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  1. Oh gawd…I’m drooling… Those are super nice boats!
  2. The winter (well late November 1992) I got my license! 1975 ElCamino that was horrific in the snow!
  3. I would like to go boating at some point and not freeze. That is my preference.
  4. My biggest fear! I always do a double check of the entire house before I leave to make sure everything is out of paws reach. That only increased after Matt mentioned that a while back. I’m a bit of a helicopter dog parent. They have no excuses to get into our food when I spend plenty of money shipping hairy ears and tracheas (along with other yummys) to the house each month, lol!
  5. Yeah I’m enjoying it! Not like we have some major weather event coming up or anything.
  6. I can picture Fred now, lounging out on his deck or balcony with his feet up, sipping a martini, and laughing out loud knowing he has other people to deal with the forum fun now! Oh and I like sun and warmth in the summer and cold and snow in the winter…in case anyone was still unsure.
  7. Wow over 100 new posts since the last time I checked in just a bit ago! Is there an arctic blast coming this weekend?
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