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  1. Out of nowhere, it’s pouring again. What a May and June around here.
  2. Over and over and over again for severe weather.
  3. No drought around here. Look at the forecast for the next few days.
  4. Outside doing some work. Already 91 degrees at 10:30 am. Forecast high for today was supposed to be 87. Seems to be a theme in June of over performing temperatures.
  5. Wow. Hard to believe you are that warm. 10 am Memorial Day service was 57 degrees with NW winds of 30 mph. Now still only 63 degrees.
  6. Gorgeous skies post storm. IMG_2133.mov
  7. 8:28 pm, just prior to the storm, at the Prairie Home Cemetery just east of Holdrege Nebraska.
  8. Another day, another storm. Looks like close to 0.50” in 15 minutes this evening. IMG_2129.mov
  9. Deja vue, over and over and over. My son just said to me “dad, we are in another severe thunderstorm watch. How many is that now?”
  10. Lots of trees down around town. Many in one of our city parks. Sounds like it was a small tornado that came through. NWS Hastings has sent a crew out. Our neighbors boat on its trailer was lifted into his yard. A church in town had its brick steeple toppled. Storage shed for Subway was flipped over. Our basketball hoop was flipped onto my son’s car. Windshield smashed, dents and scratches to the hood, and the hoop was destroyed. We just took it to the city landfill.
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