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  1. My Christmas lights are hot off the Amazon Sprinter van...Winter is saved! Going up now!
  2. I was and still am...fully onboard! I’m heading to Brennan’s illegal cabin in the woods shortly to enjoy the Siberian Express February 1989 style! Currently 50 degrees and partly cloudy. Lovely day!
  3. It should not contain demons since we are nearly in December. Demons only appear from The Fog from October 1st thru October 31st.
  4. My friend and my 12yr old self rode our bikes across Lake Goodwin during that event (without the parents knowledge of course) it was rock solid!
  5. That event was amazing!! Several sun freezing highs, about 18” of snow, loved that one!!
  6. A lovely day up at Samish Bay! And a little snow up in the hills.
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