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  1. Man this fell apart fast. Oh well. Onto mid Phebruary.
  2. Andrew would be immobilized by the fantasy range 00z GFS.
  3. I have heard far more lamenting from Oregon posters about us Sounders than actual complaints about missing out on snow.
  4. Speaking honestly, the Tacoma-Seattle area did not get hit too hard. We did get a couple nights with some wet slop, but nothing sticking around for more than 12 hours. Lynwood north and south of Tacoma each had their own decent snow event. Still grateful for what I got, and honestly I don't care if I get any snow this round. The cold is the main story and I'm happy to follow that.
  5. That trend to push the block south delays its eventual escape to the Arctic. Verbatim should add potential to the long range should it continue.
  6. KPDX is going to overperform me thinks. Rare situation where that Arctic trough COMES hard and south, leaving KPDX dry and cold and likely with a skiff of snow on the ground. Not going to be much of a north-favored event unless the Arctic front overperforms in the Sound. KSEA will eke out some measurable wintry mix Saturday evening with the sfc front coming out of the east. Happened last February, too. I would watch for some cvn-enhanced precip and maybe an early changeover over the Portland metro area during the front as moisture will be more plentiful in the Willamette Valley during that time. Just better timing overall down south. That Arctic front will push south too so @TigerWoodsLibido will get to see his first true Arctic front in a while, with precip and all, no matter the type. And maybe he'll notch another subfreezing high on the season Monday.
  7. SEA: 1/28 - 41/34; 0.3" 1/29 - 37/29; 0.0" 1/30 - 34/23; 0.0" 1/31 - 36/25; 1.2" PDX: 1/28 - 46/35; 0.6" 1/29 - 35/25; 0.2" 1/30 - 29/18; 0.0" 1/31 - 36/23; 0.0"
  8. I'm not sure you can get an anal log that is much chillier than that.
  9. Saw that too! And they're currently in the middle of an impressive cold snap, building up a noice negative temp departure for Jan. With the huge snowpack and continued NW flow, they'll remain chilly for a while longer.
  10. I think you and I both know we will all roast and there is just about nothing we can do about it. Who knows though. Summer 2022 marked the tenth summer of the 2013-22 hot stretch. Maybe we'll call it an even ten and be done with it. But after last summer, with how irredeemably hot it became despite the intense -ENSO and cold Spring preceding it, I have doubts it's possible anymore.
  11. The implications of a weaker 4CH could mean some SAD TEARS this summer from some, though they might get lost in sheets of rain
  12. It doesn't even deserve to be dignified with a response. Such a garbage post. Beneath than the lint in my dryer. About as valuable as an invasive species of tick.
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