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  1. Getting very dry around here. Lots of misses recently by a county or so. Corn and soybeans look good as irrigation is in full swing. Yards that have sprinkler systems look good, but the rest are struggling. With the horrendous economy, I think people are trying to save money any way they can, and possibly not watering is one way. Our town has stopped watering at the parks and at other city properties. Times are rough for sure.
  2. Weekly agricultural forecast. Love watching this guy. Very informative.
  3. Low of 54 this morning. Now at 12:30 it is cloudy and 63 with a dew of 43 with some sprinkles. No fears, the heat is coming back with a vengeance.
  4. Wow Clinton, that’s rough. My brother in Shawnee texted me the other day saying how hot and humid KC has been for weeks with very few breaks. It is only 77 here with a 50 dew and north winds of 25 mph as of 5 pm. We have not been very humid so far this year, probably thanks to the ongoing drought. Our high dews usually come in the next 6-8 weeks as the crops start putting off water and center pivot irrigation gets in full gear.
  5. Mowed the yard this morning. 62 degrees with a north wind gusting to 35 mph. Dew in the low 50’s made it feel like late September. Even put on a sweatshirt and opened the windows. Only 0.25” last night as storms were moving at 45 mph, so not heavy rain producers.
  6. 4 pm. I didn’t realize I’d moved to Phoenix.
  7. 1:30 pm. Getting close to record highs. Yuck.
  8. 70 Dew. Very early for this type of humidity around here. I don’t like it at any time.
  9. Heat advisory today and Monday. Heat index to 107 today and 109 Monday. This is pretty extreme here with the corn not tall yet and putting off water. Going to be a long summer.
  10. 98 and humid on Sunday and 104 on Monday, potential record high. Not ready for this junk yet.
  11. Here is an agricultural meteorologist that my farmer friend shared with me a few months back. He posts 2 videos a week. Very informative. He is getting concerned about heat and a coming drought. Here is the link.
  12. Severe Thunderstorm Watch number 5 in the last 6 days. Unheard of. Hope for more rain as the faucet is about to be shut off. Going to be a hot summer. Hopefully not dry, we’ll see.
  13. Summer arrives this weekend. 92 Saturday, 94 Sunday, 102 Monday. Yuck.
  14. Another active night. We go from a 6 month drought to storms in the area almost daily. Sounds like another coming Thursday. Some places with baseball sized hail around Hastings.
  15. IMG_0606.MOV Getting rocked again. Over 1” already and still raining. We’ll take it.
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