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  1. I’m all for green energy and waste-to-energy. In fact, I’m in the process of sourcing funding for a hydrogen waste energy project here in the US. Trump was looking out for the best interests of America and not the global elite oil tycoons. If he was still in office, I can bet with confidence oil would not be trading at $60+ per barrel. The reason why there was a glut of oil in March/April of last year was because demand tanked due to the pandemic and the costs storing the oil was significantly more. Traders sold the oil at a loss so they wouldn’t carry the storage costs. That w
  2. Do you have any idea what this means? In lament terms, it basically solidifies the fact that the "cartel" group called OPEC now is in a perfect position to destroy any farther opportunities of keeping prices low. When Trump was in office he knew D**n well that whoever controls the oil supply, controls their nations national security and will drive gas prices low! Russia needs oil to be above $50/bbl to be profitable, the UAE needs it at $20 so they weren't terribly effected. This was a great play by Trump because Russia was loosing billions of dollars, esp in the nat gas play selling nat g
  3. The storm that hit So Cal yesterday tracked just enough far north that it missed the valley but hit the mountains with some meager amounts of snowfall (1-4"). Any moisture is good moisture in my book. The cool down in the 60's won't last because a nice ridge quickly pushes in and temps shoot up into the mid 80's Thu-Sun. The benefits of coming out here in the Spring time is the instantaneous transition into summer like weather. March weather can be volatile, however, and I'm anticipating some storms later next week to hopefully deliver moisture into the valley.
  4. "Mid March Madness"...the pattern is to ramp up and turn very active post 10th and there is a decent signal among the EPS/GEFS members that some late season snows are on the table. I believe the pattern is ripe for nature to spin up a powerhouse storm by mid month if things line up just right from the Plains up into the Northwoods. There is going to be a lot of late season cold lurking across the U.S./Canadian border and early Spring warmth will likely provide the fuel to produce a juicy system right around the 15th or so. 00z EPS...
  5. Winter finally showed up in late Feb! Enjoy it with your kiddo's while it lasts....
  6. @FAR_Weather @Beltrami Island....LR GEFS suggesting a good possibility for late season Spring snows heading your way this month as the signal for a parade of storms coming off the PAC could very well eat away at your snowfall departures.
  7. The period between the 10th-16th is one to watch for back-to-back Spring storms coming out of the SW/Rockies as the LRC's signature storms rolls on through the Sub. The seasons 1st Severe Wx threat could develop for the S plains/MW depending on how strong the blocking sets up. The north will likely score some late season snows and make up in that dept. "Beware of The Ides of March" will be the theme heading into the middle part of the month.
  8. That's a wrap! This was the epitome of a "back-loaded" winter for Chicago and the most memorable comeback of Winter I've ever experienced. The numbers below say speak for itself. I was surprised to see that the avg temp ended up 0.1F BN after such a warm Dec and Jan. Interestingly, precip was BN while in the snow dept it ended up much AN! The brutal cold wasn't that much of a player over here as subzero readings at ORD were shy of the avg (12) days a typical winter season sees. Now, I'll be honest, as a winter wx fan I'm already paying attn to next winter and some simila
  9. Welcome to met Spring! March is roaring in like a Lion for some and for others its limping in on its tippy toes compared to what a lot of us endured last month. @FAR_Weather@Beltrami Island are experiencing some brutal cold right now in subzero temps. Ouch! Once the sun comes up it'll feel a lot better I assume. Geeze, that's gotta feel a bit nippy after a brief spring teeze last week. Meantime, it's a nippy 38F over here as I'm experiencing the back end of the trough that swung through over the weekend. Warming trend the next few days before the next storm comes in mid week.
  10. I'm digging what the 00z Euro is showing for the system this Wed/Thu...this would be a major blessing for the valley to score a widespread soaker in excess of 0.50" of rainfall...
  11. I'm afraid its going to be a lackluster spring here and not many precip laden systems that usually come through. The pattern this month into April is keeping hopes alive for moisture but these storms have been tracking just to our north or east. The valley has only really had 2 good storms this winter that brought good moisture. On my hike yesterday, the vegetation was so dry and brown. Typically, this time of year, you have enough moisture to produce green terrain. I saw some signs of green grass up on on the trails but it was spotty. Pretty sad to see. I'm hopeful that there will be 1
  12. I went on a rather difficult, yet scenic hike yesterday morning tucked in the northeast valley. The trail, Tom’s Thumb, was 5.1 miles round trip (1,045 elevation gain) and a peak elevation of 3,868 ft. At the base, the temp was 50F but up top it was quite breezy and chilly. I’d guess in the low/mid 40’s. The skies very deep blue and clear. It was a very busy day on the trails (snow birds, vacationers) are the usual culprits this time of year. IMG_0212.MOV This is a view of Pinnacle Peak in the
  13. 00z Euro slowly playing catch up with regards to the system mid week that will bring much needed moisture and appreciable mountain snowfall.
  14. Wow, can’t believe it’s still that deep after all the warmer weather. ORD is already down to 7” since this morning.
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