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  1. Good riddance to September! Kansas City September Climate Rundown...the avg temp was 71.7 which was 3.3 degrees above normal and the 37th warmest on the 136-year period of record. The avg high was 84.5 which was 5.3 above normal and the 12th warmest on record. Precipitation for the month was 1.01" which was 3.03" below normal and the 10th driest on the 136-year record.
  2. Another hot one today. On the bright side Mizzou is 5-0. NWSKansasCity Follow Well, #KC hit 92° F for the high today. That mean's we now have a three way tie for 2nd place, 2023, 2002, and 1952 for today; only degree short of 1st place, 93° F, set in 1938.
  3. It's always entertaining to look at the teleconnections this time of year it's almost like something is going on that throws them into complete chaos
  4. While not a very wet look for the middle of the country, the GEFS, and EPS agree on a rather cool start to this seasons LRC. There could be some potential for Winter weather with this setup in the Winter months. Models can throw a curve ball this time of year on short notice so lets see what happens compaired to what being modeled.
  5. I am certainly ready for this summer to end. Hopefully this will be the last time I see these temps again until May.
  6. Not a good sign for temperatures when it's 71 in the morning and the average high is 74. The good news is next weekend looks to be about 25 degrees cooler and lows will dip into the 40s for the first time this season. I think most of us are ready for this.
  7. I would love to see that system get pulled in off the pacific. Those type if systems have been big long lasting rain producers for me in the past. The Euro also shows a system in a similar area at the end of the run.
  8. Of course I want snow but I have to have a wet pattern. Give me rain or snow just moisture please!
  9. It's going to be a warm next 5 days for mby. Both the Euro and GFS advertising a nice cold front and a chance for rain later next week. In fact it might be down right chilly for some next weekend. A large trough in the middle of the country to kick off the new LRC sounds good to me!
  10. No doubt September will finish with well above average temps in KC. @NWSKansasCity Follow Kansas City has risen into the 80s again today making it the 19th time this September we've hit at least 80. Normal for September is 16 days. The forecast is for each day the rest of the month to reach into the 80s which would put the monthly total at 24.
  11. It got warm here today, the temp made it up to 89. Better tomorrow and Wednesday with temps around 80.
  12. It literally weakened at my door step. I talked to a friend who lives 3 miles to my west and he got 2.7 inches in 40 minutes. It's almost comical at this point.
  13. Oh no. Not even close, wasn't enough to even make water run in the creeks. Most farm ponds in my area are completely dry or 6+ ft low. Our cows are drinking well water. We are fortunate enough to have 480ft deep well that can handle 120 head of cattle.
  14. I got .45 inches yesterday which brought my weekend total to 1.3 inches. 30 miles to my west 7.1 inches fell and that's been the story all summer.
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