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  1. Haven't had time to check the models today. Not good again for this region for another 15 days.
  2. Missed again. Nothing shocks me anymore. Just can't get any type of precipitation to form. As always, the only hope is 15 days away.
  3. NWS Hastings, the bad news continues. Pending the outcome of the meandering upper low, temperatures should start to rebound next Friday and continue the trend into the next week. The 8-13 day period still looks mostly dry and likely warmer than normal. Anomalously warm temperatures will persist across most of Canada as upper high pressure ridges up into the prairie provinces. That essentially keeps any prolonged cold air out of area until possibly mid December. On top of that, if the midweek low pressure doesn`t bring precipitation to speak of, most of the region will likely be dry un
  4. Sounds yummy. 46 degrees, but a north wind has a bite to it. My mother in law made turkey and ham with mashed potatoes and gravy. My wife made her famous green bean casserole and my daughter made the stuffing. Pumpkin pie filled in the spaces as my late mother used to say.
  5. I was just thinking about this lack of snowfall, especially for the Northern Plains. We really need a big snow year in Colorado and Wyoming for snowmelt in the Spring to start refilling reservoirs. Not a very good start for sure as the drought around here drags on.
  6. I’m starting to think that way. It might make more sense to pay someone when it actually snows, which varies by the year. Going to need a massive pattern change in this region for any significant winter storms.
  7. Well at least with this unbelievably crappy pattern for the Central Plains, I will hold off on trading in my old snowblower for a new one. Have had issues the last 2 years, but will just look at the brown grass for several more weeks it looks like.
  8. 100% agree. Not a flake or drop predicted for the foreseeable future around here.
  9. Missed again with most of the precipitation with this system. The drum beat of drought marches on. Very little to nothing in the extended.
  10. Nebraska high school football finals are being played in 7 classes today and tonight. Low 50’s right now, perfect weather conditions.
  11. I average about 25 inches of precipitation a year at my location in Central Nebraska. Last year we had over 40 inches and several big years before that. As of now, we are maybe at 17 inches and only a couple inches since early July.
  12. Most ponds around here have been dry for months. Been a long time since I remember anything like this. Hard to make up much moisture in the winter time.
  13. There she goes. Shouldn't have surprised me. This has been the theme for going on 7 months. The drought continues to wear on here.
  14. I would say around here we might be right on the edge for some wet snowflakes. Depending on if it falls overnight or not. Local forecasters have kind of been back and forth if any snow will actually fall.
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