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  1. Warmest late fall and first part of winter on record so far around here.
  2. Then I looked at GFS, not a thing. Really frustrating for sure. I'll look to see what Euro says.
  3. 12Z Canadian for next Saturday the 23rd. Storm shows up then disappears on the models. Now it is back again. Can only hope at this juncture a week away.
  4. Could really use some storms around here as the drought continues.
  5. Looks good. Late January to April is when we seem to have our big storms in the last decade. Hoping to get back to tracking a storm or two. Seems like it's been awhile.
  6. Euro showing quite a storm over the Central Plains at the end of the 12Z run. GFS and CMC also showing storminess next weekend. A time to watch for those of us that have been missed for the last several weeks.
  7. Can hope that the pattern gets stormy around here by next weekend. GFS and Canadian showing some signs. 65 MPH winds aren't fun unless their is snow with them. Blowing dust in places. Yuck.
  8. No problem. I'm not upset with anyone, except mother nature. Just really am hoping for some arctic chill. Seems to be something we have been lacking around here for several years. So I guess if that is not coming, really hoping for a big storm or two, maybe 1 good blizzard, as usually February, March and April seem to be our months anymore for winter.
  9. The boring weather pattern continues. All the snow is virtually gone, except for the random pile. We really have had no overly cold weather either, except in October. We are always 15 days away from a change around here, that so far, hasn't materialized. Tweet below from NWS Hastings illustrates our warmth.
  10. Just checked out the next 15 days here. Nothing. Above normal temps most days and zero precipitation. Gotta hope for late January to early February. Jim Flowers on his Facebook page mentions some potential trends to stormy weather then, but he obviously reiterated that it’s a long way off.
  11. My wife went and got it for us, so I don't know what she paid. I would guess the temp at 6 AM yesterday was in the low 20's, so the meal was probably around $4.
  12. That's a good one. We had temperature Tuesday last night. It was great as usual.
  13. NWS Hastings, which never really talks about anything farther than 7 days out, has now mentioned in the last two forecast discussions how the pattern gets very active by next weekend and beyond. I just found that odd for them. Just something to put out there for down the road. May not verify to anything.
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