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  1. Yup pretty much. Media and science generally don’t get along without ulterior motives.
  2. The first half of the month could be slightly drier than average. But I suspect the second half will more than compensate for that.
  3. Not sure what changed, but anyone expecting a warmer and/or drier than average month in the PNW is going to be sorely disappointed.
  4. Won’t have to worry about any sustained warmth or ridging with this background state going as strong as it is. Minus a couple days here and there, it’s a sea of cooler than average for the foreseeable future.
  5. There are a number of inaccuracies in that article. For one, a “shutdown” of the GS (whatever that means) didn’t lead to a “15°C cooling in Europe” at the start of the Holocene. LOL. In fact the GS itself isn’t all that important for European climate..much like the PNW it’s merely the presence of the ocean upstream that moderates the climate. Further, there’s no evidence for these massive freshwater pulses that have supposedly “shut down” the Gulf Stream. There is, however, plenty of evidence (both via proxies and observationally) that significant -NAO regimes can and have crippled t
  6. Blech, the Sun is really getting strong. Car interior actually got borderline hot after 20mins in the lot today. Had to roll the windows down upon returning. F**king depressing.
  7. Nice crispy 25°F this morning. Midday sun is really intensifying though..felt downright warm today wearing dark clothes, even with a subfreezing wind chill. Car interior got uncomfortably warm as well after 20mins in the lot. It’s coming
  8. Well, geologically speaking we are in an ice age and have been for millions of years. This is an “interglacial” period where the ice sheets are relatively retracted, but it’s still an ice age.
  9. I‘ve had a few those weird “fate” like moments. Whether it’s the subconscious mind or something else, I have learned not to ignore it. Probably wouldn’t be here otherwise. Anyway, if you do move to coastal NH, you’re gonna have the most awesome weather on this forum, by far. That climate is amazing.
  10. Big time La Niña signature in tropical forcing going forward. Subsidence smack dab over the dateline..can’t get better than this if you want -PNA. Strongest March signal since 2011.
  11. The parallel GFS has mostly done away with the W-Canada ridging, coming into line with the EPS. Hopefully thats not a persistent bias w/ that model.
  12. How often does it snow in April out there? There’s potential for some super deep troughing next month.
  13. You’ll anger the snow gods and get buried in 2ft of chowder on April fools day.
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