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  1. Sun has now come out. What a beautiful scene at 18 degrees as of 12 Noon. I don't remember the last time the sun shown. At least a week.
  2. The heavy band has finally exited. Easily 1" an hour snow rates. One more band is coming through, but with lighter snow. I will have to do some snow removal after school. Currently 14 degrees but zero wind, so no wind chill.
  3. 1/4 mile visibility, heavy snow falling. Very wintry outside.
  4. I would say to 2-3" so far and radar is showing a heavy band is moving up here from Northwest Kansas. Weather apps are now saying potentially another 3" this morning if this band holds together. When all is said and done, I'll probably be in that 4-6" range, more realistically 4-5 but we'll see. Models are doing great so far this year it seems.
  5. Of course as I say that, NWS Hastings wants to start lowering snowfall totals. We’ll see I guess.
  6. First flakes here at 4 pm, but nothing on radar. Good sign in my opinion. Main storm is still out to my west and southwest. Heavy bands moving in this evening and overnight
  7. Wow, what a small world. Thanks for sharing the story. I would probably know her.
  8. Thanks. Around here, being a rural community of 5600 people, it seems like most people have some type of 4 wheel drive pickup or all wheel drive car. I laugh at our school parking lot at the amount of pickups I see driven by guys and gals.
  9. Local forecast is 5-6 inches. It should be a dry snow that blows and drifts. Grocery stores are packed this morning, even though it won’t be a shutdown blizzard. First storm of the year always scares people.
  10. Just got back from church. Many people that move snow for extra money, have put the blades on their pickups. First signs of some freezing drizzle hitting the windshield. Hope there isn’t much of that stuff.
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