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  1. Sorry Nebraskans, I'll be there this weekend so that's why this happened lol
  2. Everyone knows that ENSO is only part of the equation and it's easy for it to be overriden. Look at Southern California's record-breaking precip last winter, in a La NiƱa year.
  3. The fact that the storm track is already south (Wichita has more snow than most, if not every, location in Minnesota) is unsurprising and doesn't bode well to me until March. Usually if the Red River Valley is going to have a large snowpack, December is when the base is set up while the storm track is more favorable for the Dakotas and Western Minnesota. Basically, I'll have to rely on clippers to build a snowpack. That's what happened in 2020-21 when I had no more than 3" on the ground at any given time after October.
  4. I'm expecting a pretty lackluster year but it's whatever. I'm still recovering from the 2021-22 blizzardfest.
  5. Bleh. Looks like another 2020-21 or 2018-19 situation for me. Those winters featured brutal cold spells with a near-bare ground.
  6. So many people outside of a 10 mile wide band are going to be pissed
  7. I arrive to my new home in Alexandria on the 12th. I'd actually love some above average temps to help me ease into it lol
  8. As much as I wish it were so, it ain't gonna happen. My only hope is that Biden somehow comes to his senses and we get someone competent on the Democrat side of the aisle, but that's about as unlikely as Trump kicking his ego.
  9. Believing polls again in this thread, are we now?
  10. You don't need a doctor to tell you that.
  11. It looks like this eruption should be smaller than what was thought back when you posted this. It was thought then that this eruption might rival the climate impact that the 1783 eruption had (it lowered global temps by -1.3*C), but that thankfully looks to increasingly not be the case.
  12. 1 month until the move. California weather is very very boring.
  13. Heavily unlikely, much like it is unlikely that Vermont will ever have a Republican governor in the next 100 years after Phil Scott leaves office.
  14. The lakes in West Central MN aren't gonna be frozen until January at this rate
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