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  1. Funny story, I worked for DirecTV first, we got bought out by AT&T, after I left AT&T they sold DirecTV back to DirecTV LOL, no joke and things have been weird since, my brother in law still works for DirecTV and workload/customers at least locally are dwindling.
  2. Same here. We don't even have anything that has any of the major networks live.
  3. I know it seems like the carrier is pointing blame, but it is truthful blame. The networks want more and more every new contract and believe it or not most carriers do try to get things at the best price, not always for the consumer but at least they try.
  4. I mean they are allegedly taking classes but I doubt many are getting an "education".
  5. Any time there is a contract dispute it is due to the network not the carrier, learned that after 10 years working for DirecTV and AT&T.
  6. It has passed through the area now, but what a beautiful storm, top 3 in my lifetime out this way for sure!!
  7. Between pea and marble sized hail coming down at times, this is insane. Opened the door to look outside and the thunder ripped and a lightning bolt came down just to our north in the hills, what a treat!!
  8. Best thunderstorm in many many years going on here, wow!!
  9. Big time thunder and lighting overhead now, heavy hail coming down!!
  10. We got thunder sounding and lightning flashing just to our west right now!!
  11. So you have gone from the Huskies getting blowing out to a high scoring close game..... make up your mind man lol
  12. wow they gave them the FD, figure they would spot it a yard back lol
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