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  1. My original plan was to enjoy a lovely day at the lake for my day off…That changed when I decided to put the Starlink up, took way longer than I had anticipated but still snuck over to the lake around 4pm for a few hours. Was lovely! Oh and I moved from 1997 internet to 2022 internet! Wow it’s fast!!
  2. I began riding one when I was about 6yrs old. My uncle had two Kawasaki stand ups from the late 1970’s that I rode (back when nobody cared about boating laws and the lakes were a free for all lol) Now I really enjoy my sit down comfy rides!
  3. After over a year on the wait list it finally came today! In other news…80/53 on the day, currently 61.
  4. So I should wait a little longer to pull the water toys out of the lake? Was going to do that on Tuesday after enjoying an afternoon on the water tomorrow…But perhaps I will wait another week…Or three!
  5. Geno just needs some of that late game magic, otherwise played WAY better than Wilson. Don’t know about the defense…That was rough.
  6. Me too, and I will be again some day when he retires. But until then he is the enemy!!!
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