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  1. East Coast gets snow and they get a storm name. Same thing happens out west and it's a cancellation of Christmas by the media. Flying home from CA tomorrow after a short two day trip so I won't complain about the weather in Spokane or the roads heading back to SE WA.
  2. I still have snow on the ground even after five days since the last accumulation.
  3. Too bad it can't slide south and bring rain to CA. All will be quiet in Eastern WA, not so much on your side. Traveling to CA this weekend. Was going to stay here if anything exciting happened (and for safety of course).
  4. I know the weather is boring right now (at least for E. WA) but can we please avoid vax and politics here, with the exception of if you or someone in your house has it (i.e. 'been recovering from Covid...here's how I feel' kind of deal).
  5. They call it the Banana Belt. Snow is really rare there. Wouldn't be a bad place to retire, though if you need a break from snow, Tri Cities is probably the best bet given the ammenties and quality of care.
  6. I am thankful that we have a back alley for parking. It can make getting out a pain sometimes when it snows a lot, but I don't like parking up front because the state snow plows run constantly here and there's also a decent berm here though it's melting.
  7. We had a brownout today due to high winds. Most places in town had low power. We also kept getting flickers that would mess up work. Full power has been restored. We had a large tree fall on a main rd on the other side of town. I think everyone is ok though. Friends in Seaside keep posting pix of the flooding there and Beerman Creek looks as bad as it ever was. Beerman Crk south of Seaside used to always flood in the winter and you'd have to time your trips with the tides. It is better now since they did some work in 2013 or 2014 but still floods during storms.
  8. Can they make it out this time? A year or two ago they were stuck for a week or two I think.
  9. 4 inches of snow since 8pm. I didn't check my board during the day yesterday but didn't start to snow again until 8pm.
  10. It looks like we scored big time. School is on remote learning today. It's supposed to warm up and transition to rain so I'm eager to go outside and measure but I'm also enjoying the quiet and calm while curled up under a blanket.
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/WSDOT_East/status/1478771589881552898/photo/1 This is hilarious..tweet from WSDOT East regarding the forecast.
  12. New snow is falling and accumulating on the sidewalk which has been clear for two or three days now. NWS thinks about 2-3 inches in the next two days so we'll see what happens.
  13. I took a few days off measuring snow. With the depth we have and the winds that were in the forecast a few days I took it inside. We're due to have a few inches tonight and also some going into Thursday am. I also noticed that NWS Spokane added a new weather station near Clarkston that I haven't seen before. Good for that lower half of my zone area.
  14. School here is on a two hour late start. The county roads mostly have been re-opened here.
  15. Death to warm anomalies in their yard! It's always sunny at snow pile hill! Snowmen love both summer warmth and winter cold (Moss must be Olaf the snowman)
  16. Up to 44F right now. Wife and son are making snowmen outside I think but I gotta go to work soon. Our county sheriff advised folks to stay off the side/county roads about an hour ago, which is why school is closed today (it is bright and sunny now).
  17. Sounds like my wife. She was disappointed that our district closed for tomorrow.
  18. Wethaer is fine here. Up to 34 degrees. School is cancelled for tomorrow due to the weather forecast. I don't think it will be that bad though the back roads are in bad shape. Our old district in Stanwood is on two hour late start as Randy likely knows.
  19. Our local wunderground station 3 blocks or so from us says it is still only 24, but our new station is showing 32, which is the warmest we have had in over a week.
  20. Temp continues to climb at 23F now per our weather station.
  21. Who would have thought the Ducks would have a few good baseball teams? I still remember when they started their program. I mean they aren't exactly Oregon State with their recent titles, but considering all the rain that the WV gets, you'd think it would hamper their ability to get solid talent.
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