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  1. Same here. Yesterday was a nice appetizer, now I want more sun and warmth.
  2. It is 47 and sunny, a great day to get out and enjoy the weather before the lows start rolling in again
  3. 34 degrees in North Seattle with light precip, it is going to be a slushy mess walking to the bus tomorrow morning for work.
  4. So how soon until DJ Droppin is back posting anomaly maps? We need more snow. C'MON!
  5. If this storm had a bit more moisture with it I think the snow could have lasted longer, the dew points are still decent in many areas.
  6. What is the best site for showing current dew points and wind directions within the state. Preferably a site with a nice number of readings. The few I found are rather lacking.
  7. This feels like more snow than the highest snow depth we had in 2019 at any one point.
  8. Nice band of moderate snow moving towards Olympia.
  9. This is definitely more of the 'usual' Seattle snowfall, 32 degrees and 1-3 inches before a switch over to rain.
  10. I wonder how long the 06 Euro showed it lasting for.
  11. No one posted the 06 EMCWF? GFS is still saying maybe 1.5 inches at KSEA. It is looking pretty sloppy, hanging in at 32 degrees right now.
  12. ICON is close sadly GFS is looking worse so far.
  13. Absolutely not! You have had enough and that would put me in the gray. An expansion north I would allow though.
  14. Stuck at 200th king/sno boarder for an hour waiting on the bus, snowing hard the whole time.
  15. What timeframe does the snow fall on Sunday into Monday?
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