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  1. If I moved to Central Oregon it would probably be LaPine. North of Bend is just too deserty for me. But my wife grew up in K-Falls, so she's not a big fan of the high desert.
  2. Starting to clear out a little here in Salem.
  3. Any degree or two of warming humans cause is meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Fewer people die because of climate now than ever before.
  4. Well someday when we compare it to the 2011-2040 averages it will look cool!
  5. Here at least, precip was pretty much average in October 1949. Most of the precip that month fell between the 5-11th. That must have been a pretty cold trough because we had sub-40 highs with it.
  6. Up here it's tough to beat how consistently cold 1948-49 was.
  7. We are running a lot warmer than this... but coldest year since 2012 is definitely still on the table.
  8. It’s so much colder and they don’t allow jetskis.
  9. People in my REAL LIFE are more worried about the failure of the current administration, homelessness, crime, inflation, and runaway fuel costs.
  10. Looks like we will end June with an average max/min of 67.9/48.5. Overall a +1.7F departure. 8.02" of precip.
  11. Some 4th of July stats for SLE. Average: 80/54 2021: 90/58 Record High: 97 (2015) Record Low: 37 (1935) Record Precip: 0.86" (1986) July 2021 stats at SLE Max: 100 (29th) Min: 52 (22nd) Avg Max: 88.4 (+4.8) Avg Min: 58.2 (+3.0) Precip: 0.02" (-0.23") 90+ highs: 16 80+ highs: 30 Coolest max: 78
  12. Outside getting some work done and noticed the lawn is already starting to turn brown in the sunny spots.
  13. This home is a little SE of Stayton. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/38741-Lulay-Rd-Scio-OR-97374/2098183260_zpid/
  14. The Beachie Creek Fire burned quite a bit of the small town of Mehema, which is on the Santiam River about 7 miles east of Stayton, and basically due south of my location. Mehema/Lyons sit at the mouth of the Little NF Santiam canyon and the fire just roared out of there on that Tuesday after Labor Day and devoured the north and east side of the town.
  15. It is beautiful. Stayton is a nice town, though not as nice as Silverton. But they do have the NF Santiam River and some really nice city parks. Stayton got really hosed for snow in December 2008. I know on the 20th, Silverton had about 4-5" of snow and Stayton had nothing, as the snow line hung up along the Waldo Hills south of Silverton. Stayton did well in February 2011 though, and was about the northern edge of the decent accumulations in December 2013.
  16. I'm not celebrating the 4th again anyway until we are living in a theocratic Christian nation.
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