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  1. 63/41 on the day. Hard to believe it snowed just a few days ago and will probably snow again in a few days.
  2. Was 62 when I was at home a bit ago for lunch. I went out and sprayed some weeds (with the vinegar concoction) as well while I was there.
  3. Looks like a similar amount for my area as last Saturday!
  4. 4.97” though the gauge for the month, 14.93” for the year.
  5. Mild morning compared to the last several. Currently 44 degrees and sunny.
  6. Seems like when it comes to Baseball the National media really thinks Seattle is irrelevant and is up in Alaska somewhere and they don’t count. It’s quite odd.
  7. It’s crazy to think of I lived 10-20 miles south of where I am that I would be grading this winter a C- instead of my A- grade!
  8. Just needs to trend north by about 5 or 10 miles and I will get my 6 months straight of measurable snowfall!
  9. Temp continues to drop…The dry arctic front must be here! Down to 30.9
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