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  1. I can now add the ICON to the list of models showing snow on the 4th. Hope the moisture is there, this guy should head towards the great lakes. Amounts seem more realistic than what the Euro has advertised.
  2. @Tom Gary has hinted several times now including just a few min ago of a 40 day cycle. Which does seem to line-up, this cycle just has a + AO influence. If that is the case then the storm showing up for latter next week could certainly be a big dog as it would be the big storm from late Oct part of the pattern. Curious to hear your thoughts.
  3. Very exciting times ahead. I am beginning to lean towards a longer cycle aswell. A 51 day cycle is starting to look like a possibility imo.
  4. 0z Euro and CMC both showing accumulating snow in mby later next week. The GFS is still a nothing burger but some of the ensembles are catching on. I marked this one as a 1-3 inch event for the KC area due to lack of moisture from the system currently heading towards the Ohio Valley. Maybe this one can exceed expectations.
  5. 0z EPS mean starting to color up, it will be fun to watch it fill in the next couple of days.
  6. My daughter and I took advantage of the great weather today and put Christmas lights on the house. I am getting old so I was happy to have the help. Mother nature may add to the seen soon if the Euro and CMC are correct.
  7. It's not looking great bud, I wish this storm was a week later. Lots of changes starting right now so I wouldn't bail on this just yet.
  8. Wow the 0z Euro was pure gold. Love those maps you posted this morning. Glad the storm on the 4th is showing up, hope I can get a little white gold on the 4th, not sure it will look quite like this but until then I can dream. @OKwx2k4you need to watch this one.
  9. Is there enough time to dislodge the PV by the 2nd week of Dec?
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