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  1. I think the one melting down is the one who just dismissed an entire country!
  2. Hahahaha I can’t believe this wait!!! Wait!!! You don’t check the GEM?! Gotcha!!!
  3. Yet you obsessively post the EPS. Bahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhaaahahahhahahahahahhahhahahahahahaa
  4. I have one of those trees. Not sure if they are native this high up or if it was transplanted here.
  5. Just like the March goodies on the GFS. He ll be back for our annual winter killing cold snap in October.
  6. Yeah. April 2011 and 2008 are the two coldest on record up here I think. Just checked out March 2008. It was really cold, a monthly mean of 37.7, the 3rd coldest on record behind 1951, 2012. Been a pretty good run in March up here. in the 2008-2020 period only March 2013-15 have been above average.
  7. I have kind of given up on that idea, though I would take it if it came our way. We had a big event around the 24th back in 2018. One of my favorite late season troughs was in early April 2012. Not a huge snow, about 3", but a high in the mid-30s on the 4th.
  8. GFS still messing around with the idea of an impressive trough late next week.
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