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  1. Had a freeze warning last night, another one tonight, and they are probably going to issue one for tomorrow night as well. So far we've had several and while it's gone below freezing multiple times this month, the sub freezing temps haven't been low enough or lasted long enough to really hurt anything at my place and I haven't heard of any damage elsewhere either. Flowers, plants, etc are all still doing fine. Made it down to 28 last night, and supposed to get down to 30 the next couple nights.
  2. Getting a few flakes right now. First time it's snowed in almost 2 months (2/21)!!
  3. Pretty optimistic thoughts for severe weather chances really taking off by the beginning of May according to some of the veteran chasers
  4. Survey says? Yes! Here's Omaha with only 2 days so far this month where the wind wasn't over 30 mph, and one of those two days the peak gust was 29 mph. National Weather Service - Climate Data.html
  5. What I've noticed with any freezing temps at this point is, even if it drops down to the mid 20s etc for a few hours, the daytime temps the next day/how long the cold lasts almost seem to be just as important. Last year in April we had 6 consecutive days below freezing at night and 8 out of 9, including several nights around 20 degrees. We also had several days where the highs didn't get out of the 40s during that time. That hurt a lot of vegetation of course. If we just have a single freeze night here and temps warm back up into the 50s the next day, then I'm not too worried about t
  6. 69 degrees and even better, BARELY ANY WIND today!! It seems like every D**n day, it’s been windy. Cold front was supposed to move through today too and bump up the winds late this afternoon, but thankfully that hasn’t happened yet.
  7. Here's my March backyard numbers. Average low: 35.3 (+7.2) Average high: 58.0 (+7.1) lowest temp: 22.6 (1st) warmest temp: 76.8 (29th) Precip: 4.94" (all rain) 0" snow for only the 2nd time in recorded history.
  8. Ended up with 1.44" storm total. Crazy precip pattern here lately. Since the beginning of March we have only had 3 precip events, i.e. rather boring. Each storm system though has been a multi day event, so we've had 6.38" of rain since the beginning of March.
  9. the deformation band has been stationary basically all day which means it has stayed about 20 miles west of me. Only had .02" of rain during the day today.
  10. Yep, I’m up to 1.3” of rain now from the last couple of days. Definitely will be mowing this weekend!
  11. Up to .63” of rain so far today along with .07” yesterday so .70” event total through 1120p.
  12. Omaha was under a severe tstorm warning last night 2 different times, once until 1 am and then again until 2 am. The warnings were for collapsing showers that were producing wind gusts up to 60 mph. Didn't have any kind of wind that strong here, but my weather station did show 2 different small heat bursts where the temp jumped up about 5 degrees and the humidity dropped a decent amount for a few minutes.
  13. Minus the two week period in February with the record cold, this winter was pretty much the complete opposite in terms of the relentless winter that was predicted (once again). Basically the entire forum was well above average for temps and some areas did pretty good for snow, but even that ended early for most people with no snow in March.
  14. Made it to 80.4 yesterday with a dewpoint in the mid 20s. What little wind there was during the day yesterday died off at sunset and the temps tanked pretty fast falling all the way down to 53 degrees by 1030. Pretty rare to see a drop that quickly without a cold frontal passage. Severe weather looks pretty marginal with this system. Capping concerns on Tuesday and then too much clouds and precip on Wednesday. I actually am not a big fan of closed cut off lows and severe weather opportunities. A lot of times you have one hell of an ugly looking atmospheric column for winds with horrible v
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