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  1. When an avalanche comes eerily close to you...up in the UT mountains...
  2. Is Winter finally going to take a break this month??? Nope. Not for those up north as the globals and climate models are suggesting the upper level pattern to blocking up with ridges up top and on both coasts of North America. Not a favorable set up if you want warmth, unless of course, you live south in the S Plains/OHV where I do see it warming up nicely to open up APR. Your typical fight of the seasons is going to be the epitome of the clash of air masses. @hawkstwelve @james1976 @Madtown @ CFSv2 take on April....boy, this is a major signal for the MW/Plains/OHV to get pounded by severe wx this month....the big ticket storm showing up around 4/4 is the next possible BEAST to showcase both the winter side of things and severe wx. The Winter of 2022-23 that seemingly never wants to end shall continue this month. Lets set some new records and make this one hellova season to remember for those up north. The Upper MW Glacier shall use it's Magnet and pull another one out of its bag of tricks... 0z Euro dialing up a monster Blizzard...hmmmm Kidding aside, but this ain't no joke if the EPS is to be used as guidance along with its EPS Weeklies from last run....opening 12 days of April look like a NOV pattern. @Madtown will be shoveling till MAY!
  3. I remember a similar storm like this one last year or the year before that hit IA with some powerful supercell storms that developed close to the triple point. @Jaycee @Hawkeye @bud2380 @Iowawx Friday night boomers appear likely to interrupt dinner plans?? I usually don't pay much attn to the NAM at this range but I find it does handle severe wx better than the global models at this range. This storm is trending towards a strong classic late MAR storm. March came in "Like a Lion" and coming out like a Lion...it's been a Memorable March for many of you guys back east and it looks like Nature wants to finish off the month with a Bang!
  4. Interesting Severe Wx Threat setting up for the MW and MBY back home....I'll be tracking this system from across the country...looks more like a wind and possible squall line threat...I'm worried about down state IL and MO peeps. @Clinton SPC Outlook... On the winter side of things, the Upper MW/Northwoods continue to get greeted by Ol' Man Winter...ain't no Fooling around when the calendar says April 1st and you have snow falling!
  5. The Severe Wx Threat looks legit for the MW...April is going to be a wild ride for a lot of folks around the MW and points East...BAM Wx's take...
  6. It's a cold Winter's day in Kearney today...
  7. 0z Euro suggesting Ol' Man Winter not letting go for our friends up north...my goodness, it's like the "Upper MW Glacier" that won't go away so easily this season.
  8. Make that $$$$....Glad you were able to Ca$h in on the winter/snow events that came through your region. I had a gut feeling you would do good. TBH, I really thought that more snow would fall instead of the mediocre events. Nevertheless, when your running a business, its the revenue that counts!
  9. I'd by lying to you if I wasn't to say that I'm tickled with excitement the way think things will transpire out here in the Desert SW and Intermountain West for the Spring and Summer season. Not only do I believe in shorter weather cycles like the LRC, but longer term cycles exist, and what has changed out here in the SW since really the 2021 Monsoon season till now is a longer term cycle that has begun. The moon, the sun and all celestial bodies have a direct effect on our planet and as we dig deeper into cyclical patterns, it is my personal opinion that the SW region will continue to be an important grow region. I do not see any longer term droughts developing in the near future. For this reason, many big players have been scooping up farmland. You have to wonder...why? The one who controls the food and water, controls the masses. Something to think about. For weeks the CFSv2 hasn't really changed much and shows a nation with a lot of precip.... We will most likely see a "pool of cool" establishing over the center of the Nation and most likely a BN temp regime in the 4 corners.
  10. That heavy band is parked right over your back yard....
  11. S Wisco is getting crushed...this system (like many this year) took a jog north last minute...MKE, Madison and up into Greenbay will do great.... 93 years ago, Chicago had the "Big Snow"....
