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  1. I love it...just hope the Euro is right and is accurately picking up on the blocking pattern. Man, what a beauty of a storm....loads of precip and just enough cold air. Systems this powerful can generate their "own brewed" cold as well. Those finer details can get ironed out later. I'm liking the trends at this range. Max wind gust top out around 55 mph along the lake to top it all off.
  2. This is insane! Historic open to December....??? December to Remember....#flipthescript2020
  3. 12z Euro with an OH bomb...will post maps when fully loaded...huge hit for all of IN and W MI...
  4. It could have been frozen precip that the radar was picking up on farther up in the atmosphere. I've experienced this many times before. I was also thinking the same thing earlier this morning when I took a gander at the radar loop showing a healthy defo band. An impressive system to see cycle through in the future.
  5. Fired up a December thread... https://theweatherforums.com/index.php?/topic/5990-december-2020-observations-and-discussion/&tab=comments#comment-652641
  6. Folks, we have just about made it through 2020, but first, we need to get through the last month of the calendar year and the start of met Winter! Who's ready?? If there is anyone on here that is more eager to see a fast start to winter...raise your hands up in the air! Finally, after many false starts in years past, most of our Sub across the eastern/southern tier will indeed be "flipping the script" this year in 2020. After analyzing a ton of data and using LR pattern recognition techniques, it does appear highly likely that the long awaited start to met Winter will feature an exciting
  7. Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Looks like ORD picked up 0.7" of snow yesterday and the area received its 1st widespread accumulating snowfall of the season. Is more on the horizon??? Boy, there are some eye candy model runs showing up and some blockbuster snow maps. None moreso than last nights 00z Euro op...like @jaster220 mentioned, the models are flashing some fascinating individual model runs. It's been decades since our region has seen a storm system as being depicted that bombs out and blocks up which spins for days. In recent years, its always been a "tease" and just never worked out or
  8. I can't remember what year it was, but there was a Christmas Eve storm that dumped some very high ratio snows (20:1+) ratio snow that was timed perfectly. The NW burbs got hammered with 10" of snow and I think ORD received around 6" or so. Let's hope for some kind of repeat this year!
  9. Was thinking the same yesterday and today...should be a great CO Low!
  10. 12z EPS members took a BIG step forward for the GL's/MW/OHV region...need this trend to continue. Many members bomb out this storm in the eastern GL's into a closed upper low and spins for days. These are the type of systems that can deliver the goods, esp the back-end wrap around snows and LES. Warm GL's and cold temps could create an almost perfect scenario for @Jaster and crew in MI. Edit: Another important note, all the models continue to see the growing Greenland Block and -AO/+PNA. Giddy up!
  11. Actually, I did some digging and it was Dec '10...here's a snow map from that period...I remember flying over IA in early Dec on a clear sunny day where I clearly saw the ground go from brown grass to white gold. Gosh, time flies by way to fast!
  12. That's what I like to see...I bet it grows deeper as we head deeper into December. The Greenland Block is gonna rock.
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