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  1. Ended up bottoming out at 55, already up to 72. I’m sure Jim will be here any minute to tell us he hit the upper30s .
  2. Newport lighthouse I think. This was the Yaquina Bay lighthouse which was in operation from 1871-74. And then of course the classic Yaquina Bay bridge.
  3. Interesting.... Also notice he’s so obsessed with me he made his background a picture of my father in law stacking wood. What a creepy weirdo.
  4. With the Monday system we will end September above average. We could potentially end the water year with 70” of precip. If we can hold down the fort with a couple systems the first half of October and start the storm train by months end we ll be in good shape.
  5. Remember last week when we all said a rug pull was coming, and then it wasn't. Good times.
  6. Compared to up there. Just think about where prices were 5-6 years ago.
  7. Was talking to someone from the Medford area today. They said a lot of people are moving out of the rogue valley due to the drought/smoke. Says they are heading to Washington.
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