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  1. 0z Short term hi-res models seem to be trending wetter for my backyard. Hopefully that verifies.
  2. I'll be honest, i thought the exact same thing when i looked at radar.
  3. Lightning hit less than 100 yards from my car on the way to the office this morning. That’ll wake you up!
  4. What a great way to start the week. Glad we are getting this before the heat sets back in
  5. Porta John tipped over across the street from the wind.
  6. This thing may end up sagging south as well. My yard needs rain so maybe im wishcasting now
  7. Yeah that is for sure. Unfortunately not more than a sprinkle yet. I hope that stuff west of us can hold on
  8. Insane cloud to ground lightning just north of my house right now
  9. Yeah, pretty sad. I’m not optimistic about tonight either.
  10. Are you serious? If you remember we had a derecho last year. I for one have been glad we haven’t had severe weather this year.
  11. This was taken two nights ago during the tornado outbreak in Iowa. The sirens did go off here in Marion for a tornado warned cell just north of town. This was taken at an event center just a few miles from my house.
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