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  1. Clinton, do you remember that massive ice storm in early December of 2007? Over two inches of ice.
  2. I don’t trust any map even up to the event. Models have been atrocious.
  3. The trend is north. Marginal temps. Not Impressed.
  4. This would be nice. The trend has not been our friend but I’ve lived in Missouri long enough to see some back loaded thumps.
  5. I’ll believe when I see it. Just not our year.
  6. This could end up a top 10 snow storm for you.
  7. I’ve lived in Mid Missouri for 22 years. I have experienced some good ones. 1) 11/30-12/1 2006 15.4” snow. Started as an ice storm then changed to snow with most snow falling within six to seven hours. 2) GHD 2011 20+ inches 3) 3 storms in a row beginning in late February 2013 and the last one on Palm Sunday. All three involved thunder snow. Approx 33” in those three storms. Will never see anything like that again. The winter had sucked until then. 5) January 2019 20.3” heavy wet snow that brought down trees * at least 3 or 4 others in the 9-12” range. Missouri will get big storms but we also suffer through some lean winters.
  8. Omaha really has had a tough stretch. I believe you’ll have some great ones very soon.
  9. This winter has certainly sucked by I can’t complain. The last 4 winters have been pretty for Mid Mo. We were due for a bad one.
  10. We’ll, I think it’s safe to say this is not mid Missouri’s storm either. More models than not now only have around 2” here.
  11. If only the temps were a bit colder. I’m curious to see which model scores the victory.
  12. There does seem to be a precip minima across the state between heavier bands. Hopefully not the case.
  13. I’m starting to become more optimistic with this event.
  14. That would be a nice surprise!
  15. I’m looking at a bit more here but am most interested in what the temp will do.
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