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  1. 12 to 16 feet storm surge now being forecasted around Charlotte Harbor, from Englewood to Bonita Beach.
  2. Yeah, it's going to try and make a run at Cat 5 but might just run out of time before landfall. Either way, very bad news for Florida.
  3. We will have more chatter about Ian here the next couple of days as it makes its way through Florida. The 00z EURO is still showing strong gust well inland and heavy rainfall for the Florida peninsula. Along with hurricane force winds and storm surge, freshwater flooding will also be an issue. Praying for the people of Florida.
  4. 00z EURO looks better for PDX Metro. Over an inch of rain in some areas of the Willamette Valley.
  5. Tampa Bay folks need to breathe a sign of relief they won't get a direct hit from Ian. They will still see some storm damage though.
  6. New NHC track also shifted east again. Landfall as a category 4 just north of Charlotte Harbor.
  7. Latest NHC track has it making landfall around Bradenton Beach as a category 3 and tracking right through Tampa Bay. Not good news at all.
  8. Some distance then from the bay then which is good at least. The 00z EURO is showing Ian making landfall between Venice and Sarasota just before sunset on Wednesday.
  9. Quite a shift east from the 12z EPS. A lot of members now take Ian across the Florida peninsula. Hopefully we can get some solid model agreement on the 00z runs tonight so we can shrink down the cone.
  10. The strongest winds and heaviest rainfall stay offshore. But way too close for comfort right now for Tampa Bay.
  11. And just a little more than 2 months away! ❄ Hopefully the first sign of the longer range models picking up on Alaskan blocking for early winter.
  12. Prince Edward Island has never seen anything like this before. Once in a century storm for this region.
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