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  1. -7.6°F at KSEA barring a midnight drop below 46°F.
  2. The year we see a summer like that again (we will, with time), there will be a mass regional exidus.
  3. High of 57°F today at KSEA. Kind of an underperformance and fairly in line with what the Euro was going for yesterday.
  4. It has its own charm. The desert is a nice change of pace. But maybe I’m just biased bc all I ever see all day are evergreens.
  5. …And those are 1991-20 anomalies. Anomalies from climo that includes 2015 itself, alongside other torrid 2010s summers. In reality add something like 1-3°F and you’ll get a more realistic representation of how far from climo those summers strayed.
  6. 42 years ago today, the Cascades were doing some trolling…
  7. The few times I’ve been to Bend were all riddled with horribly dense smoke lol
  8. In terms of warm season windstorms, nothing surpasses 8/29/15! Yes, the summer of 2015, of all seasons.
  9. On the way to class this morning there was windswept drizzle and visible sheets of it coming down. Now one of the most beautiful May days we get around here, sunny and damp and extremely luminous. Bipolar weather is back after a couple days of May normalcy!
  10. In terms of consistent wetness I have never seen a May this damp, there are no true analogs. It should also come as no surprise that KSEA is running colder than May 2011 through the 17th… And we’re about to gain even more ground as troughing is ensuing on the exact dates ridging was popping up in 2011. Everything is damp and alive and wildfires aren’t even close to the forefront of my mind. It’s a nice change of pace.
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