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  1. Agreed, I am ready for some neutral or el nino patterns that will produce a climo setup at least. As much as I love snow I am starting to despise cold spells in late spring more. 2020 had an average high of 70.8 with 14 days above 70 in May plus only 0.12in of rain, so here is hoping for 2023!
  2. Probably more ***t weather, troughing and below average temps. Then 2 months of summer, and then the rain and clouds return.
  3. Clown range GFS has it's red shoes and nose on, cute.
  4. That is some rough shadowing for the PS but at least there is some moisture around.
  5. This is the most frozen precip N.Seattle has seen since December. Which isn't saying much.
  6. I was bummed I missed the dunk contest, sounds like that was a blessing is disguise though.
  7. Let her have them. Is there really any other option?
  8. Yea, the 2nd half of winter is on life support. Those of us living near the Puget Sound or the valley floor are not going to get 5" of snow in March or early April.
  9. When is the last time the Puget Sound had decent snow in March though, I don't even remember. I am talking 2+ inches and temps at 32 or below.
  10. Devastating trendz. The same thing also happened last February if I remember correctly and that turned out okay.
  11. Thank the lord, Seattle has had so much rain and gray I am ready for a nice break.
  12. The precip really fell apart as it reached Seattle, the sun is actually out, at least momentarily.
  13. If it was 60s and sunny I would also love it. But 50 degrees and dumping rain is gross.
  14. It was great seeing the sun today, mid 40's and blue skies, even though it was short lived and the rain storms back tomorrow. I am not sure if the 8" of snow is worth the trade off for all the clouds and rain in Seattle. I have lived my entire 38 years in this city and I feel like I need a change soon. I could handle the gloom if I were in a more rural setting. The spring and summers are so nice it is just enough to make me say, "it isn't so bad, I can handle this." Then winter comes.
  15. That and also snowfall totals south of Everett.
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