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  1. Already down to 50 here, onshore flow doing its thang!! Feels like it could be more of a mariner layer type summer here, been a few years since we had most days only have a couple hours of peak heating during the summer, lots to love and loathe with that pattern.
  2. So... did you hand mold the tofu into that shape or can you buy it that way now?
  3. Tim paid extra to his help so one of them would wear sandals and look down for the pic to pass it off as legit.
  4. What a nice day, 78 for a high here and looks like KHQM hit at least 73, 4 degrees above forecast high. Still 73 here, had fun golfing tonight!!
  5. You and Phil are the only ones that do that though, definitely not a prestigious club to belong to.
  6. I am kind of the same, but I do like some seafood. And, canned green beans is the way to go with butter and Mrs. Dash!!
  7. You just haven't had them cooked the right way yet, gonna be at least 2 years at this point for me to prove it though!!
  8. Don't get me wrong, I think it is totally awesome for them, but when I open my BBQ joint I guess you will have to visit by yourself, lol. Although, there would be a couple sides that could work for them!!
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