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  1. We got about 2" in last night's storms. First good rainfall in a couple of weeks, which is the longest stretch we've gone without precip here since late March.
  2. Absolutely surreal. I've only gotten above 80° twice this year so far, with the second time being today (and we had severe storms to show for it).
  3. The Canadian smoke has arrived, and it was particularly nasty today. Had to close my windows as it made my throat burn so bad.
  4. I wanted to go out for it... But I f'ed up and forgot my tripod (I'm in Fargo for the weekend). So here's a spring pic from home instead.
  5. I'm fine being in the cold sector of this storm. Any rain is beneficial after the dud of a winter. We're actually above normal precip in March/April between the late March snowstorm and the past 2 rainstorms.
  6. These are, without a doubt, the biggest snowflakes I have ever seen, and only one storm comes even close (a lake enhanced band when I lived in Ohio). It's accumulating so fast which is insane for a temp in the mid-30s.
  7. Light rain the entire morning has switched to moderate sleet. 36°F.
  8. Looks like I'm sitting out of this one. Have fun, people down south.
  9. Pretty nice snow squall coming through, already have a dusting down.
  10. It definitely looks cool on the ground. It compacted quite a bit though, so it looks nothing close to 15" The fact that this was a long-duration event made it pretty nonchalant feeling. There weren't really any heavy rates.
  11. Official total from AXN: 15.5". From eyeballing I'd say about a foot on the ground. SUPER beneficial, especially with no recent significant precip and none in sight.
  12. COCORAHS reporters are saying around 10-12" storm total here.
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