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  1. Took a drive around the area this morning. Corn about 12-18” tall and soybeans a couple of inches. All ditches are green and lush. Yards look amazing. The small storm last night that hit a small area on the south side of town still has some standing water in the fields. No standing water in other fields on the other sides of town. Forecast says dry for a few days, then rain and storm chances really increase from Thursday night through the weekend.
  2. IMG_1337.mov Went to gas up the truck this evening at a Bosselman’s just south of town about a mile, gas 5 cents cheaper a gallon there. As I’m pulling up it starts to rain, video attached. When I finished, I drove back into town, torrential downpour and small hail. When I got to about 6 blocks from my house, the rain abruptly stopped. I ended with a few sprinkles. Looks like a couple mile wide swath got between 0.50-1.0” in 20 minutes. Water was running down the corn rows. What an odd pattern we are in.
  3. Showers/storms keep rolling through as of 8 pm. Looks like at least 2 or maybe 3 more of these before midnight, then we’ll dry out tomorrow through much of next week. Yards and crops should grow like crazy next week.
  4. Interesting long range discussion by NWS Hastings in their afternoon discussion: That front/possible precipitation leans into next weekend, which is when upper heights weaken and a weak trough meanders its way into the southwest United States. According to longer range ensembles, the break down of the high pressure could spark a period of more active weather for about 1 to 2 weeks through the middle and into the latter part of June (roughly starting the 10th-12th). This may be a time of increased severe weather risk as the upper flow/shear increase. Not sure its a guarantee but that seems to be the trend. An even longer looks suggests after this potentially more active weather period, an increase upper heights will settle in by about July 1 and start to spell our move into the hottest time of the year. Despite the mid/late month potential for more active weather and rainfall, the trend that eastern Nebraska/Kansas (and Iowa) will remain drier (relative to normal) than western Nebraska/Kansas remains, and continues to be roughly split down Highway 281. That probably means those who have been drier will favor dry (eastern Nebraska) while those who have been wetter will favor wet (western Nebraska/western-central Kansas). As is usually the case with the weather, it`s good for some and not good for others.
  5. Quite a stormy late afternoon into evening. Storms basically between I 70 and I 80 moving northwest. You get a storm for a few minutes then it is calm and then another comes. Each one drops about 0.10” as they are moving quickly.
  6. Heavy thunderstorms rolling through moving northwest. Temp has dropped to the low 60’s. IMG_1330.mov
  7. NWS Hastings says 1-2” of rain in 50 mile wide swath across some areas of Central Nebraska. I was outside the band and got 0.20”. They said it wasn’t forecasted well at all. I keep hoping for a heavy band like that, but I’ll take the 0.20-0.40” types I’ve had this week. Pattern looks to dry out next week. Those who have gotten little to nothing the last 2 weeks will be in some trouble for their crops.
  8. Getting a nice thunderstorm here at 2:30 pm. Some nearby counties have had rain all morning. Going to be good amounts for a few areas.
  9. I watch Eric Snodgrass videos everyday. This video really talks about the haves and have nots of rainfall lately and how the pattern may change some next week.
  10. Kansas is doing well. Yes that it wheat country. Very little wheat around here, we are primarily corn and soybeans. Crop is just coming up now, and everything looks amazing. It is so sad of the lack of rain in eastern Nebraska.
  11. Got about 0.40” last night with the line of storms that rolled through. Would have thought it was more, but still a nice rain. Many chances in the next week. Would love to see several inches in a storm, but I’ll say these rains have come at a good intensity where it doesn’t run off.
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