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  1. The pattern change many have been yearning for! Hope it ain't to late for the corn and soybean farmers in the MW.
  2. The JMA weeklies for Week 2 look hot and dry for TX/OK and the S Plains...cooler/wetter for the Upper MW...MW and Plains near normal with precip. Things change for Week 3-4....big trough sets up over eastern CONUS and its cooler/wetter for much of the Sub...
  3. Hope this system can somehow "share the wealth" as we would say in the Winter months..
  4. Good Day all! Yesterday, PHX torched and hit a season high of 107F. Locally, it is a cool 67F this morning and quite refreshing. I smelled the wild fires in the air that are burning near the HWY 87 Beeline not far from my place. In the mornings, while winds are calm, you can see the smoke layer on the camera shots across the valley acting like a "bowl", pooling all the smoke. Just to let you know, the wild fire season isn't as bad as years past. They are manageable and the continued Monsoon rains are really helping the situation. Is there a pattern change looming? Finally, a storm system will traverse out of the 4 Corners/Rockies and towards the GL's/OHV region by this weekend. The models are showing what was a very common theme over the course of the last cold season as a weak SLP will form out in the Sb Plains and track East bringing a ribbon of much needed moisture to the Eastern Sub. Some signs of a summer version OHV cutter??
  5. Gosh, if that "Split Flow" in the NE PAC can really become a dominant jet stream pattern of next autumn's LRC...Look out below!
  6. We reached another benchmark for the season as Sky Harbor hit a HOT...and Toasty...105F!
  7. I noticed the radar yesterday was showing this movement from E to W and I found that really odd. I've seen it happen on occasion in the winter months when the pattern gets blocked up but to see it in the summer is quite odd I'd say. Anyway, this is the period I have been waiting for to see folks farther east in our Sub to begin to score some hits. Let's see how this week plays out. I'm rooting for you!
  8. Such a cool radar loop showing the storms firing up over the inter-mountain west...this will be the pattern over the coming week. http://mesonet.agron.iastate.edu/current/mcview.phtml?prod=usrad&java=script&mode=realtime&frames=100&interval=15&year=2023&month=6&day=4&hour=0&minute=35
  9. Welcome to the "Tropics"...hit or miss summer time storms...gotta love it...or...hate it...embrace it no matter what Mother Nature throws ya! Glad to see your scoring "hits" and not misses. Regarding the bolded, I have to agree, even out here we are certainly experiencing a very odd pattern for the month of June. I can't remember a time where we have had such a cool pattern that extended into June. The temps in the extended keep getting lowered and the locals out here are ecstatic. To add farther, the mountains keep getting moisture as the Monsoon has started WEEKS earlier than normal. Just amazing.
  10. The full moon this morning was so big and beautiful to see around 4:30am as I looked out from the patio deck...I should have taken a pic..but pics don't necessarily capture the beauty compared to in person. Edit: Meant to send this a few hours ago but in any event...Happy Sunday all!
  11. Another hot one back in Chi, ORD topped out at 91F (4 days of 91F day highs)...looks like Summer has come early this year...hmmm, is that 1977 going to be an analog for next cold season? Would be nice! I believe 1977-78 was a weak Nino that came on late in Summer but especially Autumn/Winter.
  12. I miss the Lake of the Ozarks...such a wonderful place and so much fun...are you by the Party Cove?
  13. The JMA weeklies from yesterday look very promising for the rest of the Sub who have been missed by the storms this week....the 2nd half of the month as a broad large scale trough centered over the central/eastern CONUS. Week 2... Temp... Precip... Week 3-4...keep it going! Temp... Precip...
  14. Yesterday was the 2nd day in a row that ORD got hit by storms that bubbled up and dropped 0.88" of rain in less than an hour, accompanied by 52 mph wind gusts and brings the 2-day total to 1.17"! Boy, the "havs and have not's" of summery rains...glad to see the tables have turned for some as we flipped the calendar into June. Had a good feeling the pattern would turn wetter farther east. Now we just need a few more members to get in on the action.
  15. Nice! I love those type of summer days where its exciting to see and track storms pop up randomly on the radar in a "bubbly" airmass. Good luck again today!
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