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  1. @TT-SEA do you believe the powers that be in the media, The federal government, and the White House would allow Trump to assume the presidency again under any circumstances?
  2. Hunter might steal the guns… He did commit gun crimes.
  3. Rachel Maddow still thinks Fauci is a hero and we need need to support Ukraine at all costs. She’s a monster.
  4. Honestly I was pretty stunned to see these swing state polls today. Trump's position of strength in Minnesota was especially shocking. Never Trumpers like Paul Ryan and even some of our own here will never understand the F you appeal Trump has with regular Americans. While I am heartened by these high quality Emerson polls today, I understand the mountain Trump has to climb. The Establishment Elite will never allow him to win if it is within their power. The only way he beat Hillary was because they did not take him seriously enough. We know they will attempt to assassinate him if everything else fails. They want us to be their slaves and anything, such as Trump, which threatens this dynamic will be met with hysteria (See Rachel Maddow, Lawrence ODonell, Paul Ryan).
  5. So you also don’t believe the democrats that Trump is going to end democracy and put Rachel Maddow in a prison camp? Because I hope to god they are right.
  6. I brought that poll up last night. It does appear democratic lawfare may have given Biden a 1-3% boost around the margins. Still doesn’t change how tough these swing state polls were. Look, Trump is definitely going to have an uphill fight that will not be fair. The election has already been compromised and we have to understand the democrats are not just going to sit back and allow Trump to win. I don’t see a scenario in which democrats will allow Trump to assume office if they have the ability to obstruct. The next hammer to fall is the corrupt judge sentencing Trump to prison in July.
  7. Wow, absolutely brutal round of polling for our derelict President from The Hill/Emerson. Biden trails Trump in every swing state and Minnesota.
  8. Guess thousands of blessed pilgrims have died from the heat in Mecca this Hajj season.
  9. LOL. My views are pretty moderate for this area.
  10. It's funny no mention of the 10 year PACT the US just inked with Ukraine. Obviously this is Vlad trolling us in response. https://apnews.com/article/vladimir-putin-kim-jong-un-russia-north-korea-summit-ukraine-a6b8d2c12de7ee2ab6716d4747c9850e
  11. This is the caliber bullet I was hit with. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/.22_Long_Rifle
  12. It’s actually not a very interesting story. I was sitting on my deck and got hit by a stray bullet from someone target shooting in the woods. It was definitely shot from a long distance because it caused a pretty superficial wound. I didn’t even need medical treatment. But it was super weird, I ll never forget it. It took me a few seconds to realize what had happened. The impact was pretty significant I can’t imagine what it would be like to be shot at close range. Also, I am pretty sure I know who it was, but I have never confronted them about it.
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