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  1. That's one of the things I always find amazing about Colorado. Seems like storms can easily come in way above expectations, or way below other times. In SLC, I can't think of a single case where a 1-3" storm ended up above 6". It was almost always equal or less than the forecast.
  2. 91 so far in Phoenix today, so another new record for latest 90+
  3. It was 92 degrees in Phoenix today, latest 90+ ever...
  4. I've never been up there. I imagine the winters are pretty brutal but whats your take on the climate?
  5. If I had my way I'd prefer one of the Rocky Mountain offices such as SLC, Flagstaff, or Boulder. I'd consider some of the offices in the midwest through the northeast where you would lose some snow but gain thunderstorm activity. My wife wants to go to south Texas though. Obviously not much snow to be had there but anything would be better than this hell-hole. I guess we will see but I imagine within 6 months I'll be able to secure a transfer.
  6. Been relatively cool in Phoenix the last few days with lows in the low 40s and highs in the mid 60s. We will be back to the 70s today and possibly close to 90 in a week. Oh boy! At least I am actively working on getting out of here.
  7. True, but my guess is this will be addressed in a future update...I mean they have to know!
  8. High of 98 here today, breaks the November record...of course it does...
  9. The cloud microphysics will have an update but I don't know about any cumulus changes.
  10. The high in Phoenix was 96 degrees yesterday, which tied the monthly record high for November. That's the 3rd monthly record high we've tied or broken this year.
  11. Indeed, they have to wait until later to run it when more compute resources are available. Thanks for the comments!
  12. The GFS model is getting another big upgrade in Feb 2021. I imagine parallel runs will appear on weathermodels or weatherbell if they haven't already. The northern hemisphere resolution will increase from 1/2 degree to 1/6 degree. Resolution varies as a function of latitude, but my understanding is that it should give ~9 km resolution and be comparable to the ECMWF. Vertical resolution will double as well which is also very important. A number of behind the scene fixes will add to the accuracy of the model. This will be a very substantial improvemen
  13. I enjoyed the photos and commentary from Montana and Colorado though. What a fun storm! My friends from my old neighborhood said they got about 5" of snow, with most of SLC seeing 1-3". They also set a record low which is tough to do there.
  14. We had a few nice days in Phoenix finally. I had a low of 44 this morning and a high of 70. Looks like low 90s return by the weekend so thats unfortunate.
  15. This cold front is expected to reach all the way into Arizona as well. We might get some widespread rain for the first time since March or April.
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