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  1. I heard that these fires happened where 80% of cattle ranching is done in NW TX. Makes you wonder.
  2. 0z Euro bringing some RN & SN for the TX PanHandle...I think this pattern of troughs coming out of the 4 corners will help in the precip dept for this region through mid/late MAR.
  3. You know it’s a rare day in the wx dept when ORD is warmer than here…72F at ORD
  4. Local wind gusts up in the higher terrain: 71mph in Winslow, 62mph at the Grand Canyon...down in the valley, it's not to bad...a cooler day ahead in the low 70's but with ample sunshine it'll be mighty fine! Happy Sunday Funday!
  5. We should prob start a brand new ENSO thread for this year...I personally think this has to be one of the biggest flips in ENSO states in my lifetime. If anyone has any stats on this it would be welcomed...soo, the CFSv2 is suggesting that by the Autumn season the forecasted La Nina could end up becoming a Strong one. This would mean we go from a Strong Nino into a Strong La Nina...would this mean the GL's go from a record warm winter to a Record cold winter next season???? #balanceofnature
  6. Ohhh Tahoe!!! That's gotta be a pure Heavenly Tahoe experience...sign me up!
  7. The Great Lakes region takes the cake for having the Warmest Winters on Record....except for Chicago, that placed at #3, the majority of the region topped out at #1. Congrats! You lived through it...now its time to turn the page and focus on Spring and the warm season. I'm pretty sure all will agree on one thing, this El Nino Winter was a very odd season.
  8. March is Roaring in like a Ferocious Lion across the Sierra and Intermountain West! Boy, this would be your "Pick Week of Winter" up in the Lake Tahoe area...very reminiscent to what transpired last year during their Epic Snow parade. This part of the pattern was on my calendar and wish I was up there to experience a week of non stop snowfall! There will be another chance in the future that I'm sure of....never the less, the mountains will be blessed with White Gold! Blizzard in Motion..60-75mph winds and 5-12 FEET of Heavenly Snow! Lets Go! HOLY Smokes...115 MPH winds??? Wowza...man, what a storm this is going to be for the Truckee/Tahoe region...
  9. Yes and whoops! Just saw that typo…definitely “unusable”!
  10. Well said and I concur with your thoughts. As a kid, growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, I used a VCR (remember those?) and recorded the WGN Noon Wx Segments and watched them when I came home from school. I only did this during the Winter seasons, esp when a Winter storm was on the horizon. Gosh, I remember those days like it was yesterday! At night, before I went to bed, I made sure to watch the 9:30pm segment. My parents saw my love and passion for the weather. I watched this video and it brought me the chills...what a guy, what a legend...I want to personally meet him one day and just talk weather! https://wgntv.com/celebratingskilling/tom-skilling-in-his-own-words/
  11. Some weird weather here in the Valley…an unusable Dust Storm is sweeping through from the southeast!
  12. Prob should get a March thread fired up...is March coming in like a Lion or Lamb this year? Depends on what part of the country your living in but the West is certainly your Best choice to Feel the Ides of March. Keep this short and sweet. CFSv2 is gun hoe on a splendid Spring Ski and Snow season...I'm digging this pattern for Mother Nature to keep filling up that Colorado Basin with some hefty snows! Great news for the water source region.
  13. Here Blizzard, Blizzard, Blizzard....the models were locked in a week out for the Sierra Mtn's to get blasted...
  14. That's a legit funnel! Wow...what an incredible 24 hours of weather across the Heartland and the GL's... Some pretty wild winds back home...
  15. Crazy looking bowed line with a hook, peaking right over NE IL…this is a wild line of storms…
  16. Just issue…sirens blaring back at old place…
  17. Back in Chi, my brother in law is near southern tip of the severe line near Aurora, IL. My sister near ORD says the light show is insane!
  18. April ‘17 was real cold iirc…Easter weekend snow in Nebraska
  19. Its one of the warmest mornings in a very long time. Cloud cover and some sprinkles are in the air just south of here...currently 59F/45F and you can smell the moisture in the air. Not expecting much precip over the coming week until maybe late on Sat into Sun. Edit: PHX is at 64F
  20. Low 90’s are the record temps for today here…it’s odd that you’ll hit 90f before PHX does this year!
  21. Starting to look like a possible Dakotas Blitz to open up MAR...of course, @Beltrami Island SLP magnet may come into play...we'll see how this one shakes out...
  22. Talk about "Weather Whiplash" this week...parts of the Plains/MW will see highs in the mid/upper 70's and 24 hours later nighttime low's in the 10's/20's! Ouch!
  23. March looks to come in like a Lion this year out West....Tahoe anyone? If the storm pans out as strong as I'm thinking during the 3/2 - 3/5 period, it should bring down one of the colder airmass's of the season down into the Valley. The west is going to be blessed with White Gold next month.
  24. Of course, my family back home had to post videos of the snow falling last night...they know me well! On the other side of the country, this is why I moved here...#Sunshine
  25. The CFSv2 is trending far far away from any meaningful MAR cold or snow for the eastern CONUS. I feel bad for Bastardi who is really hoping a cold MAR saves his forecast. Looks very likely that my area in the 4 corners will STEAL the Snow. Come out west for the Best Snow! ]
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