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  1. I believe these recent SSW events created this…So I’m onboard!
  2. Also I have not been very impressed with the Chiefs this year.
  3. It’s back up! And it still looks like winter there!
  4. Where we live we only have satellite options for internet and tv. We have Starlink for internet now, we used to have HughsNet and that was dial up equivalent and downright awful...But reliable. Starlink is much faster but the reliability has been suspect, just like with Elon’s vehicles. We are on our 4th cord (in a span of 4 months, knock on wood this latest cord has lasted 10 months now) that runs from the dish to the router…The cords are garbage and a widespread issue. We are able to stream with Starlink but with so many trees on our property we do have obstructions which slows things a bit which causes occasional buffering/grainy video when I stream Thursday night football on Amazon. If we had the option of fast internet that runs to the house I would dump directv in an instant and stream everything, but that’s not quite an option yet. First world problems, but it is what it is lol.
  5. Well…Its officially coming now! Bring on the Polar Vortex, Polar Express, Arctic Express, Panda Express….Whatever we are calling it this year!
  6. Yeah I cannot stand this petty blackout crap due to contract disputes. Should be illegal. Last time this happened I could watch it on the Spanish channel but apparently that is not available either this time.
  7. The next two weeks are going to be a Seahawks blood bath.
  8. The Steelers are the only game the Seahawks have a chance of winning the rest of the season.
  9. It’s a down year because Oregon lost to Washington…Twice.
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