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  1. 0.90” as of 5 pm. Rain continues. The perfect rain that is soaking in. No run off. Still under defo band.
  2. Radar estimate of 0.60” as of 2:30 pm with moderate rain continuing as we sit under the defo band.
  3. You must be a mind reader Tom. I just mentioned this to my son 10 minutes ago.
  4. Looks like most of my area gets 1.5” or a little more. Rain shield moving north/northwest this morning is on my doorstep. Just got the yard mowed. Rain should start in the next hour and go through Wednesday evening.
  5. Went down to our local brewery for some beers. It feels like a Friday football game night in late September or early October. Forecast now saying 1.0-1.5” tomorrow through Wednesday morning. Temps stay in the upper 40’s to low 50’s for highs until Thursday.
  6. More rain here tomorrow. This has been added since last night’s forecasts.
  7. Just wearing sweatshirts, more blankets at night. We’ve been out of school for a week, so we are out and about. My wife has done more baking, which adds to the warmth on the main floor.
  8. Currently 48 degrees and light rain continuing at 1:30 pm. Our house has been between 58-61 degrees for the last few days. I won’t turn on heat now. Summer returns by the weekend and the A/C will be back on. Saving money where we can.
  9. Forecast was a bust around here last night. Severe Thunderstorm Watch for some isolated showers. NWS Hastings admitted as much in their morning disco. Next 7 days don’t look too promising. We need to really get rainfall to make up for our large deficit.
  10. Always an exciting time of year. Our school had graduation yesterday, and our 9-11 graders are finishing final tests today with our checkout/last day tomorrow morning. Had a wonderful weekend of weather for graduation receptions with temps in the 70's and low humidity. That isn't always the case as we can have cold and rainy or warm and humid this time of year. Excited for a relaxing summer of yard work, home projects, wt. room supervision, and some short trips to see friends and relatives. Also, no alarm set for 5:30 AM. Yeah.
  11. You're right. We still need much more. I keep hearing about the Southern Plains Death Ridge. I hope we would be on the northern periphery of that to get storms over the top as we get into summer. If that ridge would move too far north, that would make for a very dry summer around here. That would just be one more problem to add to the many issues with costs that farmers are already dealing with.
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