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  1. Pretty evening light. Feeling a bit of a chill but still comfortable. Saving the game talk for Tacoma in the banter thread for obvious reasons. But the bright side of a warmer fall is you can enjoy the activities of the season.
  2. Not far from me. In the corner section in the shade (not the visitors section) Probably just over 70F and clouds now coming in from the East. I'm in the shade. Perfect weather for football.
  3. 68F and sunny in Pullman. Feeling a little envious of Cougs fans since it's a bit warm for dark shirts. Patchy clouds to the north but mostly sunny and bright. Light breeze.
  4. It's October now and we haven't had a frost yet or even the need for heater season yet. The sage bugs were terrible this week so hopefully we get a chill to kill them. Due to our rain we had a two day break from them.
  5. I finished with 0.62 todayas of 9pm. Really great as this was just about what NWS Spokane had for us in their forecast. Great for SE WA. Moscow -Pullman had about .85. Glad for rain today and clear skies for me at the Cougs game on Sat (Go Bears!) This should slow down fire potential here quite a bit until the freezes come. Wife and son are going to Clark County tomorrow. I tease her that Vancouver will be warmer than our location for their weekend trip.
  6. Getting some solid convection outside right now. We had a flash and a loud boom that was almost instantaneous which shook the house. Son is wide awake now but hoping he can go back to sleep since he stayed home yesterday. He likes the storm. Much better than I when I was young. Lightning was my top fear as a kid Looks like we're getting some solid rain but hard to tell at night.
  7. My son and I went for a hike near Troy on Saturday and saw two or three of those things. What is the story behind them?
  8. Just different priorities. But no need to keep up with the Joneses if it will make you go broke or struggle.
  9. Currently it is 61F at my location and clear. We had to move back to our summer configuration because it was quite warm where we sleep. Tonight and tomorrow will we sleep in our office with AC and then move back to the other room on Thursday.
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