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  1. In other news, it’s already down to 47 degrees! But we still ate outside.
  2. Same here, have had off and on sprinkles as well.
  3. Apparently we had one yesterday start as well down here, that area got a pretty good shot of rain overnight though so hopefully that took care of it.
  4. .34” so far since last evening. 2.08” for the month. Currently 40 degrees and mostly cloudy.
  5. Moderate rain and 44 degrees after a high of 73.
  6. Looks like we have a February/March 2019 on our hands!
  7. Just finished putting all of my yard tools and patio furniture away. Waiting for the first drops to fall! Just like waiting for the first flakes to fly on the morning of 2/3/19!
  8. 70’s and full sun! If I didn’t know via this forum and weather predictions that it was coming shortly, I would have no idea that it was coming shortly!
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