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  1. I got nearly 2.6" of rain from this, which may be the most from a single storm in about ten years. It poured for 60-90 minutes. While it was still not heavy enough to flood the patio and back up to the house, which is how we've gotten water in the basement in the past, the strong wind blew the rain against the north and west sides of the house for a long time, so the water piled up against the foundation and leaked in. I'm going to spend the rest of my evening trying to clean up. I have to move some big, heavy stuff to dry underneath.
  2. This is our worst storm since the derecho. I am getting sustained 40 mph gusting to 60 for 10+ minutes.
  3. I am getting torrential rain and strong wind. About five minutes ago severe wind hit and bent my trees over.
  4. The storm was lifting north of me, but it is now building back sw and hitting me pretty good. I'm not getting bad wind, yet, but there have been a bunch of close lightning strikes.
  5. The dew point has reached 80ยบ in Cedar Rapids. I hope we can get a inch of rain later today, but I don't want 80 mph wind.
  6. It was fun tracking Beryl across the Atlantic. Texas is fortunate the storm inhaled so much dry air in the gulf.
  7. I got 0.40" from a decent line of storms last night.
  8. We got a nice line of storms this evening right after fireworks. I got a quick 0.35".
  9. The line of storms this evening split around me, so I only got 0.38" out of it. Models had been pointing to this for a week, but that's all I got. Ugh. Combined with the morning rain my daily total is 0.92".
  10. That graphic is already wrong for the northern part of the red area. Areas north of I-80 aren't getting much out of this. Areas west of Cedar Rapids, toward Marshalltown, barely got anything. I'm not sure I'll even be able to get a half inch.
  11. It appears much of the heavy rain will be going south of Cedar Rapids. I'm not surprised. Southern Iowa is where the sun and heat were today. I was never super enthused about us getting anything too heavy. At this point, I'm just hoping we can get another half inch to put us over one inch for the day.
  12. I got 0.48" of rain this morning... more of the same mostly light to moderate rain with little to no thunder. I can't remember our last real thunderstorm. It's unclear what we'll get later. There could be a good line of storms, but, as always, the area is covered by clouds and showers, which will limit destabilization.
  13. I'm not betting on any particular amount. The HRRR has been much less wet, showing only 0.50-1.00" across the area.
  14. 100%... This kind of thing drives me nuts. Heck, even Jim Cantore, who is very good, talked about Iowa this way a couple days ago. He lumped the entire state into the flooding discussion, as if we have all received 15 inches of rain and we just can't handle any more. The reality is much of the southern 2/3 of Iowa had/has been dry in June, but I have not heard a single met acknowledge this fact. Instead, it's, "OMG, there's bad flooding somewhere in the upper midwest, so we don't want to see any more rain anywhere!!!" Ugh.
  15. I got 1.43" of rain this morning, way more than I expected last night.
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