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  1. Yes and hurricane force winds make it all the way into Orlando. This will be a bad setback for this region.
  2. 5am advisory Ian is now a category 4 with 140mph winds.
  3. 0z spaghetti models the track looks set. Category 4 landfall just north of Fort Meyers.
  4. Latest update from the NHC has Ian another tic southeast.
  5. Can't ask for much better than this. I went down to 46 this morning.
  6. NHC 5am update adjusted the cone SE. Ian expected to be a major hurricane at landfall.
  7. 18z Euro with a big hit to the Tampa Bay area. The 18z ICON tracks Ian slowly across Florida and into the Atlantic where it strengthens and makes a second US landfall near Myrtle Beach, the 18z Euro may be trending in that direction as well. 18z ICON 18z Euro
  8. Ian already looks beasty. Currently a cat 2 with 100mph max winds. Pressure is 972mb.
  9. 12z GFS and NAM look really bad for Tampa Bay.
  10. First time my temps dipped into the 40s this season. I hit a low of 48 on my way to 74 today, perfect weather.
  11. It really stinks that the backside winds from Ian will cut off the gulf moisture next weekend. The storm forecasted to move along the US/Canadian boarder would have been plenty strong enough to deliver rain for many of us.
  12. 18z GFS starting to look more like the Euro with the slow crawl up the Florida gulf coast. @Tomwas the first to point out the blocking that could slow Ian down, good catch on that. 5pm update still has a large cone 18z models
  13. Perfect weather day here, highs are expected to be in the mid 70s. It was a great morning to cook bacon and eggs outside, I could have this weather 365 days a year.
  14. 0z Euro painting an ugly picture for Florida. As it has Ian stalling over Florida due to strong blocking and bring rains to many members in the eastern part of the country. GFS has a panhandle landfall but still lots of rain.
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