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  1. Chose to drive late into the night to get a head start as I saw this outbreak coming. Drove through Birmingham and a lot of the areas along 65 that got slammed. Glad I’m home safe and sound.
  2. You are correct. Still down here but that line of storms the other night was intense. Lost power for a bit. Was fun watching the lightning on the gulf and 6ft waves roll in.
  3. You guys that are better at sniffing out longer range patterns, i'd like your .02. I'm headed to Destin FL area for 2 weeks in mid march. Any insight into overall what to expect would be great. I did check out CPC maps and they look great. but any additional input would be much appreciated. I'm counting down the days.
  4. It feels amazing outside. Glad to see the ice dams clearing off my roof as well.
  5. I couldn't agree more with this post. As for the Green Energy stuff. I'm all for it but I think it needs to be supplementary.
  6. Just went outside and measured 2.2”. Still coming down nicely.
  7. Been snowing really good for the last hour and a half. Gotta be at least an inch out there
  8. What a winter. might as well get the entire lower 48 in on the action.
  9. Current snow depth here is about 14-15”
  10. Currently -18 degrees and -41 windchill at the CR airport.
  11. I mean their point forecasts haven’t even matched their graphics lately. It’s pathetic
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