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  1. 3:30 pm, 19 degrees, wind chill of 6, snowing sideways with winds gusting over 40 mph. Hi abbreviated winter.
  2. Many times over the years, that low would slow and wrap up over SE Colorado and heads KC. We’d be clobbered on the northwest side. Not this time it would appear.
  3. I’ve really lost interest in this winter. I usually check the models once or twice a day, maybe. Just nothing going on. This is usually such an active time with rain or snow storms. Not this year.
  4. Like many on here, I’m ready to put this winter to bed. We did put a good dent in our drought conditions, and the 1.5” rain in early February was awesome. About 1 month of winter, 2 blizzard warnings, but blow torch most of the rest of the time. Maybe 1” tonight, then 50’s and 60’s next week. Eric Snodgrass keeps talking about an eventful March. Though, he is even frustrated on how we can’t get cold air here very often or it has no staying power. He posted a good video today. Hoping maybe one more snowstorm, but if not, I’m ok.
  5. Kind of sounds like what we are looking for. Still 5-10 years away, as we have a senior in high school this year to get through college. We want to live fairly close to a major airport. Right now it’s 3 hours to Omaha, 5 hours to KC and 4 1/2 hours to Denver. Of course it will depend on where our 2 kids settle at.
  6. Great point @Tom. we had one month of winter weather, Then it was all over. My wife and I have talked about mountainous regions when we retire. Flagstaff sounds amazing.
  7. Really nice totals in my area from 1.5-2.0” as of 6 am this morning. Rain continues.
  8. Approaching 1.0” of rain at 8:55 am. Update - exactly 1.0” as of 9:30 am. It is all soaking in, I don’t see any standing water. Most years the ground is completely frozen now. Potential for another 1” or more into Sunday. Our average precipitation for February is around 0.80”, which usually is melted snow.
  9. Though the rain this weekend is wonderful and will pay dividends to agriculture in the coming months, the what if keeps coming to my mind if the temp was in the 20’s. We’d be having a nice snowstorm right now. Oh well.
  10. Unbelievable amounts around here for February.
  11. 80-100% chance of rain from Friday night through Sunday. Rarely see that around here during the rainy months.
  12. Well at least we have a good chance of rain. Just no cold air around. What a waste of alot of moisture. “Ensembles highlight good agreement for precipitation impacting south central Nebraska and north central Kansas Friday night through Saturday night. Precipitation chances have been increased as a result. Today`s operational models suggest a more northern track, possibly bringing more rain than we might think. This will have to be watched for the potential of a more significant early February rain event than first thought.”
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