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  1. Enhanced Risk now added for Friday, meanwhile the cold side looks to produce some nice snowfall amounts again for Minn and Wisc.
  2. From Bastardi on the upcoming severe threats. Next 10-15 day ripe for More Tornadoes in the southeast The signature temperature pattern for a big tornado season is cold to the northwest and warm to the southeast. March so far Tornadoes The severe weather event yesterday was well advertised on modeling. But with the gulf this warm and 2 more major troughs. bisecting the resisting ridge and the anomalous cold March 30 and April 4th this is big trouble this was the set up or yesterday and last night we may be able to get rid of this after the April 4 outbreak as cold. settles into the southeast and shuts down the natural bounady But this pattern is ugly with 2 more major threats likely lurking before Easter.
  3. Decent weather day for mby, fog this morning should turn into a sunny breezy day with a high near 60. Big storm potential possible later in the week so I started a thread for it.
  4. March looks to go out like a Lion as a strong storm looks to bring the first widespread chance of Severe Weather across the middle of the country. The SPC shows this for days 5 and 6. Severe potential will increase markedly on Days 5-6/Thu-Fri from the southern/central Plains toward the Mid/Lower Mississippi Valley vicinity. The western upper trough is expected to slowly progress eastward during this time. There remain differences in forecast guidance regarding the timing of the upper trough ejecting east from the western U.S. into the Plains and then eastward. While the GFS suite of guidance remains faster than the ECMWF and Canadian guidance, overall trends have become better aligned. Given timing uncertainty, the severe delineations may still shift/expand in the coming days. If a slower trough ejection occurs, the severe threat on Thursday could become more isolated due to capping. Nevertheless, a large warm sector will overspread the southern/central Plains into the Mid-South vicinity Thursday and Friday. This will occur as a deepening surface low over the southern/central High Plains ejects east/northeast and intense low/midlevel southwesterly flow overspreads the region. This should support severe thunderstorms capable of all severe hazards shifting east/northeast with time from the Plains toward the Mid/Lower MS Valley vicinity Thu/Fri. EAX is already mentioning the possibility of severe weather. The cold side- as always it will be hard to pin down where and if any heavy snow falls but as of now the Euro shows this.
  5. Tornado Alley may light up late next week. Day 6 outlook from the SPC.
  6. At least 21 dead in Mississippi very sad news. They have had it rough since last fall.
  7. Or if it was a different year all together lol.
  8. Very nice Spring day here, I had thunderstorms with some heavy rain this morning and the current temperature is 73.
  9. The storm for next Thursday and Friday looks interesting and powerful. A legit severe weather threat for the southern plains and potentially a blizzard NW of the I-35 corridor in Nebraska and Iowa.
  10. KC almost set a record yesterday and its another chilly morning with a temp of 16. The record for coldest high temperature for yesterday's date (3/18) in Kansas City is 26 (1965). We only hit 27 yesterday just missing the record but that was good enough for the silver. #ChillinInKC #ItWasStillWayTooCold
  11. No sustained warmth showing up when looking at the MJO. Cold rain and sloppy snow could last into mid April. Should the MJO go into phase 7 as we enter April that would be a below average temp signal as well.
  12. It is a chilly morning with a temp of 19. Wind Chills in the area are in the single didgets. NWS Kansas City @NWSKansasCity If you are heading out early this morning, bundle up because its cold out there! Here's some wind chills as of 6am: KC: 2 Lees Summit: 0 St Joseph: -1 Kirksville: -3 Chillicothe: 2 Sedalia: 5 Olathe: 4 Gardner: 3 Marshall: 6 Maryville: -1 Moberly: 7
  13. I hit a low of 23 with a dusting of snow on the ground. It's going to be a chilly St. Patrick's Day!
  14. Nice. Just now starting to get some light snow.
  15. Fun weather day today, plunging temperatures, rain, wind, and maybe a few flakes of snow tonight. March has not disappointed so far in delivering the ups and downs.
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