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  1. The Freeport area got 4-8" of rain yesterday morning. This morning they got another 3-5". Sunday afternoon/night was a dud for much of Iowa. I only received 0.09" early this morning, boosting my 2-day total to 0.63". Some locations across southern Iowa have not even received 0.63" over the last thirty days.
  2. The real heavy rain just missed me to the north and east. Widespread 2-5" has fallen there. In my yard I received an ok 0.54".
  3. Cedar Rapids just hit an 80º dewpoint, I think for the first time this year. Combined with a 92º temp the heat index is 111º.
  4. It's unclear how much rain we will get this weekend. Models are mostly focusing the rain from southern MN and northern IA through southern WI. Most models show little, if any, rain over the southern half of Iowa where it is badly needed.
  5. Models are trending toward a front slowly sagging south across the upper midwest this weekend into early next week. A widespread soaker could be the result.
  6. At the end of last week, models/locals/NWS had today being the big 100º day. Instead, it's 76º.
  7. A week ago models were forecasting a significant heatwave with little or no rain all week. Instead, I just got my third strong storm in three days and we have not hit 90º once. This storm just now is warned for wind. It did get quite gusty, perhaps 50 mph, but not quite severe. It was a thin line so, while the rain was quite heavy, my gauge only has 0.34".
  8. Our high temp has been over-forecasted all summer. We had two 90º highs in July. The NWS and locals all had mid 90s today and were way off. They all had 100º for Wednesday. Now the NWS has upper 90s Saturday. Ugh! It is never that hot. Stop forecasting it to be that hot. Jeez.
  9. Models really backed off any storms last night, but, once again, I was awaken to a strong storm at 4am. Again, much of the area got nothing, but Cedar Rapids and Iowa City got hit... same as the previous night. This time the storms moved more quickly, so the rain totals were lower. I received a quick 0.45" and small hail. Lightning was plentiful again.
  10. Models show another round of storms in Iowa late tonight. The trend is to favor central to south-central/southeast Iowa.
  11. A real nice storm just passed through the Cedar Rapids area. I received 1.04" of rain. Only 1.4 miles to my south over 2" fell. There was constant lightning and soft, rolling thunder throughout the storm. When the rain ended I went outside and saw an amazing lightning display above, at the back of the anvil. At the same time, I could see a few stars shining through the thin clouds above. It was pretty amazing.
  12. Hmm... the latest Euro has lowered our big heatwave to only two days above 90º.... 94º Wednesday (NWS has 105º and locals all have 100º) and 91º Friday.
  13. DVN has 105º in the forecast for Cedar Rapids next Wednesday. I'm not sure why they would even put that in because there is very little chance it'll verify. It hasn't been that hot since the 1930s dust bowl. Cedar Rapids hasn't even hit 100º since 2012.
  14. I checked the radar down in Missouri before going to bed last night and it looked like they were about to get some training heavy rain. That sure verified, and then some. I have not experienced any flooding in many years, so we're a bit overdue for a big rain event.
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