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  1. That is so awesome. I oughta book a flight to Cheyenne and rent out an air B&B one of these days for when the next generational blizzard hits.
  2. This kind of anomalous April weather fifty years ago would have been met with awe (and probably drool). Today, it just feels inevitable, like "oh yeah, that makes sense."
  3. Hobo spiders/giant house spiders (same arachnid family) are really interesting. They're originally from north/central Europe and while they occasionally reach goliath proportions, their bites are no worse than a pissed off wasp. They immigrated into the region via cargo ships into the port cities of Seattle and Tacoma in the late 19th century.
  4. Absolutely. And with that expanded hadley cell, ATE was much higher down your way all winter, even in February and March. Really a deadlock for an earlier boreal spring.
  5. I must say it was nice to have the leaves come in so late this year due to abnormally cool weather; a solid change of pace from the last decade. But now that they're coming out, it's starting to look really beautiful. Bring on the altocumulus castellanus clouds and cool, breezy early morning marine stratus decks... Summer is upon us...
  6. Hoping it rains down there soon. Not looking forward to August/September for y'all.
  7. Should snap back with appreciable rainfall after the next 7-10 days, but the drought situation pretty much everywhere south of Portland is worsening. Hoping that May is a significantly wetter month than April has been so far.
  8. Tuesday could be a great cloudwatching day. Modest diurnal instability associated with moisture advecting along with an upper level low from the west. Should be a pleasant day with highs in the 60s and lots of bubbly cumulus clouds, and perhaps even a strike of lightning or two, especially near the mountains. Occasionally during these setups, local seabreezes can enhance cumulus development over the city and create some incredible skyscapes.
  9. A wet week in early summer, especially if followed by anomalous dryness, would be incredibly bad. Resultant plant growth could act as a tinderbox. The only way to prevent a bad fire season would be for consistent precipitation throughout the entire summer. And with how August and September are looking to pan out, that's appearing increasingly unlikely.
  10. I'll take the under, but with that widening Hadley cell, who knows.
  11. It's pretty crazy to me that a location as meridionally moderated as western Washington has a week-long overlap between the earliest 90F reading and the latest recorded snowfall. More reminiscent of the eastern US.
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