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  1. That is surprising. We had our first frost here on 10/1 with a low of 36. We had our first freeze on 10/10 that year very early for this area.
  2. Got down to 47 here this morning. Coldest low so far this fall was 44 a couple weeks ago.
  3. There’s a good chance that it could’ve happened in late September/early October 2019. There was some record setting cold that year. Bad sign for winter!
  4. 3.14” of rain so far month. Wetter than 2019 (2.84”) but behind 2021 (4.06”). Much better than 2022 (0.11”). Our wettest September is 2013 (5.95”)
  5. Looks like a strong cell is on its way. Lull in the rain now but we’ve had 0.26” so far today and 2.50” for the month. Could end the month close to 4” of rain potentially.
  6. After yesterdays deluge we’re up to 2.25” of rain this month. Should get more before the month ends too!
  7. 1.12” here yesterday alone. 1.64” storm total.
  8. 0.98” here now. Close to 1/2” fell in ~25 minutes. This should be our biggest rainfall since June 9th, 2022. (1.44”)
  9. Absolutely pouring here! Under the dark red the past few minutes
  10. It has been raining hard for awhile here. Has been a long time since it’s rained like this…don’t remember it being like this at any point last winter! Over 1.1” storm total here and it’s absolutely dumping right now.
  11. Narrow band of rain overhead is just absolutely dumping rain. 0.50” today now.
  12. I have thought about getting the tempest weather station as upgrade. I just have a standard old fashioned rain gauge that I got from my grandpa years ago. It runs pretty darn close almost to the NWS observation sites within 5-10 miles of here so I trust it well.
  13. Pretty stormy out there this evening. Raining pretty hard and windy. 0.51” yesterday and another 0.30” today so far. 1.42” for September.
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