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  1. Yes, though that is 200mb velocity potential not U-wind anomaly. But dateline subsidence is typical during La Niña (esp central/west based) and Indian Ocean MJO transits.
  2. Woah..that’s an insane amount of subsidence over the WPAC starting week-2.
  3. Those are VP200 anomalies. Red = subsidence, +VP/convergence at top of troposphere. IE: Suppressed convection.
  4. And La Niña convective pattern is returning. Subsidence developing right over the dateline. Major trade burst likely mid/late August.
  5. Well that escalated quickly. Rapid subsurface cooling ongoing.
  6. GFS and Canadian both have that ULL parked nicely over the region. If well-placed that could certainly be a precip maker.
  7. That has literally never happened. Have plenty of video as usual.
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