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  1. Sounds about like how the last heat wave turned out.
  2. My lawn looks the best it has for mid-July in years. the last few especially it seemed like we could not buy a drop of rain in July.
  3. Pretty intense gusts here on north side of marion. Wasn’t expecting this based on how the line was looking. 60+ gusts easy
  4. Of course, I’m out of town for the best night of storms all year. Local station near my house has 3.86”. We really needed the rain.
  5. Most models don't look favorable for mby today. Would really like to get something before the next week of hot dry weather.
  6. Oh I agree. No clue! Just thought it’s been odd with all the activity as of late. Just sharing an observation. Could be totally normal and I’ve just never witnessed it.
  7. Can't confirm this personally - but i work down by the Airport in CR where local National Guard is located, and i've seen many convoys on the move in the last week or so.
  8. Heavy snow right now in Paducah, KY. On our way to the smokies where they could see 4-6”.
  9. Ripping out there real good. Accumulating much quicker for sure in the last hour.
  10. Already snowing here in Cedar Rapids
  11. Agree - i don't like the look of the ensembles, for any model at this point.
  12. Was about to post this as well. Heavy snow wording added to my point and click. We’ll see.
  13. @OmahaSnowFan why don’t you try forecasting for once instead of obsessing over the accuracy of Tom’s.
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