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  1. Tuesday has a chance to be a historic weather day here, record highs will likely be set in my area with temps in the low 80s to snow falling before midnight. Gary Lezak @glezak Kansas City and surrounding areas are about to have a very dramatic weather change. It will likely go from near 80° Tuesday afternoon to 1" of snow possible by midnight.
  2. Windows open in the house and detailing my truck today. Currently 69 with bright sunshine.
  3. Early May like weather to start the week which will likely set new record highs Monday and Tuesday and some big storms possible to my east.
  4. Dry and mild for me the next several days and will make a run at record highs on Monday and Tuesday.
  5. Here is where this winter ranks so far and it's depressing especially for the northern half of the country. 2023 warmest ever on record
  6. There are more signs of below average temps showing up for weeks 2 and 3 of March and snow for the north and western members of the sub. The JMA has been consistently taking the MJO into phase 3 but with no support from the other models until now the GEFS, CFSv2, and CMET have joined in and the Euro is slowly adjusting that way. The EPS starting to take on a snowy look for some in the extended and this mornings GFS has quite the storm around the 9th which would line up with the LRC as a very wet storm should move across the sub in that time frame. 5th -9th GEFS this morning. Winter probably has 1 last gasp
  7. My temps next week would be normal for late April. 78 in the forecast.
  8. Day 6 slight risk in February. I'm not sure whether to be excited or sad.
  9. Looks like somethings brewing for the northern members to close out the month. 0z Euro 6z GEFS
  10. I'm not saying it's right by any means but the Euro weeklies suggest winter isn't over. For entertainment purposes only but the point is it's cold and wet through March. The JMA and GEFS showing a phase 3 in March which is cold.
  11. This February for western MO will go down as the warmest or 2nd warmest in history, currently we are +10.6 above average. Look at these temps for the next 7 days! What happens in days 8,9,10 won't look like this.
  12. Down right chilly this morning as temps dropped well below expectations. It's currently 11 with some light snow cover from yesterday morning and the forecasted low for mby was 20. It was not a bad storm for some there are some nice snowfall totals to my east.
  13. I got an inch of snow this morning, it was very nice scenic snow. The February sun angle is quickly going to work on it.
  14. A little Winter today with some slushy snow. Latest models trends indicating an inch or 2 of accumulation today. Also this Winter hasn't been a total loss, the drought is over. I wouldn't have thought it was possible to break an extreme drought during the dry season.
  15. Winter looks to return for 2 days Friday and Saturday and it may be the last I see of Winter this year. A 1-3 inch snow might be possible along the I-70 corridor from eastern Kansas through central Missouri.
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