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  1. Today will be two minutes and thirty seven seconds SHORTER than yesterday!
  2. Today will be two minutes and thirty five seconds SHORTER than yesterday!
  3. Could be some thunder and light rain out of these. Instability is modest.
  4. Will be in Spokane to Coeur d’Alene on Fri-Sun, and driving home Monday. Hoping for a nice lightning show while I’m there.
  5. Today will be two minutes and thirty three seconds SHORTER than yesterday!
  6. Remember when triple digits were a 1-in-5 year thing for the Willamette Valley and a 1-in-30 year thing for the Puget Sound? I *vaguely* do
  7. Today will be two minutes and thirty seconds SHORTER than yesterday!
  8. Ensemble support on this, too. This monsoonal moisture advection is the exact scenario we were hoping for all summer.
  9. 18z GFS is a thunderfest, and not the dry kind. Cool too. Would be a great (albeit unlikely) outcome.
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