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  1. Ended up at 1.48” last night so 2.85” total the last 48 hours. Had a couple lightning strikes that made the power flash too. Somehow ended up with 6.2” of rain this month and the grass was still turning brown before this last event.
  2. Super heavy tstorm right now. My rain gauge had nearly 3”/hr rates and I already have .6” of rain in 15 minutes so far
  3. woke up to a surprise tstorm this morning and a couple of the loudest booms I've heard in a long time from my house. Absolutely dumped rain for a while. That's a good thing, bc I'm not too sure how much we will end up getting from tonight's rains based on model trends. Received 1.37" of rain in about an hour and a half. These cells weren't very big either, so a lot of town missed out unfortunately.
  4. The 0Z CAMs shifted the heaviest axis back northeast of Omaha too for the most part. Hope it’s not a trend. I held off watering this entire week once Friday looked like a good chance of decent rain.
  5. Crikey! I think this might be my highest dew I’ve recorded on my station
  6. 96.1 here with a heat index of 111. Hit 114 a bit ago!
  7. And the Arctic is warming 3x faster than the rest of the planet. And the planet as a whole is warming. And there weren't 7+ BILLION people on this rock before. And what is the "agenda" again?
  8. Hit 91.4 here today, but the dew mixed out to the low 60s this afternoon so not too bad. Will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow through Thursday as the dews are supposed to be much higher and thus keep our highs around 100. Part of me wants to see a run at 110 plus with low humidity of course
  9. Yep, more extreme events are definitely part of the climate change. Pacific NW and Canada had a 1 in a 1000 year probability heat event, China just had a 1 in a 1000 year flood event. Some places had the same amount of rain in a few days as they get in an entire year. https://www.climate.gov/news-features/event-tracker/preliminary-analysis-concludes-pacific-northwest-heat-wave-was-1000-year https://www.npr.org/2021/07/25/1020342822/flooding-continues-to-devastate-zhengzhou-city-in-central-china
  10. 92 with a max HI of 104 today. Only the 5th time this month we’ve reached 90, but it looks like the last 8 days will have no problem. Biggest question next week will be dew points. On the days the GFS has us so hot dews are down in the 50s. Most forecasters don’t see them being that low so it keeps our highs cooler with the muggy air.
  11. The GFS hasn’t backed down AND it was the model that first predicted the record shattering crazy heat for the northwest that no one believed either, so I’m not so sure yet.
  12. GFS hasn't really backed down on it's tune for forecast highs in this upcoming long heatwave. Saw one forecaster's comment that said, it's concerning that it isn't changing and it was the model that caught onto the extreme heat in the NW and Canada first a couple of weeks ago. Here's Omaha's estimated highs from the 12Z GFS: 7/23- 98 7/24- 95 7/25- 103 7/26- 97 7/27- 104 7/28- 115 7/29-30- 90s with a backdoor cool front 7/31- 106 8/1- 105* 8/2- 106* 8/3- 112* 8/4- 108* 8/5- 109* 8/6- 114* *= temp at 18Z or 0Z as 21Z wasn't available for those hours. High might be higher those days.
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