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  1. Some 2016-2017 vibes this winter with the consistent cold. Much better January that year though
  2. This rainy season (October 1st-March 31st) has been pretty dry. We’re at 20.85” since October 1st. 2nd driest rainy season I’ve recorded IMBY behind 2019 (19.93”)
  3. The jobsite I worked at today had blowing dust and there’s pretty much no mud. They had to bring out water trucks to keep the dust down on the roads. I know that isn’t entirely representative of the drought situation one construction site but definitely weird to see the ground so dry in late March. We’re coming off of a very dry summer/fall. After almost getting average rainfall in November and December…January February and March have all been well below normal. We really need to catch up.
  4. 58/48 today pretty darn warm feeling. Was in enumclaw for a bit today for work and man the wind was ripping there. Has been breezy all day in Tacoma and out in fredrickson with low DPs.
  5. Seems very unlikely to get April snow but it’s happened several times in this century.
  6. Tim hasn’t had much need to flee the rain with the focus of the pattern being down South lately…weathers actually been sunny often here. he’s just giving @LowerGarfield travel tips since he/she is going to be coming over the pass that day.
  7. I was driving to work down in fredrickson this morning and the sunrise was pretty cool looking. Couldn’t get a picture since I was driving though.
  8. The phantom snow on the euro won’t likely verify…but it’s been showing well below normal temps for this time of year in the first week of April. First half of spring is going to be solidly below normal at this rate.
  9. Warmest overnight low in a long time…maybe since fall. 48 degrees but that may not stand by the time midnight rolls around.
  10. 56/30 temp spread today very nice. We’re -3.1F as of today as well…average low temp has really been bringing the average down. 34.6F is the average with 9 freezes MTD.
  11. Yeah we went from 43 to 30 very rapidly in the late afternoon…within 90 minutes IIRC and everything froze quickly. That was pretty cool how fast everything froze despite missing out on the big snow up north.
  12. Was very nice north of Everett, unfortunately for us south of there the southerlies pushed all the way up and it got into the low 40s before the arctic boundary pushed down. Places north of Seattle got a bit of snow before the transition but south of Seattle precip ran out right as it changed over. We did get ~1” of snow on the morning of the 21st though in the post frontal airmass IMBY but not everyone got something especially south of here.
  13. Yeah, that storm on 12/20 was a very close call. Could’ve been a huge snow event had the low came a bit south. Had a 2” event to start December and a handful of 1” events in December and late February but that was it. I’ll take this year every time over years like 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 though.
  14. In which year 2020 or 2021? IIRC we had some chilly lows in early April 2020…but I’d have to look at my records to be sure.
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