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  1. Boy, I'm really digging what the 0z EPS is serving up to close out May, but esp wrt MDW weekend. After what will be a very chill weekend into the middle part of next week, the stout SW ridge will fire up and blow some of that Summer Sizzling heat into the Plains/MW just in the nick of time for nearly everyone on here to celebrate the unofficial start to Summer with a warm/hot welcome (depending on your local). What a well-timed warm up!
  2. Initially, I heard it on Fox Business and then I dug into it and found this article: https://littlevillagemag.com/a-loaded-gun-in-every-aisle-hy-vee-is-introducing-a-new-retail-security-team/
  3. I just heard on the news that they are sending armed guards to protect the food in places in Iowa? Any confirmation? Edit: Its in Des Moines
  4. Good luck down there! The CAM's look pretty solid for your region and KC peeps...
  5. I hope the Euro is right and slows down the passage of the CF here on Friday allowing for more warming during the day...but more importantly, I'd like to venture out and make it a Beach day! Nothing beats working at the beach on a Friday afternoon... Alright, looking at MDW...while it does look like a warmer weekend for the majority of this Sub, unfortunately, I think it will be accompanied by active wx in our region. I think we'll be dodging storms around here and members in the vicinity of the MW/GL's.
  6. What a perfect day yesterday as we topped out at a very comfy 78F along with a nice NW breeze. It felt like a late summer/early autumn day. I cooked up some grass-fed burgers and Polish sausage on the weber and had my family enjoy a nice dinner out on the deck. It's a cool & crisp 50F this morning with a wind out of the NE off the lake. Should be another wonderful May day around here. The wx gets a bit active around here tomorrow and moreso on Friday. Friday night boomers?
  7. Some good news for those of you who are making plans for MDW. The 0z EPS has backed off the cooler look over the MW/GL's region, however, the CFSv2 is not biting on this idea just yet. I sure hope the EPS is right on this one...the GEFS somewhat agree as well. If you live in the central Plains, it appears the furnace is about to turn on! 0z GEFS... Before then, however, a very potent CF will traverse the entire SUB reminding us we are still in Spring. Some cool crisp Canadian Air will be infiltrating the region for this upcoming weekend around these parts. Perfect bon fire weather!
  8. Somewhere over the Rainbow...@BarryButler Double Rainbow anyone?
  9. Happy Blood Moon Eclipse! There were some cool pics overnight from the local area...the cloud deck moved out just in the nick of time. ' Here's a cool sequence...
  10. It felt like a top notch Summer day yesterday with a high of 86F but the DP's were way more comfortable compared to earlier in the week. We celebrated my nieces 1st Communion at a wonderful church in Park Ridge, IL. The clouds cleared up just after Noon and line up perfectly for her communion. We all enjoyed the food and festivities afterwards at my sisters place. A nice lake breeze kicked in right around 5:00pm or so and dropped the temp into the upper 70's. #perfection The CF has swept through and the DP's continue to drop into the 40's with a current temp of 74F. I have the windows open for the first time in a little while....feels so nice!
  11. ORD tied the record high for the day at 89F and felt much more tolerable compared to previous days. Looking forward to a cooler day today and tomorrow. I think we'll be able to open up the windows for a few days starting on Sun and turn off the A/C until later next week when a major trough carves out in the west that'll pump the ridge out here. Speaking of the system later next week, both the GFS/EURO are starting to line up on the idea of a "cutter" up through the central ag belt. Man, the 00z Euro has a nasty looking temp profile for next Sat. I sure hope the warm front can push north for at least one day (SAT) next weekend. Nonetheless, a very wet and strong late Spring storm is on tap next weekend. Well, the city of Chicago just lived through history as Midway airport logged it's 4th consecutive 90F+ day on Friday and tied the record for longest early season Heat wave (4 days in a row). Pretty remarkable feat! Looking to cool down??? The 0z EPS not backing down later next week and into the following week...geeze, this kind of temp battle zone will undoubtedly fire up some storms. Quite the wet wx pattern is poised to set up shop across the Sub. Yikes, some parts of the eastern ag belt will need a canoe and that's no bueno for the farmers.
  12. That’s gotta be the meanest looking dust storm I’ve ever seen! Wild stuff Gabel and great footage! Front row show…
  13. Wondering what the wx pattern looks like for MDW??? Big differences between the GEFS & EPS....GEFS advertising a stout SER while the EPS says the complete opposite and is showing trough over the eastern SUB. You can't script a more opposite wx pattern. If this was a battle I'd see in the Winter season, you would normally side with the GEFS as the EPS usually is the one that hangs troughs out in the W/SW and pumps the eastern ridge. I'm actually very surprised to see this model contradiction. 0z GEFS... 0z EPS... 0z EPS is blowing a CF down through our central SUB a bit faster for next weekend. I hope we can score at least one good day next weekend (SAT) around these parts so I can venture out to the city or the lakeshore and enjoy the beach scene. A glimpse into MDW... Say it ain't SO, but we are still going to be talking about late MAY SNOW???
  14. The city of Chicago just experienced a rare Heat Wave so early in the season. Only one other time since 1928 has MDW tacked on 3 consecutive days in the 90's so early in the season. Not only this, but to smash 3 consecutive record highs in the 90's is a tall order in early May. You can thank the wavy jet stream in this unusually amplified and blocked up pattern. ORD may end up setting another record high temp today so let's see if we can finish this week off on a record setting note....by the way, Happy Friday the 13th! Good luck ya'll!
  15. Sounds like you guys out west are living through a short glimpse of what the 1930's looked like! Some fascinating photo's of the dust storm are showing up on social media. Here are a few...
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