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  1. The wettest models are down to only a couple tenths of an inch of rain here Friday night. Some models show only sprinkles. This system sure crapped the bed.
  2. Today and tomorrow I can finally get all my winter prep completed as we rise to the 50s. My garage is currently full of bags of leaves, flower pots, rabbit fencing, etc. It all has to be mulched, put away, etc.
  3. Yep, this has turned into just a quick rain system here Friday night into Saturday morning. Oh, well.
  4. 00z GFS, GDPS (Canadian), ICON...... all blah.
  5. On this run the energy comes out in two pieces. The first moves through Iowa while a backside jet streak keeps digging into the south.
  6. The GFS is most bullish with the weekend storm for my area, but even that would only be a couple sloppy inches. It's more likely we get nothing. We might have to wait til after Christmas for something better.
  7. On the 12z Euro, the lead wave is slower. That causes the second wave to travel much farther south and east before it can turn northeast. That subtle difference is all it takes.
  8. The Canadian is now getting on board a more westerly solution.
  9. Well, the op Euro has made a big jump back northwest tonight. This is probably as far northwest it can possibly go, with at least a bit farther south and east being more likely.
  10. I got about an inch of snow last night and this morning. The measurement this morning is a bit less than that, but I made the mistake of not measuring last night and it very slowly melted overnight, so I just added a couple tenths. There are some scattered heavier bursts moving across the area this morning, one of which dumped here for a few minutes.
  11. This evening's GFS and GDPS (Canadian) have removed the big storm for Iowa and areas north and west.
  12. It has been snowing steadily for a couple hours. I'm guessing we might have a half inch.
  13. I'm waiting for next Thursday's 50s to finish prepping my garden for winter. We got the surprise 4" of snow last week and it still hasn't fully melted. I have several bags of leaves to put on plants and mulch up for the compost bin.
  14. The big storm has become much more progressive on the models. They had been showing it digging deep into the southwest and cutting off.
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