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  1. Spent the whole week working 16+ hour days with PGE, not seeing my daughter since Sunday, this is the first time I've opened up this forum and seeing what Snowmizer did for TWL made my day. You're a good person.
  2. Got another inch or so in the past hour and a half. So I'm up to about 14" on this event.
  3. Somewhere between 12-15 inches on the ground.
  4. My Siberian Husky doesn't know what to do. So. Much. Snow.
  5. I've exceeded my expectations. Now I'm just watching it snow.
  6. Closing in on 8". Last time I saw snow drift like this was Feb 2014.
  7. This is my 2 year olds first snowstorm. We did it all today. Sled, snowman, snowballs. She refused to come inside when we needed her to.
  8. 23 and nearly 6" on the ground. This system just got started.
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