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  1. Yeah I’m feeling pretty good about something happening from December 20th-January 20th. Something good is coming we’ve just got to wait 2-4 weeks. Next time it won’t be so marginal if I had to guess.
  2. It was a pretty solid 8 day run…but hopefully during the next round of winter weather we can manage some sub freezing highs. This event wasn’t particularly cold or in the top tier especially considering some events we’ve had in recent years…but still pretty solid. 11/28-40/35 11/29-40/31 0.7” 11/30-41/29 1.2” 12/1-34/25 0.8” 12/2-38/24 1.2” 12/3-44/33 0.2” 12/4-39/33 1.1” 12/5-39/34
  3. Would’ve been nice to go back into potential lowland snow quickly after last week…but im fine with waiting a little longer. We’re still going to have atleast one more event this winter maybe even 2 if we’re lucky.
  4. My grandpa was I think 7 years old at the time of 1950 and there was several feet of snow everywhere. Lots of drifting too. They had a huge igloo in their yard too he says. He also remembers the Columbus Day storm very well too apparently.
  5. There’s a lot of events that I wish I’d have been alive to see. The winter of 1950, January 1969 , November 1985, February 1989 and December 1996 all sound like they were insane. My grandparents all have stories of a lot of those events.
  6. 39/34 today 0.27” of rain/snowmelt and 1.09” MTD. Our 4th sub 40 high so far this cold season. It was a very dreary drizzly day. Our snow is almost gone but not 100% yet…should be gone by morning.
  7. I was pretty worried about our roof here in 2019. Snow got as deep as 20” at the end and I was actually starting to get worried if it didn’t switch over it would’ve been bad. Can’t imagine getting 3 or more feet of snow here id be shoveling the roof.
  8. Fall lasted like 2 weeks in late October and early November then just went straight to winter basically. It’s crazy how we went from mid 80s and smoke to snow in about 6 weeks. There was even some lowland snow in early November so more like 3 weeks .
  9. February 2021. Didn’t go too far south of PDX though.
  10. 38 here after a low of 34. Probably not going to end up sub 40 but we will continue to rack up negative departures this week during our brief “warm up” before things start getting interesting again.
  11. Would’ve been nice if the willamette valley had done better last week. Even just one solid event. They got some but really this week ended up mostly north of chehalis. It’s a lot more fun when everyone atleast gets something sucks to see some people watch the forum with cold rain while others get hammered but unfortunately that’s part of our climate.
  12. Really nice euro run. Shows a bit of snow up here as well and pretty darn chilly. 850mb temps at -10C at the end and fairly chilly-cold throughout the run.
  13. Lol I’m fine with missing out on next week here. Just got 5”. I’m also far enough south here that if PDX is getting snow…we’re on the northern end of it like yesterday and getting snowfall as well. Willamette valley is due.
  14. Getting some jet suppression would be real nice.
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