  12. @Sparky, I was talking with one of the neighbors in the jacuzzi yesterday afternoon and he mentioned that the city of Fountain Hills will be building a brand new astronomy science center. This will be a 1st class observatory dome where your going to be able to see all sorts of planets, galaxies and stellar objects. What a pleasant surprise! The location is right next to me in an empty plot of land that has been fenced off. I was wondering what they would be building and low and behold it will feature this amazing science facility and the largest telescope in the Valley! https://bramnicklawaz.com/arizona-real-estate/an-18-million-discovery-project-proposed-for-fountain-hills/ https://darkskycenter.org/
  13. Now those are some legit "snow tunnels"...I marvel at the beauty mother nature shows us, esp up in the mountains!
  14. I'm sure our KC peeps are dreaming of a storm to hit their city like this again, heck, give them half those totals and they'll be happy campers. Meantime, the storm that is about to hit the Lower Lakes is nearly identical to what transpired in LRC Cycle #1...150 days ago. Here was my note for this storms pattern. Gotta love the weather!
  15. Another sad stat for Chicago the other day...No 60's or 70's?? Yikes
  16. Gosh, your message is clearly why I love coming out to AZ during this time of year. Not gonna lie, 2-3 days of No Sun is a big deal. We had our share of cloudy and wet days these past few days, but unlike living in the MW/GL's, out here in the SW you can almost guarantee the Sun will come out. We have a stretch of sunny days ahead and as I look out my patio window, it is clear blue skies...But chilly...only 45F.
  17. The CFSv2 for April....Trends are "So-So"...
  18. The JMA seasonal showing a slow start to Spring for many up north, but the S Plains and SW should warm up nicely. @Clinton @CentralNebWeather and NE/KC peeps should like the look of the opening 7-10 days of APR. April... May...early summer warmth for the C & S Plains?? That drought area over W TX and into W KS is a concern for our farmers. The latest drought monitor is not good. June...The Heat could really build for the western SUB..."Ring of Fire" pattern is on my mind for the MW and parts of the High Plains. If you are considering going on a trip out west to visit any of the National Parks, I think this month will be awesome as Yosemite among others will be beautiful. I can see the rivers and waterfalls flowing and raging!
  19. Spring is finally here and the seasons are certainly changing as Ol' Man Winter begins to fade away, albeit, prob to slow for those members up north and east. It's time to bring warmer weather into the picture and lighten up the mood as they say. Is there warmer weather on the horizon? What will this year's warm season bring? Some say that with a developing El Nino summers are typically wet and cool for most of the central CONUS and the bread basket of the nation. I'd love to see a banner growing season for our farmers and lack of any droughts. Thoughts? Let's discuss the various short term model data.... The latest JMA weeklies suggest as we flip the calendar into April we continue to see a similar theme that has dominated the pattern since last Fall....trough in the west and a SER....I do believe there is a window of real Spring warmth surging north as we open up APR, but how far is TBD. Does it last? Week 3-4...I see a good signal for a SW Ridge not only from the JMA, but the CFSv2 is also suggesting that by Easter week it could really begin to warm up around the SW and give Cali and the Intermountain West a chance to dry out.
  20. Time to put this Thread to bed....this was the epitome of a winter season of "hav's and have not's"....many on the latter....time to close this chapter and move onto warmer weather.
  21. 0z EPS...a pretty wide swath of snow showing up for IA/WI peeps...
  22. I was awakened by the sound of the gusty SW winds wailing against the south facing windows around 2:30am. CF is making its way through the valley as we speak. Snowbowl has had 10" over the past 2 days and prob another FOOT by tomorrow...the incredible ski season continues (351" to date)... Pretty cool vids showing up on social media of the "Eye of the storm" that slammed into San Fransisco yesterday and continues to spin just offshore. Notice the multiple vortices that spin up. What a powerful cyclone!
  23. It's puking snow up by Flagstaff's Ski Resort...the Winter that keeps on giving... https://www.snowbowl.ski/the-mountain/weather-conditions-webcams/webcams/
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