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  1. Warmest overnight low of the year so far this morning at 55. Cloudy and cooler so far today which is nice after yesterday’s warmth. Can’t complain too much about a warm day every now and then considering it’s been a really pleasant run recently. looks like a little rain coming for Western Washington higher terrain tomorrow then maybe a more widespread shot to finish the month out. Should be enough to push us over 2” for the month if it verifies.
  2. We’re not in terrible shape up here after the last couple months. Could be better but so far things are looking good. Looks like most of the drought conditions are prevalent on the east slopes of the cascades.
  3. Not that our humidity matches what you see on a regular basis…but at one point it was 106 with a DP of 72 here.
  4. 106 here. The most wild thing for me was it being 80+ degrees at 2am and standing outside. I remember the moon was almost full that night so it was fairly bright outside. All the birds were up and chirping…that was really weird as well as it being that warm so late at night.
  5. 85/51 today. Looks like it might be the warmest we get for a little while though.
  6. 82 here so far today. Can’t complain too much about today for sure…I like it when our hottest weather is low 80s max.
  7. Looks like it should be the warmest day of the year so far…expecting 82-84 here this afternoon.
  8. 81/51 today…just our 3rd day so far this year to hit 80.
  9. With how it’s been the last 10 years it’s pretty much expected IMO that it’ll be warmer than average in July and August…especially August. While we’ve seen some pre 2013ish stuff this May and June I just don’t buy this year being any different than recent years. Maybe a little more tame and seasonal at best.
  10. We had 10 lows below 50 here in a row…finally came to an end this morning with a low of 51. Pretty decent streak for mid June.
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