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  1. Same my friends and family don’t appreciate the photos I like to take
  2. Just hit 80 in Tacoma…#18 this year and likely +85 #11 later this afternoon.
  3. lol 88 is probably reality…which would technically be closer to the euro.
  4. Definitely think there’s a legit shot we break the +90 record this year. SEA might get there again today.
  5. Yeah that’s 7+ days out though. Looks pretty comfortable and even interesting at times the next week.
  6. Euro also shows some light shower activity early next week too. Not a cool pattern but could be a pretty decent stretch of weather coming up after today.
  7. Looks like we’re on the western edge of it…could be a good light show even from a distance. Though I think we will probably get atleast one direct hit.
  8. 73 at home…+3 on yesterday. Only got to 85 at home yesterday. will probably be a little warmer but looking like we probably avoid 90 with this warm up…might get close though.
  9. Got down to 57 this morning after an 85/57 temp spread yesterday and 81/54 on Saturday.
  10. Right now I’m thinking I’m just gonna get rid of the car. Have had the codes read by my grandpa a couple times and nothing came up. I’m just gonna try to get it home tomorrow night hopefully without a tow and just sell it as is. Probably won’t get much out of it but not worth the money to fix it in my opinion.
  11. Well in other non politically related news (Off topic) my car decided to crap out as soon as I got into Anderson island tonight. Car isn’t broken down but I can’t go faster than 30 mph on flat roads while punching the gas and no more than like 10mph going uphill. Made it to my family’s property and I’m just gonna stay out here the next couple nights anyways…but not sure if she will make it all the way home or not
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