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  1. Tim’s post rate picking up as the models pull back on any rain. Just read this is the driest rain year in 127 years in the Klamath basin. Perhaps next year will have no rain!
  2. I’ll be gone much of next week, but I will be in Oklahoma where it looks very wet.
  3. Severe clear and 45. I noticed Klamath Basin snowpack is at 17% of average and the farmers are weeping and gnashing their teeth. No water this year. We must protect the longnose sucker.
  4. IBRChris gave me some interesting stats recently. The increase in 90+ days has been accelerating faster at PDX than EUG. Was not expecting that.
  5. Going to be interesting to see how the rest of this month plays out. I could definitely see us getting close to normal precip for the month. We are at 1.69" right now, which is close to normal. We have done pretty well with upslope precip with the weak systems that have moved through. Looks like maybe another 1/2-1" of rain is possible next week if current trends hold. Either way May will not be a repeat of 2018 which is good, June now becomes a pivotal month. Praying for ULL's and onshore flow!
  6. Trout for dayz. Gorgeous day in the valley and on the central coast. Down to 48 now, just finished gutting the fish.
  7. Saw a 77 year old man fell off the trail and died recently. Be careful.
  8. If we see something no worse than the past two summers I will take it as a win. Given how quickly we are drying out though, a lot of low 90s in the WV seem like a cinch.
  9. At least September has trended not quite as hot... Smoke does a great job keeping surface temps down.
  10. This year has been pretty indistinguishable from any of the past 5-6. Summer well entrenched by the end of April.
  11. Congrats on the transition, didn't realize you were writing for the Times now.
  12. 3.4 ENSO region is still at -0.4C. Looks like our latest ONI came in at -0.8C.
  13. Maybe sometime around the 20th we could get a little rain. We shall see. I will be down in Oklahoma then, looks wet down that way.
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