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  1. I finished with 1.87". The defo band underperformed for Cedar Rapids as heavier rain kept rotating around us. A station down in Tiffin (Bud's location) is reporting about 2.9".
  2. My gauge has almost an inch now and there's plenty more on the way... about 12 hours worth. Man, I'd love to bottle this system and bring it out again in December or January.
  3. The Canadian is a bit farther west with the heavy rain Wed/Thu. Update: The UK is even farther west than this, showing 3" of rain in a north-sound band through Omaha. At this point, I have to think the GFS may be pushing the trough eastward too quickly and the other models are right in holding it back west a bit longer and then wrapping up the upper low farther south.
  4. The GFS has been locked into the mid to late week system for days. The UK and Euro have been flopping north and south, but came back north last night. The GFS is showing solid rain here for 48 straight hours as the big upper low sits and spins. The EastPac hurricane moisture gets pulled up into this system.
  5. So far this morning the rain shield kinda hit a wall around Cedar Rapids. We will have to wait for a better surge later.
  6. Today I got some new tulips planted, got some plants cut down, got the lawn mowed, and got the patio cleaned up. I'm ready for a nice soaker.
  7. Models had been suggesting another warmer period after this weekend... hence the above avg CPC outlooks. The models were wrong, therefore the outlooks were wrong. It's not complicated.
  8. We definitely got our first freeze this morning, along with heavy frost. The CR airport hit 29º and the station down the road from me hit 30.8º. Waterloo and Marshalltown hit 26º and Mason City hit 23º!
  9. Cedar Rapids is currently the coldest location in Iowa.... 42º. We should get to the low 30s tonight. We certainly don't have far to fall.
  10. There are reports of graupel over in central/nw Iowa.
  11. Well, today's 12z Euro just moved way back south with the mid to late week bowling ball system. That is what models were showing a few days ago before they all moved up here.
  12. The models are pretty similar, showing something like this.
  13. All models appear to be on board a big, wrapped-up system slowly traversing the upper midwest/great lakes mid to late next week. The GFS had been out to lunch for the last 24 hours, but it has re-joined the others this morning.
  14. Same here. We've been in the mid 30s for several hours. There is a bit of frost on roofs and the grass. It should be a bit heavier tonight. Edit: The Cedar Rapids airport is reporting 31º at 8am (always colder than the city on calm, cold mornings like this), so CR has officially had its first freeze.
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