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  1. I work for a nonprofit animal rescue/adoption organization, we transfer in healthy adoptable dogs and cats from overcrowded open intake shelters across the state and country, fully vet them including spaying/neutering and then they go up for adoption. I my job is organizing all of the ground and air transfers including going on location (with the in state transfers) to transport them.
  2. It was very fitting that the work van hit 100k miles exactly at the summit of Snoqualmie Pass today. I don’t even know how many hundreds of times I have gone over the pass over the last 6yrs transporting thousands of animals with that van...In every weather condition there is! My volunteer assistant riding with me today took this pic when I was at 99,999miles! Super nice morning! Too bad it went downhill so quickly. Raining and 44 currently, .14” so far on the day.
  3. He bought the property in 1989 when there were just a few houses there and just mostly sagebrush. He would park his camper on the lot each summer until he built the house in the early 2000’s. There was a large orchard behind him back then but it’s no longer active. Now it’s wall to wall houses in that “development”
  4. When I went over to my uncles summer place at Lake Entiat last August for my couple day solocation to recharge my batteries, that was one of my activities while soaking in the warm sun on the deck...So much skyline there I could watch the jet traffic and then look up where they were going. So fun and quite relaxing!!
  5. The wildlife is alive and well now! The Coyotes were yipping close to the house, then the owl would hoot in between the yipping, and the frogs are in full force this evening! Oh and the deer were scoping out the front landscaping this morning to see what would taste good. Currently 38 degrees. .03” on the day.
  6. I don’t think I could...The memories with that thing is priceless.
  7. Awesome!!! I still have our original game console from 1979 I think it was...I should find the box it’s in and fire it up!! My favorite game was Showdown 2100 AD! Two stick figures wearing cowboy hats trying to take each other out!!
  8. Yep I think accumulating snow other than a slushy half inch or so is done until the 3rd week of November.
  9. Well the 18z took away all of my snow. Time to start thinking about yard work and boating!
  10. Since everyone else quit looking at them after the February snow! It took away the Seattle snow at hr 170 but it definitely looks better for my area by hr 200 or so!
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