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  1. I think I went to a rodeo in Glenwood, WA back in June 2018. There were a lot of thunderstorms that day and when we were heading back to our campground by Mt. Adams, we saw lightning hit a tree and split it in half, as we stopped to gawk at the tree a young black bear ran across the road.
  2. NWS point forecast is going with 39 tomorrow and 38 on Sunday at PDX. If that verifies I think we call that a win.
  3. Spirit is not as bad as their reputation. Really Frontier and Spirit are fine for what they are. Discount airlines. If you expect some pretzels and a coke, or to be able to bring a carry on without paying a ridiculous fee then fly Delta or American. I have flown Frontier probably 30-40 times in the past five years, and you can usually get a carry on past them without having to pay, as long as it is backpack size or smaller. I never travel with more than that. To me United is the worst because they pretend they are one of the big boys, but are really no better than Spirit or Frontier.
  4. Didn't Alaska have a bunch of issues over the summer too? Seems like they need to get their stuff together. Everyone acts like Alaska is so great, but they are incredibly expensive, and don't seem to be super reliable.
  5. Good thing I rented an AWD SUV for the KC to Tulsa drive...
  6. That is some beautiful cold onshore flow on the long range GFS.
  7. Parkdale is beyond gorgeous, but Trout Lake is a little more off the beaten path. And Hood River County has been gentrified a little too much. I'd probably go with Trout Lake.
  8. Yeah we are overachieving a little, but this was expected to be the warmest day of at least the next several. Most forecasts I saw had WV locations in the mid-40s today. Maybe a little more sunshine and south wind than expected bumped those up a couple.
  9. My brother lived in The Dalles for about a year, luckily for him his only winter there was 2016-17... But he wasn't able to give me a super realistic assessment of what the climate was like. Personally if I lived out there I'd probably end up further south around Dufur or Tygh Valley.
  10. Are there any properties around 1000-1500' in the vicinity of Forks... That would be a nice place to put down roots.
  11. Speaking of pathetic airport stations. SLE is up to 48 with south winds gusting to 25. That's another station that always seems to read 2-4 degrees warmer than anywhere else in town. At my office right now there is almost no wind and the car thermometer just said 45.
  12. Well like most cold airmasses over say, the past 3 decades, it doesn't have much teeth too it. My guess is some of those really cold lows we saw in some places east of the Cascades were due to decoupling, clear skies, and snow cover. Fine for building a cold pool, but that takes some time, there is now massive low level cold air advecting south through the basin towards the Gorge.
  13. Think about it. Dallesport is about the most exposed part of that area. It's not going to be shaded by topography and gets more hours of direct sunlight than the town of The Dalles. It is also backed by south facing slopes, which in direct sunlight I am sure radiate heat, could be wrong, but that would make sense. I feel we had this exact conversation last winter. I can tell you one thing. If there was arctic air being tapped into it wouldn't be 43 there.
  14. GFS wants to start precip with extremely low snow levels next Friday... Also looks decent with the Sunday stuff.
  15. You are correct there has been nothing with that kind of widespread coverage near those amounts since. They had a really solid event on 1/7/17 too, but that was more like 3" downtown. They got totally donut holed in February 2018 and the February 2019 stuff was pretty elevation dependent too. Parts of West and South Salem did really well, but the flatlands were more in the 1-2" range with a couple of different events. Lower parts of Salem probably had about 2-3" last December on the 26th last year, with the bigger totals being above 500' down south.
  16. One thing is for sure. It's never winter south of 45 N and west of the Cascade Crest.
  17. Well maybe we can keep it chilly at the surface with lots of fog.
  18. Turning out to be a really nice day in Salem. Strolled around the park next to our office on the lunch hour.
  19. I'll be gone 14-20th so we can do a pattern reset or something during that timeframe. You know how much it sucked flying out on 12/14/2016 with snow falling.
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