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  1. Yep, same here. I see just a little snow on the roof of our school as my classroom faces north.
  2. NWS Hastings doesn't issue frost or freeze headlines as the area still hasn't passed the date of the last frost, which is usually in early May. If you had tender plants out this morning, they probably didn't fare too well. Lows the next 2 mornings are low 20's then mid 20's.
  3. Sure is amazing how fast snow melts in April with a full sun, even though it is still only in the mid 30's. It should all be melted by this afternoon.
  4. With a fresh snow on the ground, temp has dropped to 19 degrees as the sun rises. Forecast says record lows tonight in the low 20's so I'd assume that 19 is a record.
  5. @ClintonDid you guys get any accumulation? I usually look at the KC Scout highway camera website, but it appears to be down. With a brother and family living in Shawnee, I am always interested in KC weather. Oh, and I'm also a huge Royals fan.
  6. Last evening I thought for sure the forecast was a bust. We had fairly heavy snow in the late afternoon, but hard to accumulate in the daytime hours of April. About 8:30 PM it started to snow, which went till after midnight. I woke up this morning with a solid 2" on the grass and cars. Streets and sidewalks had no accumulation, but were very slick in places. Our school parking lot looked like glass when I arrived 15 minutes ago. Our school supt. even tweeted this morning that he'd been out driving and warned of slick spots, but that school would be starting on time.
  7. It is a winter wonderland here. There were 3-4" on top of my son's car, but in the grass it was probably a little over 2". Plenty of melting even in the dark. The streets were a slushy water combination. If this had happened during the day, I don't think anything would have accumulated. I would guess by late morning most will melt. If we officially finish with 3", we will be very close to 50" of snowfall for the season. My guess last night was we'd get 3", so I'm going to be pretty close.
  8. Some of the short term models look to have some pretty intense snow rates early Friday morning. Snow happening at night would probably increase some of the totals by sunrise tomorrow morning.
  9. Thanks. Been busy, so haven't had time to look at updates.
  10. 12z HRRR. Snow forecast continues to go up and the line moves farther east. I wonder If I get a winter weather advisory issued this afternoon?
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