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  1. Bellevue, Kent, Redmond etc... we can dispatch on almost everything without question.
  2. The security company I work for can't dispatch on burg alarms in the Seattle area due to strict regulations due to short staffing at the PDs and other agencies, so if a business or residential property has multiple alarm trips, unless it is verified or has a permit #, no dispatch, on very rare occasion they will go depending on the property and if it is considered a high alert situation. Which means, loss of property or worse in many cases. It is sad for us, cuz we can't really help our customers. Thank goodness the FD will still go for fire emergencies and medical, but it is ridiculous.
  3. Ummm, ok. It isn't just narrowed down to just you and Phil fyi overall, but to be honest, you have been driving the narrative lately about how wet it has been and trying really hard to make it seem like it is no big deal to you but if others are really being honest with themselves, they see what I see, unfortunately there is noone that will tamper anything now, although someone should. So keep pretending you are really not bothered, yet you really are. I really want to enjoy this forum year round, but reasons on this forum make it impossible. Peace.
  4. So much passive aggressive complaining on here pretending like "it is what it is, I have accepted it, it can't last forever" but only after saying 'more days have had rain than not" over and over and over again, we get it, no need to repeat it over and over and over again, "some" are annoyed by the current regime, get over it ffs.
  5. Facts don't matter in some people's heads Tim, how dare you!!
  6. And you are kind of sus to automatically feel like someone is talking about what you said, just strange. I don't post much anymore obviously mostly due to work schedule, just get the vibe of the convo and reply accordingly.
  7. Nothing was directed at anyone in particular, was just expressing myself in a professional and courteous manner, no need for explanation.
  8. IMO, today did not feel humid, again that is just my opinion and others are free to have a differing opinion other than mine, it is ok, be yourself.
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