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  1. Freeze up the ground before the snows come! Best case scenario so you don't get the snow to melt so fast when it does fall soon enough.
  2. I’m waiting towards Nov 15th ish to see where we are in terms of the cycle length. That’ll give me a good idea of what the models are showing for the future and where we have been. That’s another reason why this month is extra special as it solidifies the LRC’s length.
  3. Yesterday's Euro Weeklies are locked on the idea of an eastern CONUS trough for most of the month, except for the tail end where the idea of a ridge to pop in from the west. In other words, it may be that period where the pattern relaxes for a little while for some of the members on here. To early to say what region. Curious about Thanksgiving week??? #ThinkSnow...impressive snow signal for the northern half of Sub...
  4. So, @JudahCohen is mirrorin' what I commented on the other day wrt the Polar Vortex.. In other words, we will reverse course and replace what has been a dominant Hudson Bay/Eastern Canada Ridge with a Hudson Bay Vortex....Hello Novembrrrr.... Current 500mb pattern... We welcome in November with an entirely different N.A. pattern....except for the ridging just W & S of Greenland...that's a big deal IMO... Say what?? 0z GFS suggesting a "front rider" to cut up towards the Lakes region as we open up the month...hmmm On the other hand, we got Oooo Canada...mercy! Lastly, we have the 0z EPS seeing the snow potential across the Foothills and the high Plains of NE/KS...I also want to focus on the snow growth where it REALLY means something at this time of year and that is north of the border. The massive expansion of the snow cover across southern & eastern Canada is my focus during the month of November. If you "Build the Glacier" up there, it will pay dividends down the road. That's my 2 cents. What happens down here in the mid lats next month is just for fun and ironing down the LRC. Once it is showtime...around the start of the holiday season (at least for me)...is when the Snow can stick around, however, I have my doubts that the cold will last after Thanksgiving. I still believe the LRC will recycle around that period and we could be entering a warmer period into early Dec. How long that lasts and who gets the brunt of the warmth is TBD. There are some signals near the Aleutians it'll be farther W/NW across the Sub that the ridge will try to poke in from the west later in the month.
  5. Boy, did that turn out to be one heckova day for MO...quite the number of tornado reports... @Clintonany near your area? I read that @clintbeed1993had one track near his place. Been quite a while since you've experienced an outbreak like this.
  6. The fury of nature was captured by our local photographer @NickUlivieri....the lake was rockin' yesterday!
  7. ORD ended up with 2.61" as the official tally.....it was the widespread soaking rain the region needed to eat away from the drought deficit. Nevertheless, It was a fun storm to track...the winds were esp strong early morning into the afternoon. I'm definitely going to have a lot of yardwork to do this weekend and I'm looking forward to a dry and sunny weekend. Perfect conditions for the kiddo's Trick or Treating on Sunday. Now, that may not be the case for those members out west and north as they'll be tracking a rather strong CF ushering down from Canada as we proceed towards the last month of met Autumn. Is November going to balance out the very warm Sept/Oct? Prob not a complete wash in temps but I'm almost certain its going to feel like the seasons across the MW/GL's region.
  8. I’m sure they’ll kick up once the SLP tracks just south of your area. That’s about when our winds increased.
  9. LOT updated their wind map...yup, it certainly paints that kinda picture outside right about now. Holy smokes is it gusty!
  10. Just as I was pulling up to my driveway a minute ago, I saw this huge flash of lighting! This storm is dynamic...rain is blowing sideways, leaves blowing off the trees, branches everywhere...man, what a storm! Not to mention, but this defo band has held together all the way from OMA/LNK and not letting down. My curiosity keeps me wondering what this storm would have done in the colder months ahead...what # storm is this so far this season that has delivered such dynamics??? I think its gotta be 3 or 4...and we ain't done yet for the week!
  11. 0z EPS starting to sniff out the system on my calendar around the 7th (could be a day or so earlier)...energy coming out of the SW and tracking into the S Plains should have some winter implications for the central Sub. Snow chances on the rise for a lot of members on here. Quite the pattern setting up for the first part of November. Quick note, models will come in an hour early on the 7th (2:00am local time)...we may be tracking a wintry system during this time period. Perfect timing, ay?? "Heartland Chill"....Brrr, I just got the chills looking at the new data...opening week of the month a stark difference to what we've been used to last month...
  12. Local wx app says close to 2.5" of rain has fallen with more to come throughout the day. This has been the multi-faceted system as now the winds are gusty out of the NE. Finally, a real Autumn storm that has targeted the MW/Lower Lakes region. The furnace has been kicking on more often than not overnight. IMO, this week of wx will go down to me as the week when "endless summer " flipped into real autumn.
  13. A new month will bring forth an entirely different North American 500mb pattern. Pop goes the western ridge, nature shall unleash the "Fridge"...right on cue, Nov 1st opens up with a good chance of an early season Arctic Chill down the Plains and then bleed east into the GL's. First snows are increasing in likelihood over the GL's region, but maybe also near @CentralNebWeather... 0z Euro...
  14. That's going to look magical once Winter settles in...another version of "Field of Dreams"...If you Build it, They will Come...btw, do you have lighting up in the trees??
  15. Exactly! Haha, I was looking at the wind comment as well. The rain will be blowing sideways. Good day to chill at home, eat soup (that I just finished) and watch some football. Enjoy the storm!
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