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  1. Maybe 50% southeast Iowa. Illinois much worse. Models look wet moving foward. I have been curious to hear what the latest reports were coming out of the NE/IA regions to see how much crop has been planted thus far. Thanks for sharing. I did a quick check, and it seems most of the ag belt had a surge in planting since late April as this drier spell has helped. Hopefully this weeks warmth can provide even better conditions.
  2. The chasing girls in college thing probably didnt turn out very well for you. Mostly bad memories??? I am sorry buddy
  3. Go back to your video games and weed Cupcake. Really pathetic your life has become so depressing that you troll a weather forum. Haha. You are such a loser.
  4. Yes. Definitely agree! I certainly appreciate what you do on here!
  5. 20 miles South of Iowa City. Heavy snow/whiteout!
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