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  1. In other news, this is pretty interesting to see the military use our highway system to land aircraft. https://www.avweb.com/aviation-news/military-to-land-aircraft-on-michigan-highway/
  2. Dang, this is a rather massive cooling event shaping up across the E equatorial PAC....#LaNinaIsComing
  3. Say it ain't...SNOW...just like in recent years of late, parts of the N Rockies/B.C. could be seeing the return of early snows as we get closer to the 1st month of Met Autumn. The Euro weeklies are beginning to sniff out a good possibility of strong troughs targeting this region beginning late Aug into early Sept. A classic signal the La Nina pattern will be setting up. I'm fully anticipating a parade of storms to fire up during the month of Sept into Oct across W Canada/PAC NW/N Rockies.
  4. Looks like your getting some rather heavy downpours at the moment!
  5. The IBM GRAF model rocks OMA to Se IA late tonight. This model nailed the last storm event while others did not. Tornado Watch near…@CentralNebWeather
  6. Today is the 1st time in a long while where I am laying out on my deck enjoying the day. 71F/51F
  7. Same here, but we have intermittent clouds and a very nice breeze. A stupendously fantastic Friday!
  8. The lake effect clouds blowing in off LM reminds me of those colder autumn and winter days...what may be coming down the road??? It'll be here soon enough...a perfect wind trajectory downwind the entire length of the Lake into NE IL. #winteronmymind
  9. When comparing both the Euro and JMA weeklies, they are both seeing a SE Canadian/GL's ridge in the means during the second half of the month. This would suggest a reversal of the NW flow aloft into a more SW Flow that would bring back the Upper MW heat dome and could very well bake the central Plains. Depending on how close the ridge sets up near the GL's will ultimately decide how warm it can get. I'm leaning more towards warmer nights keeping temps AN due to moist air and an active pattern. Daytime highs should be held at bay IMO. Needless to say, it is looking likely that a wetter pattern is shaping up for the Week of the 15th. Week 3-4... Temp/Precip...it's back to the ol' pattern for the second half of the month where its dry for the NW Sub and wet for the E Sub. Somewhat normal to BN temps as advertised below. Man, that Monsoon looks amaze-balls for the inter-mountain west and SW. Both climate models are earily similar and bode confidence in this forecast. Looking ahead to the closing week or days of Aug, I have opined that we would see nature usher chilly CF's. As it stands now, for 2 runs in a row, the Euro Weeklies are "seeing" the North American 500mb amplify and shoot down a cool/cold air mass for the eastern CONUS. Autumnal air is lurking later this month for those yearning for Autumn wx...pretty soon, Labor Day weekend will be on our minds and Football season underway. The last month of met Summer is almost upon us and its flying on by. Our sub will certainly have a variety of wx across the central CONUS during this month. Enjoy!
  10. Good news for IA folks, nasso much for E NE peeps....trends are shifting the heaviest precip farther NE....0z Euro/EPS maps below...
  11. Happy Friday! It's 5:55am as I write this and the sun rose today at 5:43am local time. It's a wonderful start to the morning with an air temp of 66F and a very comfy DP 56F. My goodness, does it feel good to have the windows open and let in the refreshing air. I woke up in the middle of the night from the gusty NNE winds off the lake. Today is going to be a wonderful day...#manifest
  12. Probably a bit muted around here, but if your farther W/NW it’ll be more toastier.
  13. @Andie @OKwx2k4... it looks like its back to your "regular scheduled programming" by mother nature....cool and wet is a certain BET!
  14. Over the past few days, I've had between 2.5" to 3" of rain if you add up all 3 events based on local reports. I'm extremely pleased with the outcome of how this wx pattern developed. Now, it's time to dry out and enjoy some beautiful drier and cooler air from our friends up north...Hello Canadian air! After enduring some heat and humidity this past week, I can't wait to have the windows open later this afternoon and prob won't close them throughout the entire week next week. Models keep cooling temps into the upper 70's now for a number of days in a row...ahhh, this is going to feel amazing! Now, it's going to be E NE/S IA/N MO turn to see some severe wx potential...some of you are going to finish the month off with a bang. Similarly, the models are suggesting a corridor of heavy precip across parts of this region. Something tells me the Euro is off and too far N and this will eventually end up a bit farther S. @Clinton @snowstorm83 and the rest of the OMA/LNK peeps are looking good ATM. These set ups usually end up sagging farther south it seems when most models are north. Just like it happened over here last night. We'll have to see. 0z GEFS...
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