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  1. I always get interested when I see a low in SE Colorado.
  2. Yep, especially west. It didn't get quite as far east as models had predicted. I think they officially had me for about 1.5", but of course much of that was melting on contact. Only a few places with snow left in my area, but the temp has only hit about 35 degrees. Raw day for sure. Hard freezes coming up in the next few nights.
  3. 12Z Euro has a storm around, but a Low in Canada has stolen most of the punch at 240 Hours. Will be interesting to watch the timeframe from the 11-15th of November.
  4. Probably snowing as hard now as we have had. Not accumulating on the streets. Only 32 degrees so it sure has that winter feel.
  5. Here is a small town west of me as of 8:25 AM. Nice wet snow.
  6. Here is the webcam at the I80 exit north of me. We have just a little less than this, but have gotten a good burst the last hour.
  7. Just enough snow to cover the grass. Trended north and a little weaker at the last minute according to NWS Hastings. You always hope those aren't trends for the winter. I would say some places NW or me probably got a couple of inches. I may end up with 1/2" or a little more as precipitation continues. It took longer to get down to the low 30's than they predicted, so I think that also cut back on the 1-3" predictions.
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