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  1. Meanwhile, Lake Charles, Louisiana has picked up 12” of rain (and counting) today. At least it’s raining somewhere.
  2. The extended GEFS mean is equally nightmare-ish. How is this even possible? Has to be overdone.
  3. Major yikes..nothing but death ridges on the new EPS weeklies. Basically no below average temperatures anywhere in the lower-48. Even the PNW roasts.
  4. Yeah, dehydration hits quick. I’ve had more than my fair share of dog day dizzy spells.
  5. It does by default, because it negates the bizarre GFS solution, which would have to verify for your statement to be accurate.
  6. It’ll warm up towards Memorial Day, but should be a more muted signal compared to recent warmth. Not too far from average. In fact much of June could be “ho-hum” out there, without too many extremes in either direction. Warmest period is likely mid-June. Some of the subseasonal analogs do bring in pretty substantial troughing later in June, which makes sense assuming we continue with the MJO cycle of recent months (which would place subsidence in the WPAC around that time).
  7. 12z GFS goes cutoff crazy over the NPAC again after D7. The amount of effort it puts in to get there is awe inspiring.
  8. Highs in the 60s is just normal spring weather out there, right? Average highs in July are in the mid-70s for North Bend.
  9. They’ve been emerging steadily here this evening as well. Which is kind of surprising given it was raining and in the 50s during the second half of the day. Guesstimating at least 10-15,000 new holes popped up today in the rain (with the nymphs still inside). Adding to the 100,000+ already visible outside the woods (and likely many more in the woods). It’s gonna get wild when the death ridge takes over later in the week. They’ll probably all erupt simultaneously between Wednesday - Friday.
  10. You still can. The whole point of a boat is to spend time on the water, and you’re avoiding it because of…water?
  11. Sorry you’re feeling down, man. Weather is a brutal hobby. Fleeting blips of enjoyment in a sea of heartache.
  12. Interesting! What species do you typically see out there? I know there are a ton of western cicada species (I think there are over 80 different species in CA alone). The annual cicadas here don’t start singing until late in June. Much later than the periodical ones.
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