and the time frame is evening/night for everywhere within 1 hour of me. Any tips are appreciated!
  7. Starting to get a bit concerned for tomorrow from 4-10pm. NWS is thinking possibly quarter size hail in my area and we have no garage. Anyone have any tips to protect our two cars from hail damage? Large hail west of the Rockies is very rare. Lightning we get, but hail not more than the size of graupel size. https://twitter.com/NWSSpokane/status/1525581567795470336/photo/1 edit for clarity
  8. NWS Spokane is pretty bullish on the convective outlook for my corner of SE WA /Idaho panhandle on day. Should be interesting as we're due for a 70 degree day but with some interesting weather.
  9. Is this the latest drought monitor? I'm in the white.
  10. Hey but he could get a career out of it. If you are familiar with Daniel Swain who covers CA, I met him and he used to write funny weather columns when we were at the same undergrad college. Now he has a blog and twitter page with many followers.
  11. Checked the rain gauge and we had .38 since yesterday. Currently sunny and a cool morning.
  12. Had some convection to my west. Saw lightning in the distance to my west when driving home from grocery shopping in Idaho. Heard two rolls of thunder here after I got home too but that was it.
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