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  1. Make December Great Again ---> Made December Great Again Let's hope.
  2. I had 3 double digit snowstorms since the end of Jan 2021 and another that was just under. I could stand to share a little in that regard.
  3. The 00z GFS for December 9 would be a solution that I would find to be acceptable.
  4. There have been at least 10 trees cut down on my block in recent years, and the difference in wind speed has been very noticeable. Snow blows around a lot more now too.
  5. That kind of monthly look can work, IF the precip is timed well for when it's cold enough. Can find plenty of months that were colder/drier than average that were ok, if not good in the snow department.
  6. I remember Christmas Eve 2009 being kind of icy and with leftover snow on the ground. At least I think it was that year lol. That storm right after was something... what an unusual setup. The surface/upper level features were all west of northern IL and it still managed to do that.
  7. I think we'll lose some of that warmth way out in the extended. You don't want too much suppression either. That won't work outside of the lake effect snow areas.
  8. Well, got a wind advisory. They actually extended it until midnight. Not real sure that we'll be getting advisory level gusts this evening outside of the showers/squalls along the front, but maybe it was extended to kind of account for that.
  9. Yeah I'd agree on the synoptic winds mostly staying under advisory criteria. I think the IL/IN area may flirt with it tomorrow with some gusts around 45 mph, but it's borderline and the duration of that looks somewhat limited and none of the offices have issued an advisory.
  10. '99 is a rare exception of not needing a flattish type of track. That one actually cut very hard, but the antecedent airmass was so cold that it still pretty much resulted in all-snow for Detroit.
  11. The HRRR is explicitly showing some enhanced gusts with the squall line that gets going along the front
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