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  1. The snowfall rates come in waves and at times it was falling close to 1/4 mile viz….gorgeous scenery out there …winter wonderland for sure. I saw people walking their dogs and enjoying the weather. IMG_2649.MOV IMG_2651.MOV
  2. LOT upgraded Northern counties to warnings…
  3. They weren't lying that there was going to be a ridiculous cut-off to the south..I'm gonna head out and take some vids. That 30-35 DBZ band is heading right towards ORD...
  4. Picked up just a hair over 1" and an even stronger band about to move in...
  5. The back building just south of I-80 is perfect…hope it continues for us up here…the last band dropped viz less than 1/2 mile with big dendrites. Should be a fun day watching the snow come down. Roads are slick! Everyone is trying to hurry up and do their weekend errands.
  6. Nice sized flakes coming down now...starting to accumulate nicely...
  7. Streets and sidewalks already covered with a light dusting of snow...that band is knocking on my door
  8. On the way back from the gym this morning, the skies had that "look" and "feel" that a snow storm was brewing. It's been a while since I've been able to enjoy a weekend snow system that has cold air entrenched prior to the storm.
  9. First flakes flying...pixie dust so far but that band from the SW is approaching quickly...
  10. This is the type of day time snow event that keeps you at the edge of your seat trying to reel in the heavy band! Keeps things interesting throughout the day watching the radar. Not to mention, but its on a Saturday! Good luck to all on here today.
  11. 06z Euro suggesting the meso scale banding to come into NE IL up through GRR...Trending very + and I think Upgrades are coming for the afternoon package. @Hawkeye@bud2380 Looking better also...
  12. Week 2 of FEB, attn turns towards a SW Flow pattern and increased chances for Snow across the Heartland of the Nation. #STJ #BigDog...is there another Big Dog or Long Duration storm looming 8th-10th??
  13. GEFS for the win??? 0z EPS just caved... 0z EPS qpf totals...bullseye Lake county in N IL up through GRR... @Up_north_MI @Stacsh
  14. Woah, LOT has some rather strong wording on the developing meso scale band over N IL and suggesting some spots could exceed 10"... IF, and big IF, the 12z Suite comes in farther south then LOT is saying they could upgrade to Winter Storm Warnings...
  15. Just an FYI, we do have a FEB thread now if you didn't see it. As far as the wx pattern in YBY, I'm worried about the ice potential as it looks no bueno at this range.
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