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  1. A nice little soaker moved across east-central/southeast Iowa overnight. I picked up 0.39". Totals climbed to near 1" down by Sparky.
  2. The latest Euro has 80s with a dewpoint of 70ยบ next weekend. I'd rather not jump right into July.
  3. 1.11" is my rain total. I'm satisfied with that.
  4. A lot of personal stations in the Waterloo area are around an inch. I've only received 0.20".
  5. The HRRR is suddenly fading fast for Cedar Rapids. For several runs earlier in the day it had CR over 2". The latest run is down to 0.6". At this point, anything less than 1" would be a disappointment.
  6. Snow is being reported just west of Mason City.
  7. I also just received some hail/sleet as the main precip began a little while ago.
  8. This afternoon the HRRR has gradually sagged south. CR has gone from over 2" to a bit over 1".
  9. 18z HRRR This model has really dried out far northeast Illinois today.
  10. The UK has been one of the drier models for the northern edge. Today's 12z run changed that.
  11. I hope the HRRR is onto something with its prediction of a heavy band through the northern part of the rain shield.
  12. Yesterday the UK lifted the 1+" precip north through Cedar Rapids. The last two runs have each gone back south, now down to 0.4" here. The Euro has never budged from its south track.
  13. The RDPS has inched north, now has a soaking rain up to Cedar Rapids. The Euro still barely drops anything here.
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