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  1. It becomes a highly-amplified, blocked-up pattern, but for everyone too far west to get anything from the potentially-big eastern storm it's a total snoozer.
  2. It appears Iowa will have to wait until at least mid December for any real winter storm action.
  3. As someone posted earlier, radar shows "heavy" precip right over Cedar Rapids, but it's just a solid light to moderate rain. Still, some models had trended toward keeping the defo zone mostly south of CR, so it's nice to see it lift far enough north to easily boost us over an inch of precip for the entire event. A month later, CR might be getting several inches of snow from this.
  4. The rain part of this system kinda crapped out for my area. Much of the real rain is passing southeast today and the models keep sagging the Wednesday deformation zone south and weakening it.
  5. I received about 1.7" of snow. It is becoming slush now.
  6. Giant cotton ball flakes are dumping now as the second thin band is moving through.
  7. A burst of large flakes has whitened up the ground here. It's accumulating on the pavement from the start.
  8. 3k NAM has gone much weaker with the precip in general over the next 24 hours across Iowa, including a much-diminished snow area over ne/ec Iowa.
  9. Recent runs of the HRRR have been dwindling the snow total for the CR/IC area. It's down to <1" now.
  10. WWA also issued for east-central Iowa and nw Illinois. DVN is saying 2-4". Around Cedar Rapids it would likely be 2", with 3-4" possible along highway 20 (Dubuque).
  11. Unfortunately, the Euro just caved to the GFS, at least for today's run. The northern wave sweeps right past the southern energy without pulling it north and phasing.
  12. Tonight's snow will require me to be up late, not just to watch, but to measure. After 2 or 3 am, the melt will begin.
  13. 3k NAM, now in range, has a nice burst of snow around here Monday night.
  14. The Euro continues to show potential at the end of the month.
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