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  1. It’s a joke. You gotta lighten up, it is still technically the weekend after all.
  2. I am not going to specify who, but someone in this group feels Tri Cities should be a bucket list destination.
  3. Someone who once went there said something someone said is racist once.
  4. This fella parked next to me yesterday.
  5. That seems unlikely. Unfortunately college football has always been an incredibly subjective. It's why Miami and UW both claim the 1991-92 title and BYU claims a national championship. It's gotten better, but as long as there is subjective criteria we will always have controversy.
  6. Makes sense it would dry out for at least a time here in a couple of weeks. Pretty much every model gives us 10-15" of additional rain within the next 10-14 days, which would put us in the 15-20" range on the month. December 1964 is the big dog for this month with about 25" and December 2015 had a little over 22". So at face value we could potentially be closing in on the top 5 by mid-month. There are generally upward limits on these things.
  7. It would have been a lot easier if they had lost last night. I don't think they could beat Texas, Michigan, or UW with their QB situation, but they have a good enough defense to at least hang around. It will be interesting to see how they fare in the bowl game against Georgia. Though Georgia may experience a let down, one would think FSU will have plenty of motivation.
  8. In your opinion do we have a shot at keeping the firehose going deep into the month? If we aren't going to get cold I would love to rack up the rainfall numbers.
  9. I'm good with waiting until January for the goods to be delivered. I want to see an epic January ONCE in my life.
  10. It makes sense. I can't name a specific example, but I feel like we've gotten close to this kind of scenario before, but the team in question has typically lost their final game making it a moot point.
  11. Not really. It bothered me for about 12 hours. I AM actually interested in substantive conversation, I just made a pretty extensive post about what was likely the greatest Pac-10 season of the past 30 years, which you have no interest in because there is nothing you can troll in it. I get it, we both kind of play characters on here, but we can also have real discussions. As I said, I usually go weeks without checking this thread. I've been in here all weekend, might as well comment about the games as they are happening.
  12. Interesting. I will try to find my source that said it was a Nino. Or I saw 1930-31...
  13. Just took the dog out and it is STILL raining pretty good.
  14. Not really sure how commenting on a 49ers vs. Eagles game has anything to do with the Seahawks? LOL
  15. 1.42" so far today at EUG. Record is 3.14" from 1987.
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