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  1. I finished with .94" in my backyard. The heaviest rain fell overnight from a rouge cell that developed overhead.
  2. That line in Illinois is impressive and means business
  3. Crossing my fingers that what the CAMs are showing today happens around here tomorrow. we need some good heavy downpours. a couple rounds would really be nice.
  4. Had 1.5” of snow last night here in Marion. Hopefully it’s all gone by noon.
  5. Yes and I’m here in downtown STL. Went to the cards game this afternoon with the family and watching it roll in.
  6. Let them have it! on to spring!
  7. Could be another situation where we get to see it pound, but it doesn't pile up. i guess ill take that over boring.
  8. 1.7” of rain here. Standing water everywhere
  9. A lot of short term models are showing ice storm warning criteria south of the current warning in eastern iowa. Will be interesting to watch unfold. Good luck to all the folks up north!
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