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  1. Given 2-3 days ago the models were consistently showing boring ridging in that range, it is nice. From a personal stand point I am going to be gone the week after next anyway, so I don't mind if we kind of reshuffle the deck that week.
  2. Really nice mountain snow next weekend on this run. Spokane gets annihilated too.
  3. Cold enough for snow here by next Wednesday morning, precip looks rather sparse though.
  4. Not really, unless as Brian said there are significant trends. If its just the block moving in a little circle and ending up in about the same place then no. I would enjoy it more in the long range. lol
  5. It seems like the higher latitude blocking is beginning to emerge at the end of this run of the EC ensembles. Height rises are beginning to creep into the SE too.
  6. December could wind up being pretty chilly in the valleys and basins. Especially if we transition straight to a more favorable upper level patter the 2nd half of the month.
  7. The chances of us having a cool summer are about as good as another January 1950.
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