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  1. I'm hopeful we'll get some showers later today. Radar looks decent out west in W IL...meantime, with regards to precip this Spring, ORD is only at 2.31" which would hold the all time driest Spring on record since 1888 I believe it was. Based on forecast models this week, we will prob add to this total and shy away from breaking this record. N IL has been unlucky while C & S IL has reaped the rewards from nature...cooler and wetter. On the bright side, both literally and figuratively speaking, Chicago has seen a lot more sunnier and brighter days this Spring. The wait
  2. I'm paying attn to the unofficial start to summer aka Memorial Day weekend and the Euro has been advertising an ill-timed cool down for some of us for several runs in a row. The Euro weeklies continue to show this trend followed by what I have been opined is for Summer heat to build at the tail end of May into June. The Upper MW will torch IMHO. Very dry soils, trough in the south, classic Summer Heat Dome in the works up that way. Early June Heat... @OKwx2k4, the next 45 days look quite stormy and damp/cool. You may not see what a typical summer usuall
  3. I sure hope the Euro is right and brings the precip up this way over the weekend. I went to Menard's and picked up some weed and feed for my lawn. Does it seem like this year there are more dandelions and other weeds? It almost feels like its a never ending battle every single year. There's that imaginary block across the I-80 corridor... I'm really digging what the models are showing for mid/late next week...A/C's will be humming...mid/upper 80's???
  4. I'll be honest, this cool wx is soo refreshing and enjoyed the day yesterday. It was a chilly 57F inside the house when I arrived and had to flip on the furnace. Had it running just a bit ago. I think the Chicago area has been under a Frost Advisory for 3 or 4 days in a row? Woah! Ya, I think it's time for Spring, or rather, Summer to arrive. All signs are pointing towards exactly that next week! Geeze, mother nature just doesn't want to play ball for those from I-80 on north... Boy, by the middle of next week, the majority of the nation will be under a clas
  5. IMG_0452.MP4 Hello from Chicago! I flew back home in the early morning yesterday (7:00am takeoff) and couldn't have asked for a better weather pattern for our flight. Interestingly, we took a southerly route through NM/OK/KS/MO and then our final descent began as we flew over Burlington, IA and crossed over the Mississippi into IL. High Pressure dominated the entire trip as we had clear skies and literally zero turbulence. It was probably the least "bumpy" flight I've taken in recent memory. I loved looking out the window and seeing all the farmland below
  6. It's like mother nature wants to put up a road block from I-80 on north...last week the models showed a decent chance for our northern members to score some precip but that has all since trended south due to all the blocking. Sign of the times. 00z Euro...wider view... Meanwhile, out here in the Valley of the Sun, the forecast calls for 2 consecutive days of 100+ Heat later in the week...Fire Season has come out of the gates fast. In fact, there was a small brush fire in Fountain Hills last week that was put out rather quickly. Not so much up in the mountains,
  7. Models keep trending cooler for the weekend in and around the MW/GL's region. It now is looking like there could be a rain event on Saturday sweeping across the corn belt regions of the MW. . The quiet wx pattern this week will help dry out out those who got soaked from the weekend storm. Next week things get warm and active across the corn belt. A summer like pattern is in store my friends! It may be time to bring out the boats and fishing gear.
  8. There is evidence the top of the atmosphere is cooling rapidly and causing the fuel in planes to clog up in the engines. From what I remember, this hasn’t happened in a very long time and has come on very quickly.
  9. While the 00z EPS has delayed the warm up next weekend by a day or so if you live closer to the GL's region, it appears likely that an extended warm spell is certainly on the horizon for the following week.
  10. Man, if this was a winter storm, I'd be going nuts missing this system just to my south by only a few miles! Congrats to all of those who have scored some much needed precip. @Clinton @KCSmokey @MIKEKC and KC folks, that was quite the powerful squall line that ripped through last night. I read the warning and it said winds up to 70mph and nickel sized hail. Was is it a good storm??
  11. No doubt... I hope this is right bc that'll put a dent into the drought conditions for the lower lakes...1-2" of rain would be welcomed...
  12. What the....??? May snow in the grid back home...no bueno...dynamic cooling may do the trick...in the warm sector of the storm, KC and MO peeps have a nasty squall line signal showing up...
  13. Nice to see the Euro/EPS follow suit and trend North...below is the 00z EPS... I don't have my notebook handy to be able to look back at previous LRC cycles, but what I'm seeing in the modeling for late next weekend into the following week starkly reminds me of the LRC pattern which parks a trough in the SW creating a SW Flow aloft. This is a bonafide major warm signal for our Sub Forum. Is this the summer pattern we have been waiting for? Sure looks like it. Could summer temps be coming in earlier??? Boy, the 00z EPS is certainly looking mighty nice in
  14. I think it will come back N on the 12z run...trends in the GEFS/GEPS have been rock steady...
  15. @Clinton, your looking good for some severe Wx action Sunday. That goes for the KC crew as well. Best setup of the season so far.
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