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  1. At my office (NWS Phoenix) we cover Imperial and Riverside counties. I've been watching temperatures creep up out there the last few weeks. This week looks like mostly mid to upper 90s. Pretty boring but comfortable for those areas.
  2. The IEM website is an absolute gem with all sorts of information. This is one of the many great things you can find on there.
  3. I have little faith in seasonal models, but the ECMWF/CMC models remain steady with average to above average rainfall for the summer. The CFS on the other hand is bone dry.
  4. We've threatened plenty of times, but we managed to hit 100 F yesterday (5/5). Probably another one today, but then back into the 90s...which is actually just fine for this time of year. Last year we had 13 days of 100 or better by May 11.
  5. Some of my lack of interest is probably external, but it doesn't help to have drought in a place that is already painfully dry. I remember feeling something similar in the winter of 2004/2005 I think. Many days of mets promising snow that would vanish at the last minute...it just gets to you eventually.
  6. My home has had 2.24" of rain in the last year! It's gotten so bad that I've had to will myself to not lose my interest in weather entirely. Obviously nothing of interest is coming in the next 2 months or so with it being our climatologically driest time of year. We all need some rain! I hope you can similarly have a better monsoon than last year.
  7. We will get a little cooler air with the big trough moving in, should drop highs into the 70s for a day or two. Could see a shower even but not expecting any real rainfall this go around. Looking like the first 100+ weather of the year comes next weekend.
  8. When do you usually see your last snow of the year? Probably getting to about that time.
  9. Still completely dead weather down here. Basically alternate between hot and pretty warm with breezy conditions at times. Today will be one of the coolest days in a while with highs in the lower 80s.
  10. Completely dead weather down here and its already hot. 97F on Saturday, could hit 100F today.
  11. Nov 2010 was arctic source but it traveled south over the ocean a ways. The arctic air arrived with onshore flow. That doesn't happen too often.
  12. Looks like a really awesome storm for Colorado for sure. I couldn't add anything to what that AFD mentioned either. Take pictures and keep us updated on what you see!
  13. For AZ it looks like more of the same. Dry clippers hitting NE Arizona with periods of breezy conditions and mild temperatures. Already seeing a few small fires pop up.
  14. The mountains in Utah have done exceptionally well lately. SLC had a huge snow a few days back and broke their February 1 day record with over 11". The crazy thing was that it was not from a deep strong system, but instead from instability showers with some lake effect mixed in.
  15. That sure was quite a cold snap east of the Rockies! It was chilly but nothing amazing for SLC. Down here in AZ you'd hardly even know anything was happening.
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