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  1. Good news this morning is the front has come through. 67 degrees with a dew of 65. Fog and smoke with a northwest wind gusting over 20 mph. My son said it felt cold. I won’t go that far, but it’s an improvement.
  2. I’m no meteorologist, but I was just shocked when the Tornado Watch was issued. Besides a few isolated storms, nothing else materialized that I have read this morning.
  3. 7 pm and really not much improvement. In town dew has surged to 78 and in the field north of town it is still 80.
  4. If anything would develop I think it’d be very isolated. Very little on the radar. Has a huge bust potential imo.
  5. My brother in Shawnee KS just texted me that at 5 pm the heat index was 121. Yikes.
  6. I’m not officially in a heat advisory, but it feels the worst of any day this week. No wind and it just seems like you can’t breathe doing any work outside. Still seeing heat index between 102-107. They say dews in the 50’s Sunday. I’ll hope they’re correct.
  7. I’m with you. Today is just as bad as the rest of the week. No breeze at all and dews are mid 70’s at least. My son just asked me why it’s not cooler today as that’s what the forecast said. I told him NWS Hastings has had a rough summer around here with their forecasts.
  8. Hoping for a pop up storm this evening along a weak front. Chances are pretty slim, but that is when we’ve gotten our best storms this summer.
  9. NWS Hastings says tomorrow may be the worst day of the week for heat and dews.. Front sagging south, moisture pooling, and little to no wind. As if today wasn’t bad enough.
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