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  1. I feel bad about even complaining about hot weather considering we only get 10-15 hot days a year here compared to down south that’s nothing. I think summers like 2015, 2017, 2018, 2021 and this year will become more common but we will probably still get some “cooler” ones mixed in.
  2. 78 here just before noon. Should definitely be a +85 day don’t think we will get to 90 until tomorrow.
  3. Got a little cooler than I thought it would be this morning low of 57. Already 71 outside though.
  4. Yep cold air sinks. Lots of times on a night with little to no wind it’ll be colder in the port of Tacoma than it is here up on the hill exposed to wind.
  5. Still 70 degrees here…got a NE breeze going so probably not getting down into the 50s tomorrow morning.
  6. Based on the models after this heatwave there’s another one in the 8/24-8/27 period. Euros showing what would likely verify as some +90 days here which would be the latest we’ve had +90 weather here since 2016 or potentially even 2013. Not very common to get into the 90s that late in the summer here.
  7. I figured we would see something that was average by 1991-2020 averages but wasn’t expecting July to finish +2.4 here and august might be an even bigger positive anomaly. August is running +1.7 here so far. I do not think September is going to be an extended summer stay though based on recent years September hasn’t been too bad. Really do think the best case scenario for summers nowadays is something like 2019 or 2020 minus the hellstorm at the end of 2020.
  8. 77 here…pretty nice day should fall a few degrees short of yesterday thanks to the marine layer sticking around until 10am.
  9. Yeah the whole record warm august definitely has a shot considering last nights euro run was on board too.
  10. Well I’ve been waiting all night for the better call Saul series finale to show up on Netflix and it looks like it’s that time finally. Watched El Camino earlier to get into the breaking bad mood. Have a good night y’all.
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