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  1. This zonal s**tfest should end during the last 10 days of November. Until then..not even a remote chance of anything interesting.
  2. You’re all talking about it. Seems I’m the one being chastised for sharing my viewpoint. If there’s a statistically-significant relationship that can quantitatively deciphered in isolation across time spectra, I’d love to know. I’ve peeled my brains out looking for predictive, precursory tendencies during seasonal transitions. Most of them are statistical flukes arising via red noise.
  3. The sample size is too small to draw conclusions like that. Seasonal transitions are insanely complicated. There isn’t any statistically meaningful correlation between regionally-manifesting subseasonal variability during the middle of autumn and that of the following winter.
  4. So that makes it a less impressive airmass? 2019 looks colder on NCEP/NCAR reanalysis.
  5. It’s not a bad sign or a good sign because it’s not indicative of anything linearly-relevant to the pattern progression over the next 4 months.
  6. You’d sort of expect the GEM to struggle with a WHEM MJO transit, though.
  7. Should’ve specified. It’s their first 2-1 lead in the series since 1988.
  8. Andrew loves zonal flow. I think he’d prefer a 2007/08 outcome over a 1988/89 outcome.
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