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  1. Starting to mix back to rain here now too that the sun is coming up.
  2. Things are covered here. Snow still coming down good. What great way to start my Sunday!
  3. Hey, maybe all the moisture will hit Nebraska and Iowa when the cold arrives and we’ll have an epic winter! We can hope right?
  4. I ended with 6.7” of rain over the last week. Happy to see some dry days ahead. I really hope this past week revisits us sometime this winter. Would be epic.
  5. 2.05” in my gauge this morning after 1.3 from Sunday morning. Things are getting green again.
  6. Short term models seem to be inching further north. Radar trend is encouraging as well. I'll take anything at this point.
  7. Yeah.... looks eerily similar to earlier this month.
  8. The sooner you realize the “scientists” are out for the same thing (money) the “oil execs” are, the sooner you’ll start to piece things together. And when you finally figure out which side lies more to get their way you’ll finally get it. Oh and there is this one small detail that doesn’t give a crap how many people there are. It’s called the sun.
  9. Glad to hear nothing came down on your house and that your safe! Was definitely a storm to remember forever. I heard some stat yesterday that like 75% of all trees in our area took damage.
  10. Power is back! Almost forgot what it’s like.. feeling grateful as some folks have a ways to go. On a weather note: It’s beautiful outside. Already 68. Feels more like Mid September out there.
  11. Nws updated Peak wind speeds to 130 mph!! That radio tower was just north of my house. https://www.weather.gov/dvn/summary_081020
  12. I still do not have power so I can’t upload my video, but saw this video today of the footage here in CR. This gives you a great perspective as it captures the entire thing. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=pBkPichBlt8
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