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  1. Looks like it's already back to snow here at hour 60.
  2. A whole half inch of snow today. A beautiful winter scene. 39/31
  3. Salem had a gust of 40mph from the west earlier. Mid afternoon low too.
  4. Nws gonna get caught sleeping Thursday-Saturday.
  5. That Thursday-Saturday period looks great up here. Finally got some sticking snow at home with the last shower.
  6. Looks like we could get 2-3” this evening. Will all come down to moisture. Much bigger potential later in the week.
  7. The trough later this week should be much better. Better orientation on the showers and more post frontal juice.
  8. Quoting an open borders think tank I see. It used to be illegals did jobs no one wanted. Now they don't even work. As for fentanyl, cleaver trick there using "conviction" rate. These folx are slipping in and out of the country if they are ever caught it's usually catch and release and they just disappear. Also they are the ones bringing it into the US, once it gets here it's distributed by whomever. Unbelievable. This kind of thinking has destroyed a once great nation.
  9. 33 with some light snow showers, just a slushy dusting. Our only chance at accumulating snow is probably tonight if there is any moisture left over. Perhaps we'll get a slushy inch later this week. The big issue with this trough is the moisture could be pretty sparse now that we have the cold air in here.
  10. Hmmmm… Migration. I don’t hate them. They just need to go home.
  11. I actually watched a Winterhawks game the other day. Nothing better to do I guess. They were playing Seattle, interesting they still have their WHL team even with the Kraken.
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