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  1. 00z UKMET not looking bad either. Everybody should do good, especially if you live closer to the Coast and any foothills.
  2. As they always say, you don't want to be in the bullseye this far out.
  3. I'll take that. I'll be happy with at least 1 inch but hoping to get 2"+.
  4. Wow, that's some good rainfall. 00z UKMET is also showing 3"-4"+ in some areas along the I-5 corridor in WA.
  5. Nice regional soaking. 12z UKMET rainfall amounts through Sunday 5am.
  6. My condolences Mr. Snowmizer. I hope they can figure out if the vaccine caused it or not. I have a very strong personal opinion about vaccines and this whole pandemic. I'm praying for you and your family.
  7. 00z GFS total rainfall through hour 342. Yeah it sure looks that way. Dry in WA/OR for the most part.
  8. All of New Orleans and Orleans Parish lost power. Just saw Entergy transmission tower which supplies all power to Orleans parish collapsed into the river.
  9. Not good for New Orleans. Sam Lillo @splillo Also the more that Ida slows its forward movement now, the more east it stays, and the more the outer eyewall is going to target New Orleans later today.
  10. Sam Lillo @splillo In addition to Ida maintaining category 4 intensity over land, the hurricane has also slowed its forward speed (as forecast). This just means the same areas getting hit hard for longer, and also Ida being able to continue to survive over the marshland. All threats apply here Sam Lillo Retweeted Dan Lindsey I count 4 mesovortices rotating around the outer portion of #Ida's eye, evident in the low cloud field. And the eye is now *completely over land*! I don't think I've seen this before with a storm over land. #GOES16 Sam Lillo Retweeted Andrew Freedman Never seen storm structure like this over land. The low-lying, water-laden features in southeast Louisiana is helping Ida maintain or even increase its organization. Crazy.
  11. Same here, wind storms always facisnate me. It's the first thing that got me hooked onto following weather. I've always said I want to experience another Columbus Day Storm. As crazy as that sounds.
  12. Ida just made official landfall. NWS Jackson MS @NWSJacksonMS 11:55 AM: Hurricane Ida has made landfall near Port Fourchon, Louisiana as a Category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 150 MPH and a minimum central pressure of 930 MB.
  13. Not a good sign. Mike Clay @Mike_Clay . @MargaretOrr on WDSU just said the Mississippi is flowing backwards now in NOLA as the surge moves up the river. #Ida
  14. Going to be a long day and night. Jack Sillin @JackSillin The outer eyewall is much larger than the inner eyewall, so it is much more likely to impact #NOLA with damaging winds this afternoon/evening. Houma, Lerose, Chackbay, and Morgan City are next in line for damaging winds over the coming few hours. Then to Baton Rouge this eve. Recon sneaking a few last passes in before landfall. Ida's pressure remains steady around 930mb even as the max inner eyewall winds come down a touch. This tells us the storm isn't losing energy, it's just moving it farther from the center.
  15. Praying for all those that weren't able to evacuate in time and to all the first responders and storm chasers. May God Bless them all.
  16. Exactly 16 years ago to the date Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Louisiana. Never would have I thought we would see another Katrina but this might be it. I can't believe what I'm seeing right now, I'm speechless.
  17. Not good. Jack Sillin @JackSillin The development of a larger secondary eyewall in Ida is unfortunate for Louisiana. It may mean *max* winds won't be as strong, but it will expand the bullseye of 75-100+ mph winds that was supposed to be rather confined to right near the center's track.
  18. This is incredible. Sam Lillo @splillo ยท 30m Update for the official best track data: Ida deepened from 985mb to 929mb (a drop of 56mb) in 24 hours. Only 9 hurricanes on record in the Atlantic have done this. Ida is far and away the furthest north. Also the only one hours away from a US landfall.
  19. Ida is starting to make its turn north now. Praying for all the people in Southeast Louisiana right now. I'm hoping all of them are able to evacuate in time. May God bless them all.
  20. Going to be a category 5 at landfall. Hoping it tracks more towards the west of its cone to spare New Orleans but there will be great damage nonetheless.
  21. Now we just need a January 1950 to even things out!
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