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Community Answers

  1. Lots of folks got a lot of snow around Boulder from the posts I am seeing from friends. What a crazy late season storm!
  2. We peaked at 105F yesterday. The dew point depression was around 100F. Looks like a slow decline to the upper 90s the next few days.
  3. More of the same going on here, hot and dry. PHX airport at 0.55" I believe for Jan-present. Probably our first 105 degree day by Sunday.
  4. I'm in Kansas City for training this week. It's blustery, misty, and chilly. What a fun change from Phoenix lol
  5. Another heatwave is coming and we will be pushing 100 F for a few days but it does look like a return to more reasonable weather heading into next week...maybe even another chance of rain!
  6. Gusty virga going on this evening, with a peak gust at one ASOS site of 58 mph in the Phoenix area.
  7. Ended up with 96F on Friday, with 93F yesterday and 92F so far today. Pretty good cold front swings through Monday and Tuesday with rain likely and maybe a thunderstorm. I hope we get a good soaking to delay fire season a few more weeks.
  8. Record high today, 94F in Phoenix so far.
  9. Hopefully you can get another storm or two before winter ends. Down here it's looking like our first hot stretch coming up with mid 90s for a day or two next weekend.
  10. What's your winter total up to now?
  11. Looking like some 90s will occur in the next 10 days here. It's getting to that time of year.
  12. Not much going on these days here...quiet quiet.
  13. Pretty cold system moving in here Wednesday. Snow may get down to just above the valleys so I could probably see some with a 20 minute drive or so.
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