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  1. Oh man, I'm so hyped! I really want a good rainstorm.
  2. RGEM hinted at the potential for some embedded convection. Differential flow aloft is doing some interesting things.
  3. Parts of the central and northern Sound may get an inch...
  4. That's all that matters to me. Get the 75F+ heat out until July, and bring on the faucet. My lawn needs a drink and some shade.
  5. Samesies. Booked it east on I90 across the Gorge, then hooked south to Othello and eventually to Kennewick. Got smacked by severe criteria outflow and ended up in a polygon of my own!
  6. That last point would suggest a 100F heatwave mid month followed by several days on either side of 80F, interspersed with marine layer days. Pretty excessive, even for June. Would be hot for July actually.
  7. Phil's insistent proclivity to brandish such an excessively verbose diction just warms my iddy biddy widdle heart
  8. I'm pretty sure thesaurus.com is probably his #2 most visited website..
  9. Whether it be the grass, the trees, or Tim, it seems that this early onset Summer is giving everyone a reason to jizz everywhere
  10. Sometimes they trip the same wires in my head for a moment and I get super excited. Blue Angel season is a biiiiiitch haha
  11. Its really nice when May and June aren't sunny and hot given the days are so long. Just feels wrong... like we are missing out on soft white skies and wet morning grass lit by a 4am dawn. I would gladly take more clouds in May and September!
  12. What a weird climate. Peak heating in May and then again during the turn to October. And the marine layer is so reliable that native trees over thousands of years have learned to adapt.
  13. Friday night looks good for some more PSCZ drizzle. Seems to be the best way to get precip after April 15th now.
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