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  1. Chilly day!! Only up to 64 so far with occasional sprinkles.
  2. 87/54 on the day. Currently 77 and breezy. Summer is over after today!
  3. What a perfect day today has been! All the rain in the forecast I might have to take the new boat over to Eastern Washington for a few days!
  4. 87/56 on the day. Currently 61. Was 101 at my old house 12yrs ago today!
  5. It was a little toasty 12yrs ago! Anyway it’s down to a chilly 60 here now.
  6. 85/51 on the day. Currently 74 but the breeze is making it a little chilly while eating dinner on the deck.
  7. Rain showers in the Tri Cities? A FB friend that lives in that area posted about some liquid falling from the sky.
  8. Almost leaf blowing season! Summer is winding down. Go Hawks!
  9. Breezy! Another wonderful day! 81/54 on the day. Down to 71 currently.
  10. It was a lovely morning for a walk at the lake! 75/53 on the day. Currently 56.
